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Getting in touch with Jagex CS

29 May 2016 - 04:26 AM

Hey guys, as some of you know my main account got banned for allegedly botting in 2014. The biggest issue is that I wasn't botting, nor have I ever botted. There are two things which I believe could have triggered a false positive, but unfortunately Jagex simply form-letter declined the appeal after 6+ months.


The first which I thought was the original problem was simply clicking to stay logged in. A simple right click is all that is needed to stay logged in when fishing at rocktails. With porters, urns, and lobsters a trip of ~4'ish hours can be setup easily where all you need to do is click every ~4.5 minutes when a pool of rocktails is up, and move to a new pool when one dies.


So since this was during the 2 weeks after WoW had the newest expansion, I was playing WoW on my main monitor, and just right-clicking to keep from logging out. That is one thing which I think could have triggered a false positive.


The other, something I just recently learned, is that VPNs can cause issues. I know at one point in the past I used Hola unblocker to watch Archer on the UK Netflix before it was available in the US, but since this was 1.5 years ago I don't know if I was using it at the time. I have a skype conversation from around this period telling a friend about it (so that Pandora would work in Canada) but again, I don't recall exactly what time. Still, its possible that a VPN caused an issue.


In any system, a false positive is bound to occur. As such, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get a Jmod's attention directly. It'd be nice to get my old account back, especially since I'd not done what I was banned for (nor anything ban-worthy honestly, prior to that I had never had an offense against my account). 


I'll forestall the inevitable "Jagex's system is good and doesn't ban people who aren't botting. You must have been botting." First, I've heard it before. Obviously as there is no way to prove otherwise the only actual evidence I can provide is my word and my side of the story. After all, one can't prove a negative.


What I can say is this: No system is perfect, and false positives must be considered and accounted for in any system. As this is the case here, I'd like another consideration rather than the simple form-denial of my original appeal. Next, for what its worth I'd had a rather clean RS history. No black marks, no botting, and I have people who can vouch for honesty. (Manafi loaned me ~300m (don't remember exactly how much) to buy spider leg after I got an eye to make a staff. Sold the staff and paid him right back instead of running off with that cash).


TL;DR, is it possible, and if so how, to get the attention of a Jmod for the purposes of getting an account with a false ban on it unlocked? I know that Jagex CS is better than it has been in the past, so perhaps now someone who'd actually listen is available.


Let me know. I'm all ears at this point.

Recent trend to include PvM into Comp Cape, i.e. Rush of Blood [Split]

26 September 2014 - 04:01 AM

Mod edit: This thread has been split from the Elf City update thread to discuss the recent trend of incorporating PvM into the Comp Cape requirements, etc., notably including the Rush of Blood challenge.




I got a lot of crystal weapon seeds from pickpocketing. 
Also, I really can't kill the 20 waves at Blood Rush, tried alot, but I still fail. 30 seconds per wave is way too few. I'm not that 1% with lvl 90 gear and a lot of PVM experience. I really don't understand why these reqs lately are added to the normal comp.

PVM skills in RS are basically non existent. 
Rush of blood comes down to "can you time thresholds and sunshine and not fail to tds/glacors or mispull jadinkos/ganos"


As someone who struggles with bossing in Runescape, I'd say there are definitely PvM skills.

Perhaps not as much as other games, but honestly that's why I like Runescape; I only miss out on a small portion of the game's content by being bad at PvM instead of missing out on the majority of it.


I mean, RS PvM skills are like, can I eat enough or can I time a click away.


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy RS PvM. But there is comparatively very little skill involved.

Melee rotation

25 September 2014 - 04:43 AM

Hey, what's the max DPS non-threshold/ultimate DW melee rotation?


Currently I've got Sever/dismember/decimate/fury/slice in that order for revolution.


I'm considering swapping dismember and decimate.


My questions are twofold:


First, what is the max DPS rotation, ignoring setting up a bar specifically for revo.


Second, Are there other basic melee I should be using in place of the ones I currently have?

Multiplies for prayer during DXPW

20 September 2014 - 04:21 AM

Question on how buffs stack for prayer during BXPW.


Assuming frost dragon bones (180 base), prayer brawlers (4x) and double xp (2x), would it be 180x2x2x4 or 2880 xp per bone? Or how do they work together.


Also, I forget, but does ava work during dxpw, and how does it interact? Is it's percentage xp buff applied to only the base xp, or is it applied after and on top of all other modifiers?


Because if works the way I think it does, that's ~3m prayer xp for 15m and 2 hours of burying.

Technical Questions on EoC

05 September 2014 - 02:18 AM

Listed are a few technical/mechanical questions I have about the EOC system.


1.)Armor, what is its value in reducing damage, and is it every useful? Does it impact damage taken or only the chance of being hit?


2.) Style bonus does what, increased damage, increased crit chance, increased accuracy?


3.) Tank v Power armor. Where does something other than bandos/arma/sub matter, either tanking or for damage? I'm assuming weapons are king.


I've got bandos/arma and gano, with RCB/Cstaff/Cclaws but I'm not sure what to aim for next. Considering MH drygore mace.


How long does PoP take to get useful things out of such as DT darts. ATM I'm basing plans on being here for 2 months before I break again for a different MMO's release, so keep that in mind for whether its worth spending days/weeks on new gear, meaning less time rebuilding bank or leveling skills or w.e.


Basically, the mechanical questions and some ideas of what to do next are what I'm looking for :P