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Tipit Fantasy Football 2011/12

13 July 2011 - 10:17 PM

For the last few years i've always done a fantasy football team. Thought it would be a good idea to create a Tipit League.
Usually I just do English Premier League and English Championship (Football, soccer etc...) but if you follow a different sport with a similar competition I think it would be a good idea to collate all of the leagues in this thread.

If you have no idea what Fantasy Football is then http://en.wikipedia....ll_(Association)

It would be cool to get as many tipiters as possible in as many different sports. Football is the only one i'm aware of but i'm sure the American's have a similar thing for Baseball/Basketball/Ice Hockey/American Football etc...

I will update the list of 'official links' here. (A lot of the websites will not start until nearer the beginning of the season but here's one for starters)


fantasy.football-league.co.uk (code is 1974)
fantasy.premierleague.com (code is 136464-45741)

[Needs more Leagues!!]

For the premier league i usually use the official barclays one (http://fantasy.premierleague.com/) but i am aware that the Sky/Various newspaper ones are also popular so will go with the most popular until the season starts. This thread can be used as discussion for the time being, and also a place to eye up opponents and steal ideas off one another :twisted:

Best place to train magic in a single combat scenario

10 May 2011 - 12:20 AM

I'm going to do a mixture of slaying/bursting for charms/alching self made goods for magic exp. I'm interested in mixing up mage training a bit, so curious as to where people think the best places for single way combat magic exp is. Efficiency is not a major desire, i play at a more relaxed pace than most people do. I am P2P.

Please note i am familiar with multi combat methods so presume all questions below relate to single way combat!! Setups/invos not really needed. I also do not want advice on any other way to train (ie lunars) so please don't post for the sake of posting.

Where would be the most profitable place(s) to train magic?

Where would be the fastest (best exp) place(s) to train magic?

What is a decent mix of both?

Anyone got a list of Kuradel slayer monsters weak to magic?

Things to note:
~ I like to cycle around activities. ie Barrows for a few weeks, merchanting for a few weeks, slayer for a few weeks etc...
~ I'd like to get back in the top 500 fist of guthix players.
~ Going to be making a few thousand battlestaffs which i plan to alch. (97 craft would get me enough staffs for 94 mage...hmmm...)
~ Next level goal for magic is 94. I'm 88 currently.
~ I'm not rich (ie can't afford virtus) but i'm not poor (ie can afford arcane)


60 - 70 Dung

27 April 2011 - 06:05 PM

Can anyone give me some dungeoneering advice?

I've got up to 60 almost all by tears of guthix and entering resource dungeons.

I'd like to get it to 70, to finish my all skills 70+ goal. Eventually when i settle down with slayer again i'll do it more seriously for a rapier but for now i just want to know the best way for me to get to 70.

Any xp rates would be appreciated also.

I don't have the commitment at the moment to join a team.


New Sticky in Rants.

23 April 2011 - 07:42 PM

Just went to check out the rants section, and the issue of bots seemed to stick out a bit

Posted Image

A sticky for bot related rants might be worthwhile... until they die down anyway!

Combat stats

06 April 2011 - 05:14 PM

Just hit a long term goal of 85 att, str and 95 def.

Posted Image

Not sure what to do next...

I calculated by the time i had these levels i'd have 79 summoning which i wanted for titans, and also 85 slayer which i wanted for abbys. (But I calced wrong...)

95% of my combat exp is through slayer.

Currently 78/79 summoning with 0 charms. 1 more levels for titans which i'll probably use on task (when not using a BOB or bunyip), and then i'll probably save up till 88 for Unicorn.

Currently 82 slayer, with half a dozen tasks left for 83. Goal is 85 for abbys, and then i'll probably use them as my main moneymaker.

As far as prayer is concerned, i have no use for turmoil and my prayer level at the moment gets me along just fine. I don't tend to piety tasks unless i know i've got several hours in front of me for continuous slaying. I could probably afford 95 prayer, but it would cost me most, if not all my cash pile + rares. Is it really worth it? What for? Why?

With magic, next goal is probably 94 for ice barrage, although i'm in no rush. I don't PvP at all so vengeance is no use for me. The only incentive would be the additional magic defence when on task.

I don't really range any tasks and can't remember how I got it up to what it is now. Only incentive for me is to keep it in line with all my other combat stats.

Don't enjoy dungeoneering and have only got it up through tears of guthix and entering resource dungeons.

Any advice on att/str/def?
I'm thinking of training whip on controlled till 99 defence, which will hopefully get me a few att/str levels. (anyone know how many?)
Or alternatively i'm thinking of just evening out my melees again.

As far as gear is concerned i have just about everything i need minus dungeoneering items and imbued rings. I also have extremes and have done the majority of quests.

I'm urging towards this sequence:
Attack 85/90/99
Strength 85/90/99
Defence 95/99
HP 91/99
Prayer 82/85/99
Summoning 78/79/88/99
Ranging 82/90/99
Magic 88/94/99
Dung 50ish/80/99

Bear in mind i'm a casual player, and these are long term goals
Please only reply if you know what you're talking about (and what i'm talking about) - so many idiots in H&A these days :rolleyes: I would usually appreciate all responses but some replies just reduce me to tears nowadays.

Thanks <3: