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Small correction to Tormented Demon Guide

23 August 2010 - 07:30 PM

Just a minor correction to the equipment link for the Verac's Helm in the top-equipment suggestion of the Tormented Demon guide. (Standard Setup)

The helmet suggestion is for Verac's Helm, yet the link followed from it is for the Armadyl Helm. :)

New layout is very cool though. :thumbup:

Laptop Choices

18 August 2010 - 07:33 AM

Hey everyone!

I purchased my current laptop, a HP 6735S a year before heading off to Uni' in anticipation of requiring one at Uni'. It's now come to two years down the road and I'm not sure whether to stick with constantly buying replacement parts for this or seeking out a new one. I'd like some general advice on reliable, heavy-usage laptops.

My problem's as such :-

A year after purchasing the laptop, I had to replace the battery and power-adapter under HP's warranty service. (Thankfully just in time before it ran out). This was fine, but a little bit of a nuisance after only a single year. The laptop had been pretty heavily-used, but I had tried to adhere to general battery-guidelines that I'd read about.

After this being replaced, I then used my laptop more sparingly through Uni' as my Desktop was more suitable for most of the work. However, after that first Uni' year and roughly 2 - 3 months, I'm finding the exact same symptoms again. My laptop power adapter seems to go first, and that ruins the batteries that I have. Looking at replacement parts it seems it'll cost me in the rough range of £100 to replace.

I'm fine replacing this, if I can be assured it'll last more than a year. I'm much more willing to look elsewhere for laptops if this would be a recurrent situation every year.

This is where techie's come in - I've got little experience with laptops! :)

I'm looking for a laptop that can manage pretty heavy-usage and has quite a long-battery cycle. In terms of spec', I won't be gaming with the laptop - so nothing heavy duty with the graphics, but for general processing power I'd like something reasonable. I'm running a few programming projects and down the line they may need to run off this. Even without that, the large part of the laptop's usage would be in developing, heavy-duty IDE's etc.

I have been considering taking a trip down the Apple road as I've heard pretty good things about them, but I've never been certain if it's worth the price mark. I could manage one but only if it would really last me a good 4+ years. I am also working on a few group-C# projects now, so I'd have to look into how well Mono integrates on Apple (but that's a different question).


I'm looking for a heavy-usage, reliable, long-lasting battery laptop which will last me over the next 3-4 years without the likelihood of replacing parts and pieces. Any advice on past experiences with good-laptops would be great! ;)


14 May 2010 - 01:17 PM

Was fairly surprised to see that there's no talks about this TV-Series around on TIF!

It's a brilliant action / comedy / drama series centered around a computer-nerd who has a bit of a run-in with an old roommate and the CIA. ;) It's been going since 2007 now and is on it's third season at the moment with a new episode coming out on Monday!

I'm terrible at description, so if you're interested here's the IMDB Link :- Chuck.

If you do take a look at it I'd recommend watching both the first and second episode before judging it, the first sets the scene and the second is where it gets good!

Anyone else been keeping up with the series? :)

Java - clone() method

27 February 2010 - 11:27 PM

Hey there,

Well - getting forward with my game, but I'm finding I'm in need of 'cloning' objects, as such; reusing all the data from one object in another one, in a similar fashion to the 'ByVal' implementations in other languages.

However, I've never looked into this in Java before. With a bit of searching around, it seems that implementing your own clone method is the most viable solution, but I'm wondering if anyone else has more experience in this area and some potential solutions. :)

Java Game - Math Issue

27 January 2010 - 12:55 PM

I finished building my Space Invaders / Arcadians clone the other day, so I've settled on starting another project I thought up whilst developing the previous game.

Currently it's all simply floating around in my head apart from mindless notes scribbled everywhere, but whenever I get the time to get round to it I'll get the brief down on paper in a (somewhat) orderly fashion.

The basic idea of the game will be a rocket / missile following the player's mouse with targets in a level to destroy based on the explosion of the rocket. Of-course, got all sorts of additions like obstacles, rocket-fuel perhaps, enemies (room for some A.I!), but that's all to come.

Right now, I drew up a very quick base for the rocket and animation. It's the first time I've done an animated-style object in Java but I think that's working reasonably. My problem is with the Rocket exploding upon contact with the mouse location. Sometimes it works, others it goes very odd.

As far as I can tell, it's because I'm forcing it to move too large a distance 'over' the mouse-location, making it jump back and forth past the mouse very quickly. But at the moment, I've hardly got any time on my hands due to assignments, so I figured I'd utilise the new forum! :smile:

The rogue issue is when the following happens :-

Large(ish) Image

That image was modified in Photoshop to try and show what's happening as a print-screen doesn't quite cut it. If you run the App you'll see what I mean.

Oh, and the Red-Tip on the end of the missile corresponds to the stored Point2D location of the 'tip'. I'm comparing this to the mouse-location to check when to explode, rather than the Image (X,Y) coordinates as it would then try to collide with a point offset from the mouse cursor.

It's a bit of a strange issue, I'm sure that with a bit of time and fiddling it's solvable, but at the moment I just don't have that! Provides something interesting for anyone to puzzle over too! :P

I've uploaded the NetBeans Project folder as a 'zip' archive - easiest way I can think of providing it all in working condition, but if anyone knows a better way to do it feel free to say! :)

Link: mediafire.com/?eujn0gm2qyw

Alternatively, the relevant source code is here (Cheers sees_all!) :-



Any ideas and i'd be happy to hear them!