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Juju Farming potions

26 April 2011 - 12:51 AM

I've seen many posts about "Oh, you want to make money, do farm runs, dailies, and flip!". I fail miserably at flipping, making a mere ~1500k an hour, hardly worth it considering I can AFK frosts for 2000k+ an hour. I don't do any dailies simply because I've never bothered to find out which are worth doing, nor do I care THAT much, unless it really is 1m per day, for a measly 10-15 minutes. Lastly, I've never done a herb run in my life, but I'd like to start, seeing as it's extremely easy, fast, a smidgen of exp, and of course, it brings in a good 1m+ a day for little to no work.

So my two biggest concerns are herb runs and dailies, and my only problem with dailies is: Which are worth doing, and what's the generally accepted 'best' path to take when doing them.

This leaves farming, and the only thing I'm missing is a route, inventory,what herb to farm at 70 farming for the greatest profit, and those pesky Juju potions.
I'm sure I can figure out the inventory/route on my own, but a suggested one would be appreciated! Now, onto the Juju's. I'm completely new to them, and I'm unfamiliar with the 'best' method to collect Ugune's and Marble vine. Also, I've read a bit into it, and it seems I need to have a few things planted inside the Juju farming area to attract the correct Jadinko type(s)? I've talked to someone about it, and since I'm only 78 hunter at the moment, they suggested Common's until I hit 80 hunter, then switch over to draconic? (I may have misunderstood, I believe that the draconic are of the more 'uncommon' types, and only appear every so often?).

Basically, I'm looking for what to plant to attract what, how exactly do I catch them (Exactly like Chins?), and what Vines/seeds do I need to look out for other then Ugune and Marble?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Juju mining potions (Samadem and Draconic vine) are the only other potion worth making? If so, what Jadinko's can I expect to drop Samadem seeds, I'll assume the (once again, assumed) occasional Draconic Jadinko?

That's all I really need help with right now, and thanks in advance for any help!

Desert phoenix feather's

26 February 2011 - 03:51 AM

I'll make this short, sweet, and to the point.
I'm collecting ~1340 of, what is the absolute FASTEST way to get them?

Lost void

22 February 2011 - 01:04 AM

Lost void at corp, derp.

I'm God aweful at Conquest, so me and my friend AFK win/lose/win/lose when we can.
I need a running PC clan to get zeal in his down time, thanks!


Dungeoneering tokens

08 February 2011 - 08:38 PM

My stats are in my signature, I DK (all variants), TDs, solo bandos, team bandos/sara/arma every now and then, tack on a bit of corp, and plan to nex in the future. I'm also going to slay, a LOT. Meaning well over 99, as 200m slayer exp is my biggest and final goal in runescape.

As of now I'm camping TDs for a claw drop, to use myself. Then I'll use my current cash pile to buy ahrims, cannonballs for slayer, and 99 summoning. Following that, I plan to get 70 RC so I can bind a CSB for DGing. This will leave me with roughly 5-10m left over, which is absolutely going towards 91/92 herblore.

At this point, I will power train DGing, most likely until I have all the rewards I'll ever need. While I'm training DG I'll probably be doing farm runs, MTK, Bork/Skelly horror (for clues), random boss trips, random td trips, and random slayer.

The profits from those will, not right away, obviously (as it will take a while to save up for each individual item), go towards ACP, Bandos, Archer boots and a Spectral (Upgrading to Elysian, then Divine).

I currently have:

Arcane stream
Gem bag
Scroll of Life
Scroll of Cleansing

I plan to get (in this order):

Chaotic rapier
Chaotic crossbow
Chaotic Maul
Herbacide + Bonecrusher
CLS (For when/if I have a divine, in the future, to solo bandos)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My question is what else should I get, and when?

Are any of the DG shields good, for what I do, or does a Spectral work fine (until I have a ely/divy) everywhere I plan to go?
What about a chaotic staff, is it worth it for the occasional Ice strykewyrm task, and possible hybrid pking (Very doubtful) in the future? What about a possible new update in which it becomes increasingly useful, would it be worthwhile to get, just in case?
What about Augury/Rigour?
Ring of Vigour?
Anti-poison totem? (I assume defender/ely/divy will always be better?)
Tome of frost for possible new updates?
Celestial surgebox? Seems almost useless, even for new updates, but who knows, maybe it would have a niche use?
Scroll of efficiency? Smithing update, maybe..?
Coal bag?
Gravite 2h? For the occasional F2P pking when I'm bored, or is it not worth it to use a rune scimmy on stab (I assume no), and I will most definitely hate switching to crush.. Would rba -> gravite 2h be a viable option? Or should I just stick with the good ol corrupt DBA?


27 December 2010 - 07:07 AM

Sally + Barrage with guthans + ppots for a lot of chests?
Sally + Barrage with ahrims + guthans + ppots for added accuracy?
Just Barrage?
Just Sally?
Void melee?

What about for Karil/Ahrim? Claws? Dds + whip? Claws + whip?
Or a cbow with broads for Ahrim?

I need to turn 89m into around 110m, so I need to make 21m. And if you have any other suggestions on how to turn 89m into 110m, let me know!

Basically what's the fastest way I can kill each brother by looking at my stats? (and an 89m budget for gear, and keep in mind things like claws are crashing, so I would lose a couple mill, whereas a guthans set I would only loose maybe 1mill max).