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One-Clicking the Summer Garden

02 March 2010 - 04:40 AM

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Table of Contents
  • Welcome
  • Requirements
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • How to Get There
  • Setting Up the Garden
  • Example One-Click Run
  • Experience/Hour Rate
  • Tips
  • Credits
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Welcome! If you are reading this, it seems that you want to be introduced to the world of one-clicking the Sorceress' Garden. As for now, the guide will only detail how to cover the Summer Garden. Playing the Sorceress' Garden is beneficial because it yields decent experience, is low stress compared to Pyramid Plunder or Blackjacking, and provides a way to train thieving without taking damage.

Sorceress' Garden involves running through a hedge-filled maze while avoiding the Elementals that patrol its interior. To succeed, one should either pick the fruit from the Squ'irk tree in the centre, or pick herbs from the patch on the side. Picking herbs is generally not a good idea, as the herb rate has been determined to be roughly equivalent to that of killing Chaos Druids. One-clicking the maze involves delaying Elementals such that a player can run through the maze by just clicking the tree in the centre without getting caught.


Now that you know a little bit about the garden, it is time to choose what method you will use. The first method involves the Salt-Water pool that you receive access to after As A First Resort..., whereas the second uses Energy Restoration Items (ERIs) to (obviously) restore energy. A possible third method would be to use the rest feature.

Method 1: If you have completed As A First Resort...

Method 2: If you have NOT completed As A First Resort...

Now that you have decided which approach you will use, it is time to learn the basics of setting up the garden.

How To Get There

Setting up the Garden

Example One-Click Run

Experience/Hour Rate



[92/99 Craft] <3

28 November 2008 - 11:14 PM

Blog Updates

Welcome to my crafting blog! I'm Peregrine, most everyone calls me 'Pere', though.

Well, I am going to be crafting 200k sapphire necklaces to 99 crafting.

I will be using this method because I feel it's a decent way to craft in F2P without losing loads of money, and I enjoy crafting.

I'm moving away from my method. Why? The harsh truth is that merchanting clans have made sapphire necklaces no longer profitable and since they're already extremly slow, I might aswell lose less profit doing a faster method, in which I an now proceeding to craft unstrung symbols. I've taken a look at calculations and I need to make 120k symbols for 99 crafting. I figured that into the planning calculator and realized I could get 80 smithing for free, along with 99 craft if I smelted ores into bars whilst crafting.

So thus, my new method will be:

1.) Silver ores will be made into

2.) Silver bars which will be made into

3.) Unstrung symbols which will get me

4.) 99 Crafting 80 Smithing and then

5.) ???

6.) Profit.

Actually, if prices are steady I'll lose around 2m getting 99 crafting/80 smithing.

Anyway, I'm back off to crafting, I'm 130k off of 93.

As of the start of this blog, I have 11,000,000 exp to gain until 99 crafting.

Since sapphire necklaces give 55 exp each, 11m/55 = 200k. Funfun, eh?

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