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The money in your pocket

21 November 2007 - 06:29 PM

Hi i'm 3ricardo3 in game and in this post i'm gonna try and assess the impact of the new update on the RuneScape economy. More specifically i'm going to try to spark a debate about how this update affects YOU, the normal player who doesn't own billions in RSGP. Please bear with my not too impressive english, it's never been one of my strong points...

Okay, so here is the thing. People have been running around w83 and select other worlds in mobs rioting etcetra, people have been panicking since the update about rares prices and prices of other valuable items . (Chicken little anyone?) But is this update really so bad for the economy?

Staking. It was widely recognised as the most efficient way to build up a fortune. Because of it's demise as a mass money getter, Less money will be transferred amongst the richer people. (12k an hour per person max :D) Normally in a population, the top few percent of richest people will have a high percentage of the money in the economy.

I think we will all agree that most of the rich people in RuneScape are stakers. If they have no millions in stakes, getting money is considerably harder. This will mean that they will spend less on Recreational equipment such as 3rd Age armour ETC. More importantly, because money is harder to get for them, therefore more valuable to them, people will Alch less because that 132gp or something you lose on average per alch will be of more value.

This may result in less money coming in the economy in the long run, because Alchemy is the biggest money creator in runescape. (An excellent article by "Duke Freedom" i think valued the whole money in RS economy and the Alching part of it is interesting) Alching is like our printing. If we print less money becomes scarcer, Which means people will spend even less and prices will drop even further and money will be worth even more and the economy will go to even further down a spiralling state of depression.

But there is another standpoint you could take on this, a more optimistic one. If money is worth more and those Bandos tassets which went for 13 million yesterday you had to sell for 12m, essentially you would still have the same amount of buying power that you had yesterday. Okay, you haven't gained anything but you haven't lost anything either.

So what do you think, have our bank accounts suffered from this new update?

(Thanks to someone who I can't remember on lightning chat for the little Chicken :o sorry :()

PS: If there's a debate forum on TIF and a moderator feels its more appropriate there please move the thread. I just posted in general to get more opinions from people :D

Rate this sig

07 October 2007 - 06:47 PM

C4d is really old so I can't remember whether I made it or someone else did. Sorry to the creator If it wasn't me for not mentioning you :S but yeah its the picture in my sig.

Comments/Constructive criticism please?