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The new forum is great

17 June 2016 - 12:39 AM

I really like the upvote/downvote system and karma tracking both comments and submissions! 

The new DevBlog - GWD and PID fixes

29 August 2013 - 09:52 AM


This was enough for me to actually log back into the game, if everything in here is followed through with will probably get back into runescape properly.

Firstly, we finally have news that GWD is (hopefully) going to be added!

I think this will be good for the game in so many ways. The only way I can see this getting [bleep]ed up if we get a poll like the rare items one, with like 10 almost identical options that each needed 75% to pass. I am hesitant about the news about balancing some stuff, but I think adding in for example, the zartyle bow for saradomin, and staff of light/virtus wand/a good staff to zamorak would both keep the combat triangles balanced and make the most unpopular bosses more popular.

As for ingame balance, it would be an extremely useful economy corrector.
When I stopped playing I sold all my stuff to keep it in cash, under the assumption that more items = more supply less demand and all items would go down in price. This worked for the majority of items, but my DFS which I sold at under 20m, cost me 49m to buy back.
Right now the DFS is the only high end rare bit of equipment outside of third age, which has taken the place of rares (also pretty painful having sold my 3rd age legs at 57m, they are now like 200m+), and the game just needs more.

One other complaint I saw, was that it would turn the best money making option into bossing.
Now this was true way back in 2007, but we have a very different game in OSRS.
Skillers are much more rare, there is no f2p, and there are few botters. There are also fewer people playing to skill, as people join to pk etc. What this means is that things like farming herbs to make sara brews/super rests, or fishing sharks will probably get VERY profitable.

As for PVP balance, the godswords are powerful, but balanced already in my opinion, maybe AGS needs to go to 55% spec to stop rushing, but outside of that the risk of getting smited for your godsword, is going to be higher than the rune loot most of the time. DH set is still going to be hitting higher with lower risk a lot of the time.

Maybe the Sarasword might be a bit overpowered for strenght training, I have got 89 strength right now, and might feel like wasted my time doing so before I got a SS.

Should not forget still that whip+defender will still be the highest DPS if gwd is fully released.

Finally, Mod Philip has been looking at the PID issue that many PvPers have been facing. The PID issue arises when players make the same action in the same game cycle (for example hitting each other over the heads with a blunt instrument) and the game has to decide who makes the action first. Players were able to predict who'd get priority, and even try to manipulate it in their favour to get themselves an advantage. Mod Philip's engine change is being tested now, and we hope to be able to launch it next week so that this is no longer an issue.

This was the thing that made me really happy.
If you do not know already, the person with priority is based on your IP right now, you want a multiple of 8 in the 3rd set, and as low number as possible in the 4th set, like is perfect.
Now this seems pretty fair right? The ingame version in RS3 at the moment is random on login, and by logging in/out you can manipulate it.
Problem is, some people can manipulate their ips just by resetting routers in order to get those good IPs, shutting some people out of competitive staking instantly.
Even worse, people started to use VPNs, that means -even- if you have a changable IP address, you still have no chance.
People have been paying over 100$ a month just to use a VPN that ends in .0, it was getting stupid and was one of the reasons I stopped playing, the system in RS3 may be flawed, but it is at least a level playing field, and if you want it to be completely fair, you both just relog before staking.

Don't play RS anymore, still log into forums etc

02 August 2013 - 12:22 AM

Mainly making this thread as a few idiots are going around pretending to be me still in order to try and get cash from people (asking for loans etc).
Firstly I never ask anyone for money, and secondary like I said, I have quit.

As this is a kind of farewell thread might as well say why I quit.

Just can't find anything fun in runescape, I hit the point where I didn't find anything but staking fun a long time ago, and EOC has hit staking hard, very very hard. All variation in staking has been killed, and to that point, all variation in runescape has been killed. I never found playing on a main that fun, have made so many different pures/unique accounts over the years, and that part of runescape has been cut off forever.
Haven't played for a good few months now, and can't really see myself playing again in the future.
I don't have anything of worth left to give out sadly, lost it all doing mad stakes once I got bored, don't regret that, aimed to lose when I set out.

As for runescape 2007, I can't see it staying permanently popular. My favorite period of runescape had always been the most recent period, right up until the EOC. Don't want to make this an anti-EOC rant, but it completely killed off all variants of pures, and made pvp boring and repetitive. Runescape 2007 is better, but it is massively lacking in content, + the matter of having to level my stats up, which I don't feel like doing anymore. Also the rares situation there is horrible, there is pathetic amounts of end game content to aim for.

I am still enjoying working on my runescape minecraft mod though, be sure to check it out, it is getting pretty big now.

Best place to cannon for exp

04 April 2013 - 03:55 PM

Rock crabs suck.

Where would a good place to cannon be with 1 prayer. I am 75 defense and have barrows so can tank quite a few places.
I am currently 50 range, using iron knifes with blue dhide while cannoning atm.
I know cannon is effected by accuracy, so might it be better to just train with dscim/whip while cannoning to get those most out of cannon.

Rares in 2007scape- A necessity?

26 March 2013 - 06:39 PM

One of the major things 2007scape is missing might now is rares, a lot of people have mixed opinions on them, but cannot think beyond being mad they do not have them.

Firstly its not authentic to not have them, a simple but important point.

Secondly rares play a vital part in being a place for richer players to hold cash. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has say got 300m from staking/pking/dking/skilling, you already have the best gear available (not even any gwd kit available so that is a whip/dfs and barrows) and don't want to put it all into skilling. A big worry is constant inflation, your GP is becoming worth less and less, previously the obvious answer was to buy a rare, as it increases/decreases in value to roughly follow the market, so you are protected for massive inflation. The only real option to do this is to put it into something like whips/TT items/supplies, for example putting your bank into lobsters/sharks might be a pretty safe investment. The next problem is that now 300m worth of lobbies have been bought up and not resold, this obviously increases the demand and brings up prices, forcing people with less money to pay even more for basic supplies.

A major complaint about rares is it creating a wealth gap, it is going to be far far worse without rares, with peoples billions going into common items.

Introducing rares is another major problem. My biggest fear is Jagex does a mass drop rares everywhere and everyone gets 10 of every rare. This would be a completely pointless exercise rares need to be rare as well as discounted, look at fish masks, they are junk.
A good idea I have seen is adding them in a temporary clue scroll rewards, perhaps a week where level 1 clues give edibles, level 2 give santas/masks, and level 3s give crackers.

I cannot think of a single good point for not having rares in runescape, if you think they are stupid, don't buy them, but watch as your GP devalues and you won't be able to buy them later.