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#5534679 Today...

Posted by 999134 on 16 December 2014 - 01:38 AM

logged onto tipit for the first time in ages.


The procrastination from studying is strong.

#5477187 Legacy Mode

Posted by 999134 on 02 February 2014 - 12:38 AM


Adapt or quit, eat up. ;]


It seems that more people chose the latter than the former, which is unfortunate for Jagex and the players who chose to keep playing.


Unlike pretty much every other change to rs in history this is the case it seems, this sort of sarcastic comment kind of falls flat now.


I hate to say never, but with the game so vastly different from the one I loved, I don't ever see myself playing runescape again, real life quickly fills in the time gaps and it really would take a perfect game to get me to consider the time commitment playing takes. A lot of ex-players I stay in contact with feel the same way, I don't think pvp or staking is ever going to recover properly for example.  

#5463071 Minecraft General

Posted by 999134 on 16 November 2013 - 11:48 PM

Wanted to take a moment to say a VERY belated congrats to you 999 for getting featured by PopularMMOs for his Scaperune mod. Regardless of my disagreements, that's still a big accomplishment and I know you put a lot of work into it. Grats :)



Apologies for late reply but I am not very active on tipit and don't play runescape at all anymore.


I have had a few pretty big mod reviews! It kind of blew up and snowballed at some point, most confusingly it seems to be extremely popular in spanish speaking countries so I don't understand some of the biggest reviews :(.


Although it has died a bit as I have had to stop updating since I started university I ran a server as well for the mod that had 20+ players pretty consistently for the time I was still working on it. 


Never wanted to look like I was spamming tipit as there is tiny amounts of relative exposure here, more wanted to share with people here. 


Sadly the mod looks like it won't be updated to 1.7 for a very long time, the framework for working with mods is not even ready to start it and it is normally ready 24 hours after, telling you how big a change to the code it was. It will require rewriting almost all the code for the like 300-400 features in the mod >.>.





A fully working barrows (with mobs/armor/sets/set effects) was all added ingame a bit after that mod review.

#5463068 PlayStation 4 Discussion

Posted by 999134 on 16 November 2013 - 11:39 PM

I don't plan on getting the xbox one or ps4, planning to get a wii u when the new super smash bros is out and along with my laptop got every game I really want to play covered.


Hate to go pc master race on it but xbox/playstation do very little over a computer, pc ports can be slow but the wii u is the only one where you won't get access at all to the games.

#5447871 Old School RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds!

Posted by 999134 on 05 September 2013 - 10:20 PM

#5445771 The new DevBlog - GWD and PID fixes

Posted by 999134 on 29 August 2013 - 07:03 PM

I thought u quit?

not sure if trolling or just posted that without reading the thread...
Not playing right now, but if gwd comes back and pid is fixed, I probably will give OSRS another real chance.

#5445659 The new DevBlog - GWD and PID fixes

Posted by 999134 on 29 August 2013 - 09:52 AM


This was enough for me to actually log back into the game, if everything in here is followed through with will probably get back into runescape properly.

Firstly, we finally have news that GWD is (hopefully) going to be added!

I think this will be good for the game in so many ways. The only way I can see this getting [bleep]ed up if we get a poll like the rare items one, with like 10 almost identical options that each needed 75% to pass. I am hesitant about the news about balancing some stuff, but I think adding in for example, the zartyle bow for saradomin, and staff of light/virtus wand/a good staff to zamorak would both keep the combat triangles balanced and make the most unpopular bosses more popular.

As for ingame balance, it would be an extremely useful economy corrector.
When I stopped playing I sold all my stuff to keep it in cash, under the assumption that more items = more supply less demand and all items would go down in price. This worked for the majority of items, but my DFS which I sold at under 20m, cost me 49m to buy back.
Right now the DFS is the only high end rare bit of equipment outside of third age, which has taken the place of rares (also pretty painful having sold my 3rd age legs at 57m, they are now like 200m+), and the game just needs more.

One other complaint I saw, was that it would turn the best money making option into bossing.
Now this was true way back in 2007, but we have a very different game in OSRS.
Skillers are much more rare, there is no f2p, and there are few botters. There are also fewer people playing to skill, as people join to pk etc. What this means is that things like farming herbs to make sara brews/super rests, or fishing sharks will probably get VERY profitable.

As for PVP balance, the godswords are powerful, but balanced already in my opinion, maybe AGS needs to go to 55% spec to stop rushing, but outside of that the risk of getting smited for your godsword, is going to be higher than the rune loot most of the time. DH set is still going to be hitting higher with lower risk a lot of the time.

Maybe the Sarasword might be a bit overpowered for strenght training, I have got 89 strength right now, and might feel like wasted my time doing so before I got a SS.

Should not forget still that whip+defender will still be the highest DPS if gwd is fully released.

Finally, Mod Philip has been looking at the PID issue that many PvPers have been facing. The PID issue arises when players make the same action in the same game cycle (for example hitting each other over the heads with a blunt instrument) and the game has to decide who makes the action first. Players were able to predict who'd get priority, and even try to manipulate it in their favour to get themselves an advantage. Mod Philip's engine change is being tested now, and we hope to be able to launch it next week so that this is no longer an issue.

This was the thing that made me really happy.
If you do not know already, the person with priority is based on your IP right now, you want a multiple of 8 in the 3rd set, and as low number as possible in the 4th set, like is perfect.
Now this seems pretty fair right? The ingame version in RS3 at the moment is random on login, and by logging in/out you can manipulate it.
Problem is, some people can manipulate their ips just by resetting routers in order to get those good IPs, shutting some people out of competitive staking instantly.
Even worse, people started to use VPNs, that means -even- if you have a changable IP address, you still have no chance.
People have been paying over 100$ a month just to use a VPN that ends in .0, it was getting stupid and was one of the reasons I stopped playing, the system in RS3 may be flawed, but it is at least a level playing field, and if you want it to be completely fair, you both just relog before staking.

#5439356 Runescape Dying? [Discussion/Observation]

Posted by 999134 on 11 August 2013 - 02:26 AM

A perfect example of people not knowing what they want and then not being happy when they do get what they think they want.

OSRS is exactly what the EoC haters wanted. Both Jagex and OSRS supporters knew exactly what was going to happen. You don't like it? Tough.

The amount of baseless conjecture and opinion construed as fact in this thread is laughable at best.

*Insert popcorn gif here*

2007scape was a poor knee-jerk reaction to a large number of people hating the EOC, a lot of people thought 2007scape would be perfect but you definitely needed rose-tinted glasses to not see the massive flaws with the game back then.
I still believe it was always a loud minority complaining about things like claws/korasis/effigies, just hordes of people didn't want the EOC, so threw their voices in with them for a version of runescape that was anything but the EOC, there was no option for don't force this unworkable expensive mess on us.
2007 was seen as such a golden period as it was in the time just before free trade was taken away, you then had 4 years of people thinking how much better it was back then + tons of people quitting at that point. Introducing EOC is probably as dramatic or more than that 2007 event, I and many others had been completely happy with the game up that point, updates had always been at worst slighty overpowered but playable around (it took more work to get turmoil or overloads or chaotics, but still completely doable for example) to feel like the same game. The EOC has killed off all but the hardcore fans who have no real interest in PVP (I am sure many who returned for free trade will have quit again).

I know it would have been a kick in the teeth for Jagex to admit that a lot of people did not want the EOC update that so much money and time was spent on making, but this was a huge reason behind people voting for 2007scape, it was a vote against EOC, rather than a vote for this is the best version of the game ever.

I have noted a lot of the arguments in support of the EOC, are sure it has changed, you just need to get used to it, oh right pvp does suck but the rest of the game is playable/relearnable.
PVP was the main reason for a LOT of people playing, these people do not want to learn how to play again just to be able to go bossing, they didn't want to go bossing back when they knew how to do it all, why would they want to now?

#5439301 Runescape Dying? [Discussion/Observation]

Posted by 999134 on 10 August 2013 - 10:15 PM

Just going to give the reason why I quit, I know a lot of people feel the same way, but a lot of people don't and can respect that.

EOC completely killed all forms of pures, or alternative ways of playing 'competitively'. One of the greatest things in runescape was that you didn't have to focus on just max skill total, you could work on making an account designed just for pvp. When starting a new account to pvp/play with the day before EOC's release you could have chosen:

Turmoil Berserker, Turmoil hybrid, 43 /52 pray berserker, 52 pray hybrid, 40 defense hybrid, 33 defense turmoil pure, chaotic/godsword/whip/dragon of the previous, barrows pure/hybrid, cannon pure, range 1 def pure, hybrid 1 def pure, melee 1 def pure at all different levels, 1 pray pure, 1 pray main, obby pure, cvls pure, 20 defense pvp equip pure, rune gloves pure, range tank, arma storm tank, summoning tank, summoning pure, obby tank, low str high att/def veracer, iban pure, 10 hp dbow pure, dfs pure, sara sword pure, 11 pray mage pure, d claw rush pure, korasis pure, 99hp summ pure, poly staff pure,gmaul pure, black mask slayer pure and so many many many more unique accounts and challenges to work and play with.

After EOC's release you have:

Not that it really matters as people will only ever fight if you are using the same style. Your levels don't matter and your equipment does nothing unique.

I kept with EOC for a good 3 months after its release, and hated it.

Also as for Solomon's store, that was exactly how it should have been done, the SOF should never have existed.

#5433939 Are you an item collector?

Posted by 999134 on 27 July 2013 - 05:54 PM

Posted Image
don't play any more but what I still have. Those are chargebows (used to be slings) guam seeds and goblin mail.
When I had nearing like 100b at one point bought loads of crap, I was close to 100 disks of returnings as well but lost them.

#5425331 Staking account advise needed.

Posted by 999134 on 05 July 2013 - 07:19 PM

I stake a lot and can tell you 1 pray is not that much of a benefit, wont find anyone with anything worth winning who doesn't look you up.

I stay 1 pray just as a play style/challenge, enjoy it more.

#5419274 Old School RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds!

Posted by 999134 on 21 June 2013 - 08:56 PM

Short video

pretty funny XD

#5398138 Old School RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds!

Posted by 999134 on 27 April 2013 - 11:52 AM

Edit: Horay got cleaned by glitchers.
Lost my entire bank to someone with much lower stats my first hit ddsing, 500m lost to him then my last 100mish to the guy I won 300m from in that video above.

Not too bothered though, was a fun run with 2007scape but increasingly found myself bored especially after rares are not going to be made discounted, kind of felt, whats the point.

Also I was REALLY bored of training after 74/87/77 stats, getting 99 is just something I don't want to do.

Record any of it? Just you normally post a video even when you lose.


Not that exciting just proof if you like of me losing it/explaining what doing now, was not going to bother posting on tif.

#5397791 26-April-2013: Squeal of Fortune: Starfire & Starfury Weapons

Posted by 999134 on 26 April 2013 - 03:23 PM

it's not like you can't already buy a godsword at the same price as an umbrella at a convenience store

dam where can you buy umbrellas that cheap

#5397358 Poll #2 Live (Rares Polls Discussion)

Posted by 999134 on 25 April 2013 - 03:41 PM

Jagex have killed any longevity that could be obtained in terms of items goals.
Terrible terrible outcome, does not matter how rare they make them if they are not discounted.