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New Skill Speculation - Shape Shifting

17 February 2010 - 10:19 AM

I read through few parts of the forum to see if this has been discussed or not, but it doesn't seem like the case so I guess its fine to post.

I was talking to a friend on RS a while ago, and of course wrecking out brain out trying to see what the new skill might be. Of course for next little while, anything we mentioned already falls under one of the existing skills. As we are trying to come up with one that fit the whole RS theme (medieval).

Then it suddenly dawn on me, why not shape shifting, or morphing, or transformation. Its not exactly summoning, and not exactly magic, and it does help combat if you can shift into something that has different ability. Imagine yourself morph into a dragon, and the players your are fighting suddenly have to do something about your dragon fire breath when they don't expect it. We did see a few of it being practice for quest and holiday event effect (the turkey and the Easter ring), but never on bigger scales then that. Base on one of the thread that some new game mechanics will be introduced along with the new skill makes me thing that if shape shifting does get induced into the game, it would make it interesting since you can do many new things that you can't do as your human avatar.

That being said, since I am a F2P so I don't really investigate if member have similar features already, but it does makes sense that shape shifting can help combat, and it would be like prayer, that it has a certain cast time. and u need to recharge once you used it up. It would also help other skills too just like agility that open to new area.

Anyways, I am sure tons of other players could come up with cool suggestion, so see if you agree with this new possible skill or not, and list out potential things that you could do if you can morph into something else.

Like my other friend suggest, it certainly cool when someone ask your ss lvl, shape shifting lvl. lol

How to report hackers?

15 November 2008 - 07:52 AM

Not sure if this is in right section, if its not, thanks to mod that move it to the right section.

Just today, one of my friend in my friend list ask me who I am, so I thought he must pm the wrong guy.

Then later on, he just told me bluntly that he is a hacker and is currently hacker my friend's account.

At first, I didnt' really know what to do, so I thought he might be joking, and I asked him that why would he told me that if thats what he is really doing.

Then just to make sure, i told him to stop joking around and ask him how the training is going, then he goes, dude, I am hacking this account now.

Right after he said that, I just report him under rule 6 (not sure which one I should, but this one seems abit closer), then I just delete him and put him on ignore list for now.

Is that what we are suppose to do? Or we simply just delete them and put them on ignore and let Jagex and the account owner sort it out?

Guide to training smith and mage in F2P (or P2P) UPDATED

02 October 2008 - 08:47 PM

(To any moderator that see this post, I didn't know this was the guide section (thought it was help and advice), so if any mod think this is inappropriate for this section, feel free to move it to other sections)

WHO DOES THIS GUIDE APPLIED TO: This guide applies for medium lvl smithers (50 or higher, and able to superheat), but the concept is the same, so good for lower lvl or higher lvl smithers as well.


During my RS careers, I always heard how people complain how hard smithing is to train, so I will just enter my 2 bit here to speed up smithing, mage, and mining. (Thanks to grand exchange, this method makes training smithing ALOT faster)

First of all, I am not sure if anyone made similar post before, if they did, sorry about duplicate topic posting, and for the most part, this is another long post, better have a cup of chocolate before you start reading, lol.


To me smithing is like a quest, in order to effectively train those skills, you need certain skill lvls first, recommended are

MAGE, superheat lvl

SMITHING, if you can make steel bar, thats great, if you can make mith and above, thats even better

CASH: More the better, at least 1.2mil to 2.4mil gp depend on what bars you make, or mine the respective ores to start things off

MINING, basically, the higher the better, but I go for at least mith lvl or addy lvl. (Optional)


"Just a quick note here, if you just smelt steel bars at al karid, or fally furnace, its actually good cash too, you make 9 steel bars per trip, and thats about 150gp or more gp per bar and 1.3k more per walk. This applies if you buy the ores, u get more profit if you mine your own ores. Just remember to sell the steel bars not smith them. When 1k steel bars are done, profit after deduction of iron and coal is 150k per every 2 hour (its 500 steel bar per hour), You can always get more profit by buying ores cheaper."


Go do those F2p quest that boost your xp in mining and smithing if you haven't done so, I only remember Knight sword quest for smithing (a must), Doric's quest for lvl up mining.


First part regarding to the whole operation is buying the ores, if you dont care about losing cash (maybe 20 to 50gp per bar), then by all means, buy ores slight higher at their appraised value and get quick transaction that way. I personally prefer stock price method, I watch for the rise and drop or certain ores, at times, I buy thing slightly lower then med value, and just wait a day or 2 until to see it done. Make sure you check the price of bar too, if everything is plummeting, its best to buy ores and make it into bars, but dont sell. Only sell the bars when its on the rise (basically, sell the bar when its over the cost of the ores that you orginally buy for)

Example, coal 173 ea, addy, 1030 each, nature runes 240ea ==> 2308

Cost of addy bar, 2280 medium

Now, most of people will go, but it lose money like 28 gp per bar, normally, I dont mind losing cash, hey you get mage and smith xp for mere 28gp, thats really good deal if you ask me, but with some price adjustments, you make cash

New price, buy coal for 170ea, addy ore 1k ea, nature rune 235ea ==>2255

Sell addy bar for 2300ea or more.

There are always people who are willing to sell things for lower price, and willing to buy thing for higher price, depend on how needy they are, usually things sell cheap during night, and buy high during day (thats when people are active). So watching the price of grand exchange is essential for profit making.

MAKING THE BAR: Once you can at least make mith bar, and superheat, you simply buy coal, mith ores, and nature rune from grand exchange, all you have to make sure is that the cost of raw materials equal to or less than the cost of bar. So you superheat your ores and sell the bar, it takes about 1 hour to superheat 1k of bars.

To make superheat more effectively, I actually put ores in a specific order, first put the coal and the desired higher lvl ores in your bank menu closer to your inventory menu, so less distance travel for mouse when you withdraw the ores. Then in your inventory, put 1k nature runes, 9 addy ores, or 10 mith ores, and rest is coal. When you superheat, for example, you will able to superheat 3 addy bar at once, since its 6 coal per addy ore, then dont deposit anything, just withdraw coal again, then superheat until all the ores is done into bars.

When you have 9 addy bars, you simply withdraw "coal" first, then deposit the addy bars, then withdraw the addy ores. The order of withdraw and deposit make it easier so you let the repesective ores fill itself up by simply withdraw all.

RESULTANT XP: With that in mind, you can potentially get 37.5k xp smith and 54k xp mage per hour (for addy, mith is 30k xp per hour) same principle can also apply to runite ores if you have 85 smith, I dont do that much since the cost of runite is alot, (imagine how much 1k runite would cost?)


Another tip is dont buy too much at once, only buy what you can superheat (1k to 3K) that day, 3k addy ores, or 4k mith ores, or 18k coal or which ever. ( I suggest just get 1k mith ores, and 4k coal plus 1k nat to trial test this method and see if you like it). The reason is, you can never predict the price of the raw materials, if you buy too many ores at once, and you can't smith all in time, you might end up selling bar for lower price because of "low" season in bar (too many bars in grand exchange, thus drop in price)

If you plan to buy cheap and sell high, then you have to be patient, I normally just buy stuff slightly below the value of ores, and sell bars slight higher so this ensure me the constant supply of cash and ores whenever I go to grand exchange.

Lastly, what do do during waiting for your ores to buy and bar to sell? Training, thats where mining becomes good, I just take mith ores, addy ores, runite ores to mining guild and start superheat and mine until those ores are bought or bars are sold.

PS: Due to the nature of constant clicking, its might be troublesome to chat at the same time, you can always turn your chat off when training, so it doesn't impede your speed, plus you wont be rude to people on your list by ignoring half of their msgs.

Credit: I didn't originally thought of this method, one of my good RS friend just told me while we are discussing smithing, so thanks for all your info Dragon. Also thanks to the large quest and smithing date base provide by Tip It guides

Is there a "true" training method?

26 December 2007 - 09:04 AM

Before post, think about the point of this thread for a second, and try to be constructive by giving essential points or personal experience, there isn't a right or wrong arugment surround this kind of topic, nor should we try create a 2 sided war. Its again simply to let people express their views and understand this topic better.

When you train in RS, at some point you will see some people doing some unusual ways of training, after a through investigation, you realize that some people rather want the fast xp to get their desired lvl. With that being said, perhaps this is one of the more controversial topic (at least I think), what is the style you train, and does it considered to be true training? To give examples, something like this.

Cooking, buy large amount of raw food, and cook all of them to get cooking xp, and selling back the cooked food. Or, gather your own raw materials, like fish or ingredient and cook them yourself.

Fishing and mining, fish trout and salmon, mine the iron, either dropping them on the ground or sell to store

Woodcutting and and firemaking, cutting willow logs or yew logs to burn or simply sell to store. (Firemaking might be abit of gray area, again, it would be interesting to see what others say about it when it combine with wc)

Runecrafting: acutally walk by yourself to make the runes, or use runners

Simply put, all these method of training does give you fast xp, but do they considered to be "grinding" where one doing the repetive task to achieve the goal that they want? Does bank the raw materials and sell later to be consider true method of training?

PS: Some of the training method might not apply to certain special characters such as pures or skillers, but its hard to make the generalization sometimes.

Again, many points have not been covered yet, and thats is the POINT of this thread, so before you make hasty comment about this thread, try to think about it for a sec and post your response in more constructive manners.

To be continue..........

What do you mean by no lifer?

23 December 2007 - 01:41 PM

As a reflection post on the best/top player thread, this post also address one of the common problem high skill or combat lvl players faced when someone is in a disagreement with what they achieved through out the years.

Post your opinions, and see what other thinks