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Monster Weakness Advice

25 April 2013 - 05:22 AM

I don't currently have all weapons of a particular tier, so I'm trying to determine the best dps based on the equipment I currently have (while also deciding which to save/work for).

1. If I'm assigned a Slayer task with a monster weak to stab, which would do more dps: Chaotic Maul (tier 80 crush) or Zamorakian Spear (tier 75 stab)?

2. If I'm assigned a Slayer task with a monster weak to thrown, which would do more dps: Sagaie (tier 72 thrown) or Royal Crossbow + Royal Bolts (tier 80 bolts)?
If the answer is Sagaie, what ranged off-hand should I partner with it? I don't have an off-hand Chaotic Crossbow and the off-hand Karil's and Dragon Crossbows (along with their ammo) are a little pricey. Are there any good alternatives? Is there an effective off-hand thrown weapon?

3. If I'm assigned a Slayer task with a monster weak to arrows, which would do more dps: Crystal Bow (tier 70 arrows) or Royal Crossbow + Royal Bolts (tier 80 bolts)?

Thankfully Magic is much simpler. ;)

What would you pay to get your account BACK?

04 October 2012 - 05:29 AM

I know there are already topics discussing what you think your account would be worth in terms of selling, but how much would it mean to you if you lost it? If a hacker stole it from you and offered it back for a price (completely intact, bank untouched, etc.), how much would you be willing to pay (assuming it isn't a scam for this hypothetical situation)? Would you just move on and create a new one, or would you be willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get it back?

Having had one and only one account for roughly eight years of on and off playtime, I think I'd find myself willing to give up a fair chunk of change to get it back if something like this ever happened (assuming it couldn't happen again, and even though I'm not close to max at all). There are just too many memories associated with it.

Your Most Expensive (or Embarassing) Death(s)

06 September 2012 - 01:56 AM

Fess up. It happens to the best of us. There's no sense denying it. What's the most you've lost at once? How did it happen? Did you rage quit for six months after it happened?

A few years ago I died at LRC with a Dragon Pickaxe when they were still ~17m for going AFK a litte too long (I don't know how I had anything on that protected over it). I always wear a Ring of Life now when I'm there, and it's saved my ass more times than I'd like to admit. :P

A few years before that I died wearing full Rune (t), Rune Boots (back when they were still 200k), and a host of other valuables in the Ape Atoll dungeon during Monkey Maddness. I soon learned that expensive, cosmetic gear isn't practical during dangerous quests. This was long before the six, twelve, or fifteen minute gravestones.

I also once lost my Fighter Torso while penguin hunting on Neitz or Jatz (can't remember which). I was owned by those damn trolls before I knew what was happening. BA assault points went towards the Penance Horn after that, and I never reclaimed another one.


06 September 2011 - 04:19 AM

I recently grew 300 snapdragon seeds into 1.9k clean snapdragons in anticipation of the prices rising for BXPW. Rather than rising, the price seems to be slowly falling (apparently everyone and their brother had the same idea). I'm wondering if I should sell now, or try to wait for some sort of recovery, if it's even likely?

Membership Loyalty Programme - 9 Slots at GE

01 September 2011 - 02:52 AM

Anyone else find that they always have 30 things to sell at once? Merchants would certainly welcome it. I'm not sure how many months should be required to...err..."unlock" it, but I'd pretty much give anything for it right now. :wall: