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16.5M (yes million) GP Manage Thy Kingdom

19 June 2009 - 12:12 AM

Just got my 3 months of gathering from MTK, which I last gathered 03/08/09.

I was kinda disappointed, since the seeds were kinda lame compared to normal (and almost all fruit when I need normal trees).

Posted Image

05/23/99 99 construction! :D :D :D

16 May 2009 - 06:42 AM

I managed to convert 120 proto-tools (have points for the other 60-70 btw) without misclicking a single one :D

I'd show them all if I could....



oh yeah btw this'll get me 99 construction. :D

05/23/09 finally got it :D

Just got 99!!!! :D :D :D Yay for level 99 economy crashing!!!



*** [ TRACKER ]: [construction] exp gains for oddfaery2 in last 1day: 3,269,292 | 1wk: 7,056,264 | 1wk 1day: 9,369,528 | 4wks: 9,410,328

I'll take some pics of my modest home to put in the blogscape thread soon :D

FINALLY I got 2100 Skill Total!!!

15 November 2007 - 05:36 AM

I'm so excited! I have slowed down big time the last 6 months or so in RuneScape due to spending as much time as I can with my girlfriend and the rest of my time working, but finally on my day off work yesterday, I got 2100 Skill Total! :D

I always get asked to post a bank pic any time I post here, so I'll post it as well. I can answer any of the "what is that?" questions if the text made an item hard to see.

Posted Image

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The EFFICIENT Varrock Achievement Diary Guide

15 September 2007 - 06:53 PM

The idea of this guide is for you to complete this Varrock Achievement Diary in as few steps as possible. While some things can be reordered with no real importance (such as when you slap an air orb on a battlestaff), I feel this is about as efficient as this can be done.

This is assuming you are doing the diary all at once, and have all the requirement to do so. Also, I have made a map, although certainly not of high quality, to help mark the path.

So, without further ado, here it is: PLEASE POST REPLIES/SUGGESTED MODIFICATIONS

Following are required for Achievement Diary, unless noted that they are only suggested:


Agility 51

Fishing 20

Combat 40

Construction 40 (67 suggested)

Cooking 32 (85 suggested)

Crafting 66

Farming 70

Firemaking 20

Hunter 69 (suggested)

Magic 49

Mining 15

Smithing 73

Thieving 40

Woodcutting 57

Quests: (Some are unlisted, as they are requirements to others which are listed)

Demon Slayer

Desert Treasure

Dragon Slayer

Enlightened Journey

Fairy Tale Part II

Family Crest

Garden of Tranquility

Ghostly Robes mini-quest

The Grand Tree

Hazeel Cult

In Aid of the Myreque

Making History

Merlin's Crystal

Observatory Quest

Rat Catchers

Recipe for Disaster - Evil Dave: Evil Stew (Suggested this is Started)

Shield of Arrav

A Soul's Bane (or requirements to start it)

Stronghold of Security mini-game

A Tail of Two Cats

Tree Gnome Village

Varrock Museum mini-game

What Lies Below


Kitten/Cat (get this during process if you don't have one)

Dagon’hai History book from library (if you don't have it, you can get it during process)

Soft clay (times 2 - mined in process)

Bones (obtained in process)

62,555 coins

Axe (wield throughout)


Chaos Talisman or Chaos Tiara

Earth Talisman

tiara (unbound)

cup of tea (will acquire while performing other tasks)

Feathers (enough to catch a trout)

Fly fishing rod


adamantite bar

Limpwurt root

Red Spiders eggs (acquire while performing other tasks)

Rat Pole (If you've lost it, talk to Phingspet or Grimesquit in Varrock Sewer. - you will pass them during diary process)

Ring of charos (a)

Ruby necklace and enchanting runes or Digsite Pendant

Varrock teleport runes (times 2; once without staff)

20 Mahogany logs


Dramen or Lunar Staff

2 Dashing Kebbit furs (get while using fairy ring if you don't get in advance)

Chef's hat and Apron (can get in clothes shop) or Cooking Skill cape

Battlestaff (can buy in Varrock square for 7-7.3k)

Air orb (or uncharged orb + 30 air runes + 3 cosmic runes, make while in Edgeville dungeon)

Pharoah's Sceptre or Camulet (suggested)

Skull Sceptre (can acquire while doing other tasks)

Glory Amulet (suggested)

Wild Pie

Path of Least Resistance:

Before Starting, complete your existing slayer task so that you can start a new one.

Take the following with you while going to see Rat Burgiss to begin:

Poison Ivy Seed (if you do not have a Poison Ivy bush already planted at Champions' Guild)

Axe wielded

Pickaxe in inventory

Chef's Hat + White Apron Wielded, or Cooking Skill Cape (can get cape in Varrock later if you don't already have it)

Required GP

Ring of Charos (a) equipped

Dramen or Lunar Staff

2 Empty Buckets

Varrock Teleport Runes x 2 (can't be staff for at least 1)

House teleport runes

#Speak to Rat Burgiss to begin the Easy Tasks

1: Follow the path west and hop over the fence to Lumbridge on the south side of the path, then hop back onto the path going west.

2: Go northwest to the Champions' Guild, and enter it, then leave.

3: Plant a Poison Ivy Bush if you do not have one planted. If one is planted, leave it.

4: Go north and mine at least 2 pieces of clay.

5: Kill a Guard when entering the city and take the bones he drops.

6: Find a Stray Dog in the ally to the east and give him the bones from the Guard.

7: Let Aubury teleport you to the essence mines, then come back through the Portal.

8: Let Thessalia show you clothing options in the varrock clothes shop.

9: Fill up the 2 buckets with water, then use it on the clay you mined.

9a: Buy a battlestaff in the shop to the northwest in Varrock Square.

10: Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald from Benny

@Speak to Reldo to begin the Medium Tasks

11: grab a copy of Dagon’hai History book from the bookshelf in the east side of the library if you don't have it already.

12: Pick the fruit from the White Tree in the Palace Garden

13: Go back through the Palace to the courtyard and pickpocket a Guard.

14: Go northwest and use the agility shortcut to go under the Palace Wall

15: Speak to the Spirit tree to teleport; then teleport back to Varrock

16: Go west to use the fairy ring. After arriving in Zanaris, dial DKR to return to Varrock.

16a: If you don't already have the Dashing Kebbit furs, use the fairy ring to go to AKQ, taking at least 500gp, and use the hunting spot to the east in order to catch 2 Dashing Kebbits, Then Use the fairy ring to come back to Varrock.

17: Go west across Edgeville to Oziach's buiding and look at what he has for sale (you do not have to buy it)

18: Bank in Edgeville if needed. Take out supplies to make an air orb if you do not have one already. Be sure to keep out your Axe, clay, coins, house and 2 Varrock teleport runes

19: Enter the Edgeville Dungeon using the trapdoor to the south.

20: Make an air orb if needed in the Edgeville dungeon, otherwise procede.

$Speak to Vanaka to start the Hard Tasks

21: Speak to Vanaka to get a new slayer task

22: Use the Agility shortcut to the southeast to get to Moss Giants.

23: Go east until you find the Red Spiders, and take a Red Spider Egg from the respawn point (save this egg, you will need it later)

24: GO east through the sewer and slash through the spider webs. Continue through the sewer to the exit.

25: speak to Phingspet or Grimesquit to obtain your Rat Pole if you have lost or dropped it previously, then go up the ladder.

26: Head north to the Estate Agent

27: Speak to the Estate Agent to move your house AND to change your style to either Tropical Wood or Fancy Stone.

28: Teleport to your house

29: Make a Varrock teleport tablet on your Mahogany Lecturn (or a friend's if you do not have one).

30: Use a glory amulet and teleport back to Edgeville. Get coins, fly fishing rod and feathers, the other piece of clay, a Wild Pie from bank and clothes for Cooking guild, Skull Sceptre (or fighting gear if you do not have a Skull Sceptre), and some extra fish/food if you do not have it already.

31: Go northeast and make a Waka Canoe. Take it to Barbarian Village

32: Speak to Gertrude and get a new cat, making sure to pick the color using your ring of charos (a)

33: Enter the Cooking Guild and Give Romily Weaklax a Wild Pie.

34: Head southwest and cross the river, then use the fly fishing spot until you catch a trout.

35: Go Southwest and use the building to the south to make a bowl from your clay, then finish it in the furnace.

36: Enter the Stronghold of Security. Go to the second level to complete the Easy Task. Kill The Minotaurs, Flesh Crawlers, Catablepons, and Ankous for the Skull Sceptre pieces if you do not have them yet. Go to each level down to the 4th if you do not yet have the 4 Stronghold of Security emotes.

36a: Perform the 4 Stronghold of Security emotes once you have unlocked them

36b: Teleport out of the Stronghold with your Skull Sceptre once you have acquired the 4 pieces

37: Teleport back to Varrock. Bank in the west bank. Make your Air Battlestaff, then get out the red spider egg and a limpwurt root, extra food for the cat, and coins if you don't have them on you.

38: walk south then east to speak with the Apothecary in order to get a strength potion made.

39: Bank in Varrock West bank, keeping at least the extra food for your kitten, 1 adamantite bar, your Family Crest Gauntlets (if you have them), 2 Dashing Kebbit furs, and 800 GP.

40: Go south to the building connected to Aubury's shop, and make an adamant medium helm on the southeast anvil.

41: Go east through the gate, destroy your gauntlets if you have them, and speak to Dimintheis for a replacement pair.

42: Go south to the Fancy Dress Shop and purchase a Spottier Cape.

43: Go back toward Varrock East bank, stopping to steal a cup of tea on the way, then head to the Museum after getting out your Dagon’hai History book from the bank.

44: Complete all aspects of Varrock Museum if you haven't yet. Be sure to learn how to enchant ruby necklaces.

45: Speak to Haig Halen and Orlando Smith after you have 153 Kudos.

46: Go north to the church and speak to Eslie to give her a cup of tea and hear her story.

46a: Continue upstairs until you reach the highest point in the church.

47: Head back to Varrock East bank and gather the following items: 1 Tiara, 1 Earth Talisman, 1 chaos talisman or tiara, 30,100+ coins, 20 mahogany logs, glory amulet, and 1 pickaxe, wear 1 Digsite Pendant (enchant your ruby necklace if you have to), Wield 1 axe, (rope if you haven't started A Soul's Bane Quest) wear nothing else unless it lightens your weight.

48: Go out the East entrance of varrock, and head south to the mine. Mine one iron ore and drop it if you do not need it.

*** NOTE *** Your When your cat grows into an adult, pick it up to prevent it from going from cat to overgrown cat

49: Operate your Digsite Pendant to teleport to the Digsite.

50: Enter the rift for A Soul's Bane, then climb back out.

51: Go Northeast to the limestone mine, and mine a piece of limestone (drop if you do not need it)

52: Go southwest to the members gate. Enter the earth altar with your talisman, then craft the tiara into an earth tiara.

53: Go into the lumberyard and cut down a dying tree. Keep the log.

54: Speak to the Sawmill Operator and buy 20 Mahogany planks (be sure to do this all in one transaction!!!)

54a: Speak to the Sawmill Operator again and buy 1 normal plank.

55: Cut down another normal tree and use the balloon to go to Taverly

56: Once in Taverly, cut down a Willow log and travel back to Varrock.

57: Head southwest to the Statue with a hole in it. Go Northwest and enter the portal to the Chaos Altar.

58: Use your glory amulet and teleport back to Edgeville, if you have a pharoah's sceptre or Camulet, otherwise go to Al Kharid.

59: Either teleport or travel to the Pyramid to change to Ancient Majicks.

60: Once changed, use your home teleport to get back to Edgeville.

61: Bank in Edgeville and get out your Rat Pole and keep out your cat.

62: Go West and Enter Evil Dave's basement and catch 100 hellrats.

63: Go back to the Edgeville bank and take out your Axe (Varrock teleport runes optional). Go make another canoe (any kind) and go to the Barbarian Village.

64: Speak with Gertrude for a Cat Training Medal

65: Go back west to the canoe spot and take it down to Champion's Guild exit.

66: Pick a Poison Ivy Berry of your now-grown Poison Ivy Bush.

All tasks should be complete

Speak to Rat Burgiss, then (teleporting to Varrock for speed or if you have not yet) speak to Reldo, then Vanaka for your rewards

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Have you seen this bug at Mithril Dragons?

03 July 2007 - 04:43 PM

The first or second time I entered the whirlpool to check out the update, I landed here:

Posted Image

Then after coming back, I landed about 50% of the time in the room with Mithril Dragons, but the room was empty. Most the time I saw nothing but map, but other times I was able to see drops on the ground or magic/range attacks from the dragons flying past me. However in either of these locations I was unable to move.

So I ask the simple question, has this happened to you too? If so let us know :)

I sent this bug report to Jagex.

When using the Whirlpool to enter the new cavern at Barbarian Outpost, I and others frequently end up in locations where we are unable to move or we are off the map entirely.

Also, several other times I landed in the room with Mithril Dragons, near the center of the room east of the Mithril Door, next to the mithril ore. Except that when landing here, there were no dragons or other people. Occasionally I could see the magic or range attacks fly by at players, or drops left on the ground, but usually it was entirely empty of anything whatsoever.

This second location glitch happens almost 50% of the time I enter the cavern. I hope this information helps. Without teleports such as the Lumbridge home teleport, I would have been trapped inside.