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08 February 2016 - 06:19 AM

Somehow I feel like I have came back from the dead. But enough about my resurrection. 


Does anyone else watch RWBY, and how do you feel about it? I feel the burning need to discuss it, but I didn't see a topic specifically about it.


I can still do that right, create a topic for a specific show?

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

06 February 2014 - 04:56 PM

Don't know how many of you care, but today marks the start of the XXII Olympic Winter Games held in Sochi, Russia. Didn't see a topic so I decided to start one for anyone who want to discuss.


For US based forum user, all Olympic coverage is handled by NBC and will begin tonight at 8pm EST. If you are a cable subscriber, depending on who you subscribe to, you can stream all events at nbcolympics.com. All information about event times and such can be found there as well.


As I write this the Men's paired short program for figure skating in happening now.


So yeah, anyone else watching any of these games?

The NaabeBrigade Trimmed Her First Cape

30 September 2013 - 02:14 AM

And I'm back 1 month later...



Slayer “Essentials” and some other questions

16 September 2013 - 09:04 PM

So hopefully in a month I plan on putting a lot more focus into 99 slayer and I want to make sure I have enough of the “essentials”  that offer the ability to train the skill efficiently or do as I please.

Here are my current stats.



This is the following list of items I so far have thought I would take time in getting for slayer/of what I already have. What I already have is in bold.



Full slayer helm

Fire Cape, Alerter, and God cape

Full GWD Set (minus helms)

Arcane Stream





Chaotic Maul

Chaotic Staff

Royal Crossbow




Demonhorn necklace


Gem bag

Charming imp

Royal Cannon


I realistically plan to upgrade from a Maul to Drygore Maces now that I have the level for them, but I don’t when that will happen because I'm poor. I also have a Staff of Light and t70 wand/book. Lastly I have full Tetsu...thou I don't think I'll need to use it for slayer...


I like to ask for improvements to my list and additions I should consider. Once again my budget is small…very small. You can assume I’m starting with 0 gp. I am saving cash for upgrading melee to t90 weapons or magic to t90. So I’ll likely ignore suggestions to getting DKS rings, Saradomin necklaces in favor of suggestion like getting Drygore maces. From what I remember, the improvement in those items over what I have is small. But if that's changed then please let me know. Thank you.


EDIT: Dungeoneering related question. Currently I have the Berserker ring class for Dungeoneering since now I use melee, but historically I've used range when doing Dungeoneering. So I've thought about making my ring class Sniper, doing the easy/med dung task and setting the second class to Desperado. But I only have a vague idea of what binds to own at my level. Should I just keep Berserker, or would Sniper + Desperado be good?

A few things that crossed my mind

03 September 2013 - 05:29 PM

Just a few things that crossed my mind while playing.

1) Give Suak a voice over so that when armor piece changes (i.e. "Make Helm!") he will announce it, and have tongs be an item to add to the toolbelt.

2) Have the Gofannon amulet include a unlimited teleport the Lava Flow Mines, the Living Rock Caverns, and/or Artisans Workshop for those who have completed all of the Doric and Boric task set and/or at least the Falador Hard Task.

3) Completion the medium or hard Dungeonerring task set, or completion final Dwarf quest (both to come, either option or both) gives you the option to turn your coal bag into a iron/gold/coal bag for 4k tokens. This means it will cost 4k to get the bag and another 4k to improve it. Same option can be extended to the gem bag to hold dragonstone.

4) Depending on future Divination updates discussed in the AMA on reddit, allow regular smithing bars (product A) to make ingots (product B) in the same ratio as ores (product C), in the Artisans Workshop, but somehow program it to keep players from using product A there to make product C, buy going to product B (since you can place ingots back into a smelter).

5) (Random out there suggestion) Organize Diango's Holiday Retrieval Store (or whatever you call it) by year, so that item released in one year get grouped together. Just so it looks nice or can make things easier to find if you know the year your item came out.