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In Topic: All Tradeable Runescape Item IDs

02 March 2012 - 06:06 PM

In regards to the 200s, I'll just throw in a check for that, and wait some number of seconds before trying again.

Keep in mind it's a HTTP 200 status response, alongside Content-Length being 0 - just thought i'd clarify that!

In Topic: All Tradeable Runescape Item IDs

12 February 2012 - 12:44 PM

Hey, that's great Markup - they could be very useful as a starting point for those not looking to parse the full G.E to populate a database, cheers! (Although they're 403ing at the moment!)

In Topic: All Tradeable Runescape Item IDs

09 February 2012 - 09:20 AM

Cheers for putting that online - there's a few differences to what mine was so that's quite interesting to see how someone else would do it!

I don't have much of a chance to test it at the moment, but I'm interested that a 5 second wait time is enough to not throw up any blocking errors from Jagex. Although, granted; in my testing I was parsing the item's pages after searching for pages - a further 3,400+ requests is going to change things!

I did notice a couple of small things, Line 114 in Program.cs, you set reserror to indicate a WebException:

catch (WebException ex) {
    PageErrors.Add(bs[i].ToString() + " Error:" + ex.Status);
    reserror = true;
if (reserror == true) {
    reserror = false;

As far as I can tell, reserror isn't used anywhere else - it'd make more sense to just continue inside the catch-exception block rather than flag an error?

I also noticed that your PageLoader class uses ArrayList as it's base class. To me that seems a little counter-intuitive, the class is making use of an ArrayList, rather than actually extending it? It seems cleaner to just have a class variable storing the ArrayList and accessors to that - less coupling that way.

Lastly, I see you're not checking for Jagex blocking requests. When they block a request, they return a HTTP 200 OK status, which means no WebException is going to occur - the way to identify it is that the Content-Length response header indicates 0 length. Right now it looks like you're just skipping over this if there is no content - or, possible worst case, passing an empty string to the Json Converter? The biggest trouble I found with this is integrating it into a library such that callers either, 1) Don't have to deal with bottling issues / exceptions or 2) Have to catch the exception and re-send the request. I resorted to providing access to the library API through a gateway, where exceptions had to be caught; but alongside this I constructed an Asynchronous requester which allows callers to request callbacks when the page is retrieved - which would be whenever Jagex stop blocking the requests.

Other than those, I do like it - there's a few points in there that I hadn't thought of and I like the Json parser, wasn't aware of JavascriptSerializer. Nice job! =D>

If you're interested in seeing the API I constructed, I've thrown that up on GitHub: GitHub - GeApi. It's nowhere near perfect but may give you some ideas like yours did mine!

In Topic: I keep drooling on my keypad

09 February 2012 - 08:37 AM

And that chair in picture three doesn't exist.

Hey, my chair does exactly this! Haven't ever used it like that though, it actually is pretty comfy, although I feel like I want to be closer to the screen!

In Topic: All Tradeable Runescape Item IDs

08 February 2012 - 04:54 PM


I will say... it wasn't an easy task. I actually wrote my own classes to parse the .json. I used the category API with each letter as you said to compile the list of pages with items on them. The challenge that you mentioned about the server requests was a simple but oblivious fix. I used System.threading.thread.sleep(). Its tacky but it works. I also closed the connection after each response. I'll answer the rest of your questions when I add the source. I'm gonna work on creating a library like you mentioned.

Sounds like you went through the same thought process as me then - good stuff! Look forward to seeing the result.