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#21 - Prayer

27 February 2012 - 11:29 PM

This'll probably be my last 99 for a while, as I'm taking a break from RS.

Posted Image

The top 6 rows of skills are now complete, and 99 Summoning will finish off another row.


20 x 99 = 2.4 x 10^3

20 February 2012 - 10:40 PM

So, I finally finished a long term goal of 99 slayer and herblore. I would have achieved herblore quicker, but wanted to get these two milestones together.

I also reached 2.4k total and finished all my middle column skills.



Stats as of levelling up herblore:

Posted Image

The plan now is to do farming everyday (should take about 59 days to get 99), do prayer and summoning in the meantime, then alternate between rc and dungeoneering to 99 in each.

Rate/Hate! :)

TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework

14 February 2012 - 03:19 PM

The Elder Kiln

The TzHaar City is in crisis. For a reason unknown to the TzHaar-Mej, the eggs in the Birthing Pool are hatching into Ga’al: TzHaar without the inborn memories they need to perform their traditional caste roles.

In our latest Master Level quest, you’ll travel with one of these Ga’al to the forgotten depths of the TzHaar volcano, in search of a way to grant him the memories he needs to become accepted within TzHaar society. You’ll meet the mysterious TokHaar, and unearth secrets surrounding the origin of the TzHaar race – secrets which may change the course of their civilisation forever.

Where to start The Elder Kiln:

Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh by the Birthing Pools in the TzHaar City.

Available to members only.
75 Magic
60 Agility
41 Mining
Must be able to defeat multiple enemies up to combat level 365.
You will need a rune or dragon pickaxe.

Rewards for this quest include great slabs of XP, a ring that increases damage against the inhabitants of the TzHaar City, and a new title.

The Fight Kiln

For combat fans, perhaps the most exciting reward is the opportunity to enter The Fight Kiln, our brutal new combat minigame, upon completion of the quest and the sacrifice of a fire cape. While the wave-based solo combat format will be familiar to veterans of the Fight Caves, this is a whole different beast. Temporary power-up crystals will drop during the course of the battle, and these will be a vital part of your survival strategy. It’ll take every iota of your fighting prowess and tactical cunning to endure the relentless onslaught of the TokHaar, before awakening the final boss from its subterranean slumber.

Should you prevail, you’ll win the right to wear the TokHaar-Kal – the only cape in RuneScape with a +8 strength bonus!

Available to members only.
Completed The Elder Kiln.
The first time you participate in The Fight Kiln, you will need to sacrifice a fire cape. Please note that you will only have to do this once to permanently unlock access.

TzHaar Race and City Rework

Before setting off on your journey to The Elder Kiln, be sure to take a tour of the TzHaar City. With a new quest and combat minigame, we felt that it was high time that this unique race received a facelift. We’ve completely reworked the environment of the city, replacing the bright orange crazing with detailed caverns and rock formations, moodily lit with smouldering glyphs and bubbling pools of lava. We’ve made huge changes to the NPC models, too. Each caste is now highly distinct, from the lumbering TzHaar-Ket to the gaunt TzHaar-Mej, and each has new animations to go along with their updated graphics. What’s more, all inhabitants of the Fight Caves, including the mighty TzTok-Jad, have received a lick of paint, and all player-wielded gear (with the exception of the fire cape) has been updated to bring it in line with the style of the rework. Finally, be sure to listen out for the eerie strains of ambient music fading in and out over the deep rumble of the volcano, as well as some truly tense and brooding battle music, as our audio team have really gone to town.

Mod Edam

In Other News

- The Elder Kiln will feature the first Early Bird Bonus. If you complete the quest within two weeks of release (before the 29th of February) you'll receive twice the quest XP reward you normally would - so, you'll receive a tome that imparts an extra 50,000 Magic and 30,000 Agility XP, and an extra 100,000 XP in your choice of combat skill! In addition, if you reach wave 30 of The Fight Kiln within the same two weeks you will receive an additional 70,000 XP lamp for your choice of combat skill.

- The drop rate of ancient effigies is now reduced, and will further decrease in accordance with the number of effigies that you have banked or in your inventory. If you have 5 or more ancient effigies, you will no longer receive them as drops until you possess 4 or fewer.

- If you haven’t already, take a look at our latest Lores & Histories story, A Return to Stone, which follows the mage Fulmin as he visits the TzHaar City and meets the first Ga'al.

- For the immediate future, it will not be possible to search for a global match in the Fight Pits. Apologies for any inconvenience – we will bring this feature back as soon as we can.

- For the next two weeks, the Theatrical outfit is available at the discounted price of 1500 loyalty points.

(need help) Using a laptop to control a desktop.

06 September 2011 - 02:41 PM

I have an old desktop computer which i would like to put to another use.

The soundcard inside it is of better quality than my laptop's, and was therefore intending on using it to play music through (as well as for photography backups and the like).

I was therefore wondering whether anyone knows how one would go about using my laptop to control a music player on my desktop.

I assume it would be as easy as synching up a media player (my favourite would be winamp but i would use anything that would support the feature i am after).

Tl;dr: Need advice on using a laptop to control a desktop.

Any advice on this matter would be helpful.

MaSoRs Drop Party

06 August 2011 - 01:59 PM

Posted Image

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the Miners and Smithers of RuneScape (MaSoRS) 1 billion gp, 8th anniversary drop party. The MaSoRS have been hosting epic parties since 2003, but with the removal of free trade and the wilderness in late 2007, we have been on a four year hiatus. Now, after almost a year of hard work and preparation we're back, and are proud to announce the return of the legendary MaSoRS drop party! Here are the brief details...

Posted Image

Date: 27th August 2011.
Time: 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CDT, 1pm MDT, 12pm PDT. Unsure of what time the party is for you? Post your location in this topic and I'll be happy to help out.
World: 14.
F2P?: Yes. The party will be held on a F2P server, and all items dropped will be non members.
Location: Al Kharid, centralised around the bank.
Clan Chat: 'MaSoRs'.
Drop Value: Over 1 billion gp worth of items, ready to be dropped or given away in the MaSoRS 'trivia' quiz. (details below.)
Everyone is welcome, so invite your friends!

Drop Party Trailer


Visit our youtube channel for more trailers and other clan videos.

Our community is ever growing, constantly holding events, and generally just helping each other have a fun time in-game. We've existed for years now, since August 28 2003, and have adapted, changed and evolved to accommodate the game that we have all come to love. In this time much has changed, from the evolution to Runescape 2 and Runescape HD, new skills being released, the shifts that occur within our economy - we have seen and experienced it all.

We always appreciate new recruits, so if you're interested in joining our clan, then check out our website here, and our recruitment topic here.

Our first official party was held on November 28th, 2003 to celebrate thanksgiving. Four years and some eight drop parties later, we dropped over 100m worth of items onto the scorched sands of Al Kharid, in celebration of our four year anniversary.

Posted Image

More Drop Party History...
Timeline | Collage | Videos | Pictures

Now we're back, with the biggest drop party in MaSoRS history, in celebration of our 8th anniversary! Our current drop count (including items to be dropped and given away in trivia) is over 1 billion gp and rising. Items to be dropped include...
  • 3000 Rune sets (15k items)
  • 2500 Rune Scimitars
  • 800+ Various Assorted Regular Rune Items
  • Assorted High-Level TT items (Approximately 5m Worth)
  • Roughly 20 Rune (g) sets
  • 25 Rune (t) Sets
  • 50 Adamant (g) sets
  • 25 Adamant (t) sets
  • 25 Black (g) sets
  • 20 Black (t) Sets

Items to be given away in trivia include...
  • 1x Blue Mask
  • 1x Santa
  • 40M in Cash prizes
  • 6 Sara Sets
  • 4 Guthix Sets
  • 5 Zammy Sets
  • 2 Rune (t) Sets
  • 2 Rune (g) Sets
  • 2 Wizard (g) sets

Bank Pictures

Posted Image

Of course, it's not all about the drops. Come along, enjoy the atmosphere, and be a part of MaSoRS history. Posted Image

How MaSoRS drop parties are held: For almost a year now, the members of MaSoRS have been hard at work collecting items for this party. These will be dropped by our members over the course of two hours in Al Kharid, in a proper 'old school' style drop party. Members of MaSoRS will also be on hand acting as masking droppers and firemakers, so if you plan on trying to spoil the fun by telegrabbing the drops, be prepared to waste your runes on an inventory of beer glasses and fire ash!

Trivia: As always, the traditional MaSoRS trivia quiz will be taking part in Al Kharid Palace. Trivia will begin around 1.5 hours into the drop party, and MaSoRS members will let you know when this is happening. A RuneScape trivia question will be asked by a MaSoRS Player Moderator, with the first person to answer correctly winning the prize. We have loads of items to give away, including a Santa Hat, a Halloween mask and sets of trimmed and heraldic armour.
Turn your public chat to 'off' during the trivia - you will be able to hear the Player Moderator ask the question, without it being hidden by the chatter of the drop party.
There is a team of MaSoRS members reviewing each trivia round through frame-by-frame video over and over again, in order to find the person who answered first.

See you at the party, and hopefully within our ranks afterwards.

Kindest regards,
The members of MaSoRS.
Posted Image