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Becoming a member again

01 November 2009 - 11:59 PM

Hey guys! I need some massive, massive help because I'm becoming a member again. I need some help as to what should I do and how I should build myself up again. Here's the details:

I have 2m in hand and 85k maples if I wish to sell them.

I have very little runes or anything as I have been stocking for money.

If you mention quests that I should do, I have not been a member since January of 2008.

My stats should be in my signature. All I'm asking for is what to do when I get to be a member.


What scares you?

21 June 2009 - 04:56 AM

** If there is a thread somewhere similar to this, please post. I tried looking on the first page and I didn't see a topic. **

Very simple question: What scares you? It could be a phobia or a fear from a prior moment.

My fear: I personally am scared of staying home alone since I have a tough time thinking I'm not going to be targeted by someone. Even though I have to stay home alone quite a bit, it scares me if it gets to the night. I'm perfect in the day, terrified in the night.

So what are your fears?

What is there in F2P

20 June 2009 - 06:13 PM

I'm trying to get a discussion out of this so can you please try to avoid moving it? Thanks, TIF mods are :thumbsup:

Anyways, I've been a free player for the last three years. I remember how training used to be fun because there was always someone to talk to. However, my interest in the game declined and I quit in May '08 (I've been on only for the holiday events).

Now my Xbox broke and won't be back for at least a month. I've had thoughts about coming back, but what is there? I can't become a member because of the off/on playing style. What has changed in F2P since I've left, any major updates?

I value Free to Play very highly, even better than members. But is it worth it to come back?

April Fools joke?

03 April 2009 - 04:20 AM

I unfortunately wasn't around on the 1st, was there a joke or something?

19th November 2008 - FunOrb - Zombie Dawn Multiplayer

19 November 2008 - 02:49 PM

Halloween may well have been and gone, but our sister site, FunOrb, is keeping the horror theme alive with our latest release, Zombie Dawn Multiplayer: Fight of the Living Dead. Building on the popular single-player version, Zombie Dawn Multiplayer brings you 2- to 4-player shuffling action, as you try to capture and/or zombify more humans than your opponents and get them back to your research lab before the time runs out.

The more zombies you're able to get into your portal, the more Research Points you earn. These points are allocated to the power-ups and zombie traits that you can use on your zombies (of which there are LOTS to discover) allowing you to mould your zombie horde to your own style of play. You'll also find that if you're able to herd a few live humans into the portal, too, you'll get a lot more points.

The gameplay of the single-player version was always something we wanted to build on. With the multiplayer version, we've aimed to retain key elements of the original while building an evolutionary path that opens up more strategies the further you get into it. So, for example, dropping a hammer on an opponent's zombie can thwart their carefully laid plans. We hope you enjoy the many ways that this game allows you to cause mayhem! This brings FunOrb to a total of 33 games, 10 of which are multiplayer.

Mod Korpz

Head of FunOrb