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Quick Dungeoneering Question

05 September 2010 - 05:08 PM

Heya. :)

I was wondering... does anyone know of any decent Dungeoneering rushing clan chats? I can vaguely recall there being one called "Kannni" (or something like that) which I used at one point, but I can no longer remember the name, nor am I even sure if it's still active.

For reference, I would prefer not to depend on world 117 or RSOF-based teams, since I find them to be generally unreliable. Thanks for your time; any suggestions you can give me are most appreciated.

Triumvirate Challenge: "Realm vs Realm!"

28 May 2010 - 06:01 PM

This weekend, the Triumvirate will be hosting a series of PvP World events pitting the Lords, Judges, and Reavers factions against one another in a battle for supremacy. Everyone is welcome to join in the fray, so I've come to offer an invitation to anyone interested. :) The more the merrier, so clans as well as individuals are encouraged to attend.

I apologise in advance for the rather short notice, by the way, but the Community Management Jmods in charge of organising the event have only just now announced it.

Anyway, the relevant information on this Triumvirate Challenge can be found in this RSOF sticky.

Realm vs Realm!

Here are the times and conditions:

Saturday 29th May - 00:00 BST

Saturday 29th May - 12:00 BST

Saturday 29th May - 19:00 BST

Sunday 30th May - 00:00 BST

Sunday 30th May - 12:00 BST

Sunday 30th May - 19:00 BST

Monday 31st May - 00:00 BST

Monday 31st May - 12:00 BST

Monday 31st May - 19:00 BST

The battles will take place on worlds 26, 86 & 72.

Lords will need to purchase the blue team cape, number 21.

Judges will need to purchase the green team cape, number 31.

Reavers will need to purchase the red team cape, number 41.

So, if anyone is at all interested, please feel free to attend! If you need an incentive, many of the Triumvirate members are inexperienced in PvP, so I imagine there will be plenty of "easy 76ks" to go around. It promises to be an amusing event, at the very least, so don't hesitate to show up for a battle or two should you be available. :P

(As a loyal member of the Judges, I would prefer that you come to support my faction, but that's entirely up to you.)

See ya' there! :thumbsup:

Armies of Gielinor: Guthix Awakens

31 March 2010 - 03:23 PM

You've played Armies of Gielinor: Zamorak Returns. You've played the Saradomin Strikes expansion. But now it's time for your biggest Armies of Gielinor challenge yet.

Today, we at Jagex are extremely proud to announce the release of Armies of Gielinor: Guthix Awakens, a formidable and dramatic conclusion to the Armies of Gielinor trilogy.

Behold as Guthix wakes to the horror of a world ruined by warring rival gods.
Master 22 brand new missions and acquire 6 demanding new Achievements.
Direct fearsome units and manage devastating armies to dominate the war-ravaged landscape of Gielinor.
Vanquish the false gods of Gielinor, and lead the righteous Guthix to reclaim his throne as almighty ruler of RuneScape.
FunOrb subscribers, become part of the RuneScape legend today in Armies of Gielinor: Guthix Awakens.

Mod Gabriel
FunOrb Content Editor


Heh, sounds exciting, to say the least. :o

Nothing more to see here; move along... :-w

Display Names

17 March 2010 - 11:27 PM

Excuse me for asking what is probably a foolish question, heh.

Anyway, I changed my name in January, if I remember correctly, but I've noticed that the "last-known-as" icon beside my name still appears on other players' friend-lists. :unsure: I was under the impression that it would disappear after 28 days, but apparently this is not the case...? Does anyone know why this isn't happening? I'm not at all fond of my original RSN, so I hope it's understandable why I'm concerned.

If anyone can shed some light on this issue, I would be most grateful. 'Thanks in advance. :)

Buying a White Partyhat - How should I go about it?

11 March 2010 - 11:00 AM

Alright, here's some background information:

Pre-GE, I owned an Easter Egg and a Mask Set. However, I sold these along with most of my more-valuable items once "old-school" Pking was removed and the Grand Exchange was implemented (with trade restrictions following soon after). The Rares Market had been fairly stagnant for quite some time before this, and so I was afraid when I saw the unheaval Runescape was going through - the market was unstable, the community volatile, and everything (in general) was seemingly going to hell in a handbasket. I decided to invest in the one thing left which had any sort of stability - skill experience. It was an incredibly naive and hasty decision in retrospect, but I was a bit younger at the time and all the turmoil had an unsettling effect on me. Anyway, I sold most of my valuable items off for a pittance in order to fund my skilling activities (particularly Farming, Magic, and Crafting, if I remember correctly). Since then, I've mostly kept myself ignorant of the Rares Market out of regret (I was almost sick recently when I saw how much Easter Eggs have risen in price, considering I had bought my previous one for ~1 million coins).

Now, a long-time goal of mine has been to purchase a White Partyhat, as it's my personal favourite of the Rares and would serve ultimately as something of a memento of my Runescape "career". However, I've always procrastinated and put off trying to buy one in favour of accomplishing some other goal, and so my opportunities to pursue it have dwindled over the years; with rares only becoming more valuable and scarce over time, I feel that I must act soon if I am to obtain one at all.

As the situation currently stands, I'll have to put forth a considerable amount of effort to even hope to purchase a White Partyhat in the near future. Through neglect and poor decisions similiar to the one mentioned above, my net-worth has shrunk to approximately 200-250 million coins, by my estimate. I'd have to liquidate a fair portion of my bank to scrape together this sum, but I'm willing to do so, if need be. However, I realize that this would only put a dent in the 400 million price-tag of the White Partyhat, as currently listed by the GE. It's also likely, I'm sure, that the street price far exceeds this, although I've no idea at the moment. Consequently, I'll be attempting to make as much money as possible in the coming weeks/months. 'Perhaps I'll try my hand at a bit of Monster Hunting and Merchanting.

To my questions:

1. What is the current status of the White Partyhat (i.e. street price, availablility, etc...)?

2. Is it necessary for me to buy into "Junk" or other Rares in order to purchase one? If so, which?

3. Where should I go to have the greatest probability of finding someone willing to sell (GE, RSOF, other Forums, etc...)?

These are the main questions I have, and I'll be indebted to anyone who can lend me some sound advice. However, I'm also open to other information pertaining to the Rares Market/Junk Trading in general. Is there perhaps some place I can go to keep abreast of the changes? I've noticed that the Tip.It Marketplace isn't exactly "bustling", and I know the RSOF to often be a home to manipulators and their ilk. :unsure:

'Thanks in advance. :)