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Eejits - My post maxing adventures

26 May 2015 - 02:18 PM

So on saturday morning, I finally maxed my account.




It's been a long time in the making, at least since before Christmas and to finally do it is such a relief for my ability to create actual goals.


If anyone, like the people in the sc chat know, I'm pretty known for making some absolutely bonkers goals but never really get onto doing them because not maxing is getting in the way and distracting me. 

But!  Now I have maxed, I can get onto making a goal that I have recently thought about that could get me a long way in terms of progression.


I will be logging 250,000 kills at Gladius.  It's a gigantic number and I will not be selling a single thing during that time.   I will have enough gold for the upkeep of my zaryte bow during all that time, as well as my blood amulet of fury. 


To calculate 250,000 kills, I will have on my EXP tracker the HP exp I gained from it which amounts to 169 apiece.  If I can divide the exp gained by that number, I can very much track it constantly through my log.


I have a very simplistic set-up.  No need for potions or anything of the sort.  Spring cleaner is excellent and I have alch runes for what I don't dismantle.  Notepaper will keep track key drops only. 




I have only recently tried using Zaryte bow here.  It was only 41m and the upkeep on it is far greater than that of say, Ascensions of Noxious Longbow, both of which also have ammo to deal with.  With Gladius only have 7500 HP, it does really seem pointless using t90 weapons when Zaryte bow is 100% accurate and a lot cheaper to maintain. 


I was going to use the blood necklace shard on the the dungeoneering necklace for Range (Farseer?).  I kind of wish I did now, but I'm still happy with Fury.  This will ensure me that I will not need to bank because I will not need to restore my HP pretty much at all.


I will log these kills not by daily, but by trip.  A trip will end when I have to repair something or can't find any space for alchables anymore. 


I'm going to bloody enjoy this. :)

Goals, Achievements and Everything in Between!

01 December 2013 - 04:05 AM

Welcome to my blog! 


Latest Achievement





I have made a couple of blogs in the past but they haven't really been all that detailed whatsover.  My main goal for this blog is to provide as much insight into my method of playing this game as possible, maintaining an interesting and readable blog.  


My name is Jess and I am currently living in England.  I have traveled all over the bloody place getting my life together and now I'm financially secure possibly for life, I'm settling down in England (for now :lol: ) and spend a lot of my time working from home (as an estate agent) and playing a couple of games.  Alongside Runescape, I also play a game called Football Manager, as I have an unhealthy obsession with soccer and I love the technical side of the football game.  

I consider myself a perfectionist.  I plan absolutely everything I do and look for alternatives if they tend to be better and I aim to be as efficient as possible, but in a game like runescape where efficiency mainly means spending a crap tonne of gold, that can be difficult.  

I have been playing runescape on and off for ten years, had this current account for almost seven years and after a year of playing again, I'm very much settled into the game.

My favourite skills are Farming, Woodcutting and Slayer and my least favourite skills are thieving, hunter and mining.  


I currently do not have any goals at the moment.  I am basically just going with the flow everyday, trying to keep things as fresh as possible, but in a consistent manner in terms of experience gain. 

I am definitely, however, working towards a 120 skillcape, either Slayer or Woodcutting.


The only picture I will be posting at the moment is my total stats picture:  

(1st December 2013)








By the way!  You will always find me in the Serpent Eye/HYT friend chat and my in game name is Eejit. 

~*Tshwane's blog of 200 MILLION Woodcutting Experience!*~ Start 9/10/13

10 February 2012 - 01:21 AM

Making a blog to track and note down my progress on how I play Runescape on a day to day basis. *if anyone fancies making me some sort of banner/signature, PM me and such.

I'm 28 years old and I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
I've played Runescape since 2001 across two accounts. My first account was the one I spent the longest on (six years in total) and I almost maxed out to the point where I only needed two more prayer levels. Then hunter was released and the very next day, I was unfairly banned for real world trading.
After that, Tshwane (originally Pretoria Sa) was born.
I've been playing on this account for five or so years on and off (the off periods being between 2 to 8 months because of health reasons and such) and it has only been the past year where I've gotten into the swing of things properly again.
I'm currently a moderator on the HYT friend chat (Serpent Eye) and I've met many, many wonderful friends there.
My favourite skills are woodcutting and fletching because of the ability to be lazy and multi task. This is evident with both skills being over 20million XP in each one.

Anyway, that's enough about me, on to what this blog is all about:

I'm basically making this blog, as said before, to track my progress, share my goals and hopefully making this blog will be give me more motivation to attempt and complete these goals.



Ultimate Goal:  200 million Woodcutting Experience!



Latest Milestone:  87 Herblore and 2200 total.






20 June 2010 - 12:24 AM

Posted Image

No idea how it cost from any level. Did random stuff to 90 then Superheated 130k Gold ores to 99.

Farming next.

Pretoria SA's goal of 200 Million Woodcut EXP and 99 Farming..

08 February 2010 - 12:01 AM

Hi! I'm not all good at introductions and such. I've made a lot of blogs which have become dead because I'm too embarrassed to say that I've given up the goal due to lack of desire.
BUT I'M BACK. With a new goal, a very, very long goal that'll keep me busy during the time I'll be playing.

That is 99 Farming and 200m Woodcutting experience.

Why these goals? Pretty simple, really;

I love farming. Mainly herb farming, the profit that comes from it is very, very substantial in the long run (I've made around 200m from herb farming 40 - 88 farming alone). I'll be doing dwarf weeds and I'll be updating this page every day with daily exp gained and daily herb yield. :)

This is my starting Farming EXP:

Posted Image

As for woodcutting? For a very long time, I've been a big fan of woodcutting. On my first account, I amassed 37 million woodcutting exp. I was in the top.. 35 or something back then? (this was over 3 years ago now..) I got 99 woodcutting last year and have only amassed 3m exp since then. Which is a shame, because I love the relaxation of woodcutting.
The other thing with woodcutting is, with ivy coming out, it will now allow me to achieve my goal without much effort. It may be cheap, and newbish, but as soon as University work is over with, I'll probably move onto cutting Yews and my own magic tree in Gnome Stronghold. ^_^

This is my starting Woodcutting EXP

Posted Image

Thanks for reading - whoever does. Post if you want, I'll probably update this more with songs, Pokemon team updates (I'm playing pokemon platinum ATM. >.>) and real life stuff soon.
For now? I'm off to do this goal, and HOPEFULLY be finished sometime in the next two years. :P