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In Topic: The new forum is great

18 June 2018 - 12:20 AM

It was a bad joke about it being replaced by reddit :^(

In Topic: Hey Admins and Mods

12 May 2018 - 10:30 AM

feels bad

In Topic: how many warning points do you have?

21 January 2016 - 01:34 AM

3 lol


must have had a shitposting period in 2011 


2 of them are spam in other too long ago to get details, and the other warning point is for my signature being too large 

In Topic: What happened to these forums?

21 January 2016 - 01:25 AM

I also dont visit often its probably years since i last posted. This used to be place to find all new things what is going in game...now rsof replaced this for me.


btw original tip.it admin Lightning plays again active :P


in my opinion best era for these forums were 2002-2003...this was place what you could read all day long with bag of popcorn :P

wasn't lightning the second ever play to sign up to runescape iirc


and yeah rip forums as an entire style, I don't play runescape anymore but I have never considered using anything but reddit for league of legends

In Topic: Does 07 or eoc have a higher player count?

13 January 2016 - 06:07 PM


Kinda why after my main got banned I stopped playing RS. 25% of the reason I played was for end-level content and 75% was the social aspect. By the time I left in 2011, my friends list was deserted.


The name-change ability from 2009 was the beginning of the end. I started playing MW2, by then if i quit for three or four months I'd barely recognize my friends list. I have nothing against higher exp rates, but RS3 takes it too far. The reason people left for CoD/LoL et al. was because these games didn't require MASSIVE time investment to play high level content. When there wasn't much late game content it's not too bad, but now low level/mid level content is deserted as swathes have left.. It's not fun playing on your own in much less populated worlds compared to before. Another example of when Jagex's inaction to a changing gaming market has hurt them. The good thing about OSRS is it  has features which people wanted in 2007, more developer interaction and more bosses while keeping familiarity*. Also Micro transactions (non cosmetic) is BS  <_<



*Yes I know EOC was in beta for a long time. However many RS players return after prolonged period out. A player from 2011 will struggle to transition to RS3. A player from 2006 rejoining in 2011 wouldn't find it so hard. 


I think it is horribly flawed to suggest that OSRS some how 'keeps familiarity' when RS3 does not - both are mmorpg with regular updates so OSRS is moving away from the familiar ground that returning players would know in the same was RS3 has. Not to mention the idea that OSRS has 'more bosses' is daft, RS3 has plenty of new boss mobs too.


And it's not like the new combat system can be used as a 'keeps players away' thing any more when there is legacy combat mode, momentum, revolution and preset hotbars all of which help people transition from the old to the new system if they wish too and, unlike at launch, people understand the new combat now so there is plenty of guides and info out there to tell you whats what instead of everyone being like OMG 20 MILLION NEW THINGS TO CLICK.


Also how does it make sense that you think RS3 having higher xp rates has gone "too far" yet in the next sentence you take issue with it being a "massive time investment" to reach end-game content? You can't have lower xp rates AND  smaller time investment they are kind opposite ends of the scale.


Also I don't see how in one breath you moan Jagex has been inactive to the changing game market and in the next moan about microtransactions - the biggest change to the games market as a whole these past 2 or 3 years is the move towards microtransactions and Jagex has made that move without completely selling out to a pay-to-win structure. (I mean yes bonds let you buy gp which lets you buy good gear, but it's not as direct or as op as some games do and arguably we could all buy gold already just not within the rules)


I had another look at osrs while procrastinating from exams today and it has already moved well past the point where anything is familiar


not that that is a bad thing and I am sure if I had been playing the game I would have wanted the new content, but the same mistakes of making weapons armor etc more and more powerful whips are useless again is happening all over again.  Not to mention the real problem of there are no new players coming in and everyone wants endgame content