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In Topic: I need to make 20m+

22 March 2009 - 08:25 AM

You could try melee at sara gwd like suggested, or you could just get like 80 boots at mages?

In Topic: Multiple tasks in a row >_<

17 March 2009 - 05:34 AM

Yeah those really are the worse. A while ago had 3 steels then an iron, and now like 2 tasks later, 2 black demons.

In Topic: A new approach to Alchemy

16 March 2009 - 07:57 PM

Good guide, seems like a very econonomical way to alch, even if you loose 2 seconds a load. I'll probably end up trying it soon, thanks! :<img src=:' />

In Topic: jagex favors melee

14 March 2009 - 04:25 AM

Saying that Jagex favors melee is silly, because they don't.

Lets look at the matchups of the combat triangle.

Melee vs. Range: These fights are usually pretty close, and in my experience the melee does usually win. The reason is probably because the fact that rangers are forced to wear items with lower def. But according to the combat triangle the Melee should own the ranger, not win like 55% of the time. How is that fair?

Range vs. Mage: No contest really. Mage will have to put on some barrows and get some more def, causing their maging to be less accurate on the already mage def crazy range. Even with that little def, they will still get owned. This is what is supposed to happen with the combat triangle.

Mage vs. Melee: This one depends on how good the mage is. Unfortunately a majority of mages are not very good at all. They'll get owned by meleers in Karils left and right. But theoretically a good mage should be able to beat a meleer, with the use of the new Miasmic spells. I'm pretty sure these are kinda pricey, but I don't actually know how much the staff costs. I don't know much aabout combos, but I know you can combo some smoke spell with smoke or blood. Basically poisoning them while lowering their attack simultaneously.

Mage won 1 matchup

Melee kinda won so we'll give them .6

Range won 1.4

The fact is is that at similar levels range does hit higher than melee. D bow's max is 96, and Dh's max is close to that. But D bow maxes are so much more common since no sane person would try to get a hit off during pvp while at 1 hp, nor would they have many chances.

The only way that I see that Jagex does favor melee is their selection of weapons(not counting spec weapons). There are so many more choices, Dh, Verac, Whip, all four different Gs's, even d scim works fine. While Range really only has Rune c'bow, and mage short (even though it kind of sucks and could be considered partially a spec weapon). Don't get me wrong, not saying that Range doesn't get the job done with a variety of different bolts, just some variety would be nice.

And regarding whether or not dds/d claws are overpowered compared to d bow. I don't have great melee stats, but still I've only had a handful of good DDS specs ever. But then again, d bow isn't so great either. It may be better than dds, but it also can be very very inaccurate on def. I've only borrowed d claws for a couple hours so I may be wrong on this, but I did find that my hits were consistently better than I usually hit with d bow.

In Topic: Rate me, I guess. (138 Cmb - more intresting now?)

10 March 2009 - 06:13 AM

Holy Cow! :ohnoes: Those are really nice stats and nice bank too! 10/10

It looks like you could have a maxed out total relatively soon, seeing as the only tough ones you got left are RC and Agility.