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The Game of Thrones TV series - Season 4

06 May 2011 - 03:13 PM

I looked, but was disappointed I did not see a thread about this.

HBO premiered a series based on George RR Martin's epic fantasy series. I was excited when I heard about it, and so far the series has not disappointed me. It follows very closely to the book. The only concern that I've had is that the storyline may be moving a little too fast for someone who hasn't read the book. It is a complex tale.

Has anybody else been watching this series? If so, what are your thoughts?

Living Rock Caverns

19 March 2010 - 12:49 AM

I'm interested in mining at the Living Rock. I'm having trouble locating any posts discussing this. Could you explain what might be the most efficient equipment (familiars as well) to bring, as well as any tips on strategies, or at least point me to a useful guide. Thanks for all of your help in advance.

Revenant Guide

30 January 2010 - 06:11 PM

The Spirit Wolf is very handy, as its special ability will force Revenants to retreat from you. Substitute this for the Spirit Terrorbird if you like. The downside is that the wolf only lasts around 6 minutes per pouch. You should summon the wolf when you are attacked.

I'm almost positive the Spirit Wolf's ability is only allowed in multi-combat areas. I had to find out the hard way. If so, a note should be made about that.

A REAL Solution to Price Manipulation

23 June 2009 - 12:49 AM

Before I begin I want to point out this essay implies that there is a problem with price manipulation and it must be stopped. While I don’t want to discourage any replies in favor of price manipulators, what my true aim is to promote a solution that we can all live with, that will benefit everyone’s style of play. I oppose price manipulation, but I don't think it makes those that do it inherently evil.

A Growing Problem

Merchant clans.

There has been a lot of talk about them lately. Is price manipulation wrong? Should something be done about merchant clans, and price manipulation? More importantly, what can be done? My answers to the first two questions are yes, and yes. The final question is a bit trickier. Here’s a solution that I propose.

When it comes to stopping price manipulation, there seems to be two common solutions presented: lift trade caps, or restrict trade caps even further. Although I am opposed to price manipulation, I feel neither of these solutions will produce the results we seek, and can potentially make things worse for the rest of us.

Lifting trade caps is not a viable solution Jagex will consider. Removing trade caps opens the door to RWT once again, and considering the trade caps were put in place to prevent RWT in the first place it’s not likely that Jagex would entertain this idea. Furthermore, it only lifts what restrictions are in place for merchant clans, allowing them to buy out items at greater speed. The only benefit against merchant clans is it would create greater risk for them. The current price caps actually serve as a safety net for merchant clans who know the prices will only rise or fall to a certain point.

Alternatively, tightening the trade caps even further will cause more harm than good. If there is any trade cap available, it can and will be manipulated through the system we have now. The only difference this would make would be to slow down merchant clans. However, stricter trade caps also run the risk of bottlenecking other items in the GE. For example, if an item’s value is affected by an update, it will take longer for the price to meet its demand and stabilize. Restricting trade caps will not eliminate price manipulation, and will only hurt us further.

Stricter trade caps will also lead us down a path towards set-in-stone prices. You may have heard some players call out words like communism or socialism. Most of these comments are nothing more than political hot buttons we hear in the media, and I believe some players are simply reciting what they hear without understanding what it means. There is some truth to this though. If Jagex decided to set all prices, then our economy would resemble a system called market socialism. Set prices would eliminate price manipulation, but also a valuable emergent aspect of Runescape. Players who are savvy enough to recognize the supply and demand in our economy should not have to suffer. Many of our skills are reflective of how much money you can raise, and there should be multiple avenues of making money available.

So how can we remove price manipulation without destroying merchanting altogether? Surely, there must be some way. I think there is, but in order to understand this method we need to first look at why price manipulation has become so desirable.

Why is Manipulation so Profitable?

Merchant clans serve one primary purpose, and it’s not to make friends. Merchant clans band together to possess greater influence over the economy. To put it simply, the more money you have, the more power you have. It works in their favor for two reasons:

1. If merchants are working together, then it reduces their competition against each other.

2. They have an enhanced ability to buy out all available stock of a particular item on the GE.

In the real world, a merchant clan would be known as a collusion. The practice of buying out a dominating share of stock for the express purposes of restricting supply and manipulating its price is known as cornering the market. There are laws in preventing these practices in most countries, and for very good reason.

Merchant clans are beneficial because they are able to eliminate competition amongst themselves (by banding together), and gain the ability to overrun any outside competition.

However, merchant clans are only a symptom. The real underlying problem is the GE. The flaw in the GE’s design was when Jagex chose to implement its system as a form of control over all trades. The GE sets universal prices caps whether you choose to trade inside the GE or not. Therefore, it makes little sense for most players to trade anywhere else, as you will be getting the exact same results with fewer headaches through the GE. The GE has become the center for nearly all trading within Runescape, and that is where the real problem is.

If 99% of all trades occur on the GE, then it concentrates all goods for sale into one location. If you manage to manipulate the GE, you manage to manipulate virtually all trading in the game. A price manipulator can funnel all sales of their target item directly to them with complete anonymity, and move the price at their will. Looking at this from another angle, every time you choose to use the GE, you are paying an invisible tax directly to merchant clans.

The Solution

Merchant clans have abused the GE to reduce their competition, reduce their risk, and create a monopoly (or oligopoly to be more accurate) on trading. Therefore, the answer does not lie in heavier restrictions. Instead, we can take a more lateral approach to the solution by increasing competition against merchant clans. In order to do this though, we have to reduce the influence the GE has over all of us.

First, Jagex must take a stand against price manipulation. They must make an official policy against these practices, and post it on the front page. There mustn’t be any doubt where Jagex’s position is. If the honest players are aware of the policy, then they will stop. Then, Jagex must take a more active approach in monitoring trade activity, and punishing those who abuse the system.

Next, the GE should be limited to a certain number of worlds available, similar to PVP worlds. All trades within the GE only occur within these worlds, and all access to the GE is limited to these worlds with the exception of the collection boxes at the banks. This may seem harsh to some of you, but it is with good purpose. This would reduce the influence of the GE, not trading. The downside to this would be that the GE worlds would always be full, and to some degree that would be the point. The true intention behind this is to encourage player-to-player trading, and all individual trades should count towards influencing the GE’s prices as well.

Individual trading should also be enhanced with a system called Bank Wire Transactions. The bank wires are real-time, individual trades that can be conducted across different worlds. A seller can locate a buyer through forums, cc, or whatever means they choose. They can make a trade between the two players at any bank, but it must be done in real-time. Basically, it’s the same as normal trading, except it doesn’t have to be done face to face.

Spam trading would be where two or more players are simply trading back and forth to one another in hopes to raise prices. There should be detection that would prevent spam traders similar to how door spammers were stopped.

The biggest enemy to merchant clans would be to create more diversity within the market, encouraging more avenues of trade. This would reduce the amount of trades taking place on the GE itself, and thus reducing the power to manipulate all trades. Greater levels of trading will have two negative impacts on merchant clans:

1. it will take more effort to corner the market

2. it will increase their risk

It will be more difficult for price manipulators to influence all individual trades, and because this system creates more individual sales it means more competition against them. This will drive out most price manipulators who are just looking for easy money, and anybody left trying can be punished in smaller numbers.

The Benefits

Although my method would help to reduce the level of influence price manipulators have on the market, it still leaves plenty of room for money-making opportunities.

Not everybody will be able to access the GE. Also, not everybody is willing to search for buyers and sellers on their own. This would allow profits to be made by trading at more desirable prices within the trade caps already in place. Essentially, this would bring back much of the old way of merchanting, which is what merchanting actually is. Merchants could once again find players who are willing to pay a little more or sell for a little less in exchange for the convenience of a quick transaction. Once again, merchants would be able to collect commission for their efforts, but it will take more work than the “5 minute bids on the GE and your done” kind of days. Even though old-school merchanting might come back, players would have greater abilities to make trades on their own if they choose to do the legwork with the GE and bank wires.

I believe this method offers a realistic solution to our current problems. It has the potential to benefit both players and merchants, while nullifying price manipulation. However, I won’t say this plan is perfect. If Jagex says they listen to our ideas, then we need to come up with a REAL solution they can use. I welcome any discussion, criticism, or suggestions that can help us build a better plan.

Here we go again. SwiftKit illegal to use

04 June 2009 - 12:45 AM

Edit: I want make this clear. While I strongly disagree with this, it is not my intention to incite a riot or flame war against Jagex. Rioting didn't work the first time, and it won't work this time. I wanted to post this to make players aware of it, simply because so many players use SK. It is important they know how we feel, but we should be able to do that in a respectful in mature way.

RSOF QFC:14-15-786-58916870

Hey all,

To clear up any confusion, 1dolfinsfan is quoting a post made by Mod Hohbein, they are not actually Mod Hohbein themselves.

Sorry to disappoint you but Swift Kit is not allowed.

I realise there has been some confusion over this with some people saying yes its okay to use but Jagex is very firm about this and it is not.

Don't worry I won't be scouring the thread for those who have admitted having it but I highly recommend you remove it as soon as possible while I go and hide your posts.


Now mods are saying they will release an offical statement regarding the issue soon. I know tons of people who use SK and think it's perfectly legal. I guess let anybody you know using it to beware.

pic courtesy of scouterzach1:

Posted Image

Update (June 4): Another Jmod has responded in the RSOF:

Posted Image

A Swifkit developer also responded on page 6:

Hi everyone, I'm one of the lead developers for SwiftKit, and I will be happy to tell you all that SwiftKit is 100% legal to use, according to the rules Jagex has set out for third party programs. These "Jmods" are obviously unaware and uneducated as to what SwiftKit is or does, which is a shame when they open their mouth without thinking of the consequences.

SwiftKit uses Internet Explorer, meaning that it's completely undetectable, and downright stupid why it would be illegal. If no "3rd party programs are allowed", then why the hell is there a set of rules governing them? I'm not sure if that RSF thread was posted here, but if you see it it was 31 pages of community members disproving the mods rather harshly.

It's worth saying that in the event SwiftKit (or SwiftSwitch) ever was not allowed to use, we were always contacted beforehand, and allowed to work with Jagex to rectify the problem. We were never contacted, nor aware of any changes in rules.

Don't worry folks, not one (1) person has EVER been banned for using SwiftKit, and no will ever be.