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#5385237 Max stats needed for QP cape

Posted by Ring_World on 27 March 2013 - 01:43 AM

Didn't see a thread here with this tip so I will post it myself

If your going for a QP cape here is the max stats you need in 07

Skill - Level (Quest)

Combat - 85 (Dream Mentor)
Quest Points - 175 (RFD)

Agility - 59 (Grim Tales)
Attack - 20 (Holy Grail)
Construction - 34 (Cold War)
Cooking - 70 (RFD)
Crafting - 61 (Lunar Diplomacy)
Defence - 65 (Kings Ransom)
Farming - 49 (Fairy Tail pt.2)
Firemaking - 50 (Desert Treasure)
Fishing - 62 (Swan Song)
Fletching - 50 (Devious Minds)
Herblore - 57 (Fairy Tale pt.2)
Hunter - 27 (Eagles' Peak)
Magic - 66 (Swan Song)
Mining - 60 (Lunar Diplomacy)
Prayer - 50 (The Great Brain Robbery)
Range - 60 (Mornings End pt.1)
Runecrafting - 50 (Devious Minds)
Slayer - 42 (Rum Deal)
Smithing - 65 (Devious Minds)
Strength - 50 (Legends)
Thieving - 53 (Desert Treasure)
Woodcutting - 71 (Grim Tales)

gl questers :lol:

#5384809 Possibility of GWD?

Posted by Ring_World on 25 March 2013 - 11:49 PM

In a years time I will almost certainly be agreeing with you.

Offset the economy probably refers to lack in faith that Jagex can create balanced gear.

A balanced update would be:

- A monster that is very hard to kill
- A drop that has is best in slot (maybe best boot drops, best cape, best spec weap, best str training weap, best skill training tool, etc.)
- A drop that does not turn pvp into spec/veng matches like they were after GWD
- A balance between drop rate/utlity as to not make the new boss the best money maker in the game long term while not making it abandoned content in 2 weeks

Daggonoth kings was a balanced update
- Hard to kill all 3, and eliminating safe spots would make this a perfect challenge
- Best in slot rings among others
- A useful drop that does not radically alter the pvp environment (power creep)
- The drop is common enough to make it good money, and uncommon enough to not make it the best in the game (long term)
- Another added bonus is that it does not kill older content.

If Jagex made GWD into a balanced upate like this I would support it when there is a high amount of max/nearly maxed players

#5384788 Possibility of GWD?

Posted by Ring_World on 25 March 2013 - 11:15 PM

There enough boss challenge for you. If the current bosses are too easy why not try woox'esque challenges, like beating KQ solo, beating KQ solo with no food, etc.

I still feel this is more about, "pvm (bossing) OUGHT to be the best money maker in the game"

and I'm sorry this is a different game then the runescape you remember. But if you want a challenge why not try to do 2000 lvl 3 clues and log all your rewards and post it here. Im sure it would be profitable, entertaining and challenging all on 07 servers plus as an added bonus the clues will be from pvm

#5383397 Possibility of GWD?

Posted by Ring_World on 22 March 2013 - 01:51 AM

"I want GWD because it was a money maker i used back in the day and i cba to figure out an old school one here"
"I want GWD because the drops were so cool and I miss high hits and no skill pvp"
"I think PvM OUGHT to be the best money making source in the game and this held true with GWD"
"I dont want to learn how to kill dagg kings efficiently when I can max lvl tank and spank Graardor"

I miss anything?

I'm all for adding GWD in a year if theres lots of high lvls and people are bored with available content. I dont know why all you advocating it are doing so with boredom reasoning if your combat stats are all lvl 40. Talk to me again when you have near max cb

#5378595 What's wrong with playing RuneScape, honestly?

Posted by Ring_World on 11 March 2013 - 07:20 AM

strength level goes up grades go down

#5288304 Pendants of Skill! - 26/7/2012

Posted by Ring_World on 29 July 2012 - 03:36 AM

Haha said a bit bluntly but I agree with this. Sometimes I feel like I should be putting down the people I see roaming around in full assassin, spamming their runecoin emotes. I don't actually feel any real animosity towards them, but they wouldn't know that. Sometimes peer pressure can long a way to dissuade people to do some things. If people who bought runecoins were treated as pariahs by other players, they'd be a lot less likely to buy more. "Omg nice aura!" or "Wow your costume so cool!" is exactly the kind of positive reinforcement they should not be given. No, they should be abused instead. >;D We need a negative reinforcement squad... to sweep RS insulting every RWT user we see, then taking screenshots, and laughing at them. Yup... :cool:

What a useless trash response. Honestly that is just horrible. If people want to spend money to make their character more unique let then be and admire them or better yet ignore them and concentrate on yourself because they shouldn't mean anything to you in the first place. Don't use it as a reason to insult them or judge poorly. Grow the hell up... I don't give a [bleep] how old you are of where are are from, but sooner or later you WILL learn to respect others because if you don't then you'll find yourself in the center being mocked for your animosity and no one will back you.

Buying squeal shit in rs isn't something a lot of people like. It would be like wearing a fur coat in a room full of animal activists and expecting them to like you.

#5008676 RuneVillage - Removed as gold status because owner is a sex offender

Posted by Ring_World on 04 September 2011 - 10:33 PM

I have an irl friend who is a sex offender because he was 18 with a 16 year old girlfriend and her parents hated him. With that in mind I think that this is [cabbage], unless this person is a real predator.