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Mage, the new dps king

20 September 2011 - 08:00 PM

for years, since the whip prettymuch, melee has always been top of the food chain on dps. with the release of the rapier it became even more dominating, on top of already existing boosters like turmoil.

finaly after many years in sepetmber 2011, melee is no longer the #1 dps

the storm of armadyl at 77 mage has a base damage of 0-160, but every adding mage lvl boosts both the min and max by 5. this means at 99 mage, 22 lvls higer, the spell hits 110-270.

to further boost it, mage pot bonus works on top of it meaning at 106/99 mage you hit 145<->305 every hit.

now lets add on 30% mage dmg from arma bstaff + asn, and 1.21x from mage pot/wolper/ovl boosting by 1.573 makes the new hit range 228-479

this makes the average hit 353.5 on normal hits, being the same speed as a rapier this is the equivilent dps of a rapier hitting 707 max in normal combat

by adding in a slayer helm bonus the avg hit is boosted to 406.525, the same as a rapier maxing 813. Since a rapier maxs around 660 on slayer (not counting kuras for both)......... drumroll for the finale please..........


i never thought id see the day but melee has been dethroned for #1 raw dps (raw meaning accuracy not included, mage def/melee def still change results)

is everyone else as interested about this as i am?


14 February 2011 - 12:26 AM

so much speculation was made about nex before she was released, mainly how "well on the first week theres gonna be 300 people there with claws, and the entire fight will be about getting 1 good spec off before she dies instantly"

so then it began on 10-01, me and many others went to the first nex runs

then came the killcount......maybe there were 300 people in each world going there, but less than 100 got it sucessfully. today killcount is more figured out abuot the def bonuses, but on day 1 so many people died or failed

finaly into the boss...oh goody we get a bank! hah thats going to make this boss easy right? heh good luck

into the boss we go, i show up when about 50 people have made it inside the most packed worlds (w6 and w2) and to our delightful surprise, we all go to claw spec her and 1 hit her right? yea we were in for the fight of our lives, she was not a monster, she was an all out war. 10 minutes later we finaly bring her down after figureing out the mages.

so from the very start nex wasnt a huge sucess to the community

after 1 week a jmod posted a list of facts about nex, one was that she had been killed 3300 times that week, which i think is very very very low. 3300 times for the entire population of rs is rediculous, thats like 1 kill every 5 hours in every members world....oh wait, there were some worlds where shes undefeated in.

jagex bragged about the challenge, and rightfully so. we were overconfidend and were humbled instantly, however looking back this shouldnt have been something to brag about...nex's inability to die is what made nex die

a month has passed now and nobody nexs at all, worlds are empty and its to the point where the number of torva/pernix/virtus pieces coming into the game brand new, on most days is probably 0.

so free trade came and what does this mean for the prices? well people figured with no ge limits they coudl put in a super high offer on ge and get a piece, wrong.

torva in a sense has broken the ge, if you put in a 2b offer for a torva plate youll have better odds killing for one yourself than buying it in ge.

as of now torva plate is 3.8, the set is over 7, pernix set is about 5, and id assume virtus is about 3, zaryte bow is like a nooby 500m or less

this means 15b for the full drop table, which looking at logs and such, id say the assumed rate is 1 in 50-100 per piece, assuming 75 kills = 1 average piece = 1.5b = roughly 20m per nex kill

this means on average, if me and a team of 10 people go in and kill nex once, we theoreticly just made 2m each, and a good 10 man trip can do 5 kills, that means over a long average, that 1 trip made us all 10m in around an horu

i do believe nex is currently the best constant income in rs if you stick with it for a very long interval. the only 2 things lacking are 1.) sticking with it till u get ~75 kills for a drop, and 2.) getting a team who shares your goal

nex could be great money, i think jagex made a mistake on the drop rate, if it was 1 in 10 not only would torva be more affordable (still several hundred mil) but it would motivate teams to go knowing that in 1 long trip they can usualy get a drop

discuss what you think about nex's future, it may lead to abandonedment, or it may prove very profitable

New Armors - leaked in the new runescape video

30 December 2010 - 07:00 PM

so some people subscribed to the jagex official channle saw the 3 new videos today, all 3 videos are identical with differant text at the ending regarding the new wilderness vote

however after watching the stampede only 1 time this stood out to me terribly, i noticed it within about 4 seconds and went crazy

heres the video and you can try to spot it for yourself, if you fail then look below


the 3 new armor types are range, mage, and melee of course, however each player is holding their respective chaotic weapon

first in the stampede is a ranger wearing a chaotic crossbow, and what appears to be new range armor, you can probably see the armor better in the video above but heres the player wearing it

im fairly certain theres no existing range armor like this

Posted Image

directly behind the ranger is the mage, hes wielding the chaotic staff and new mage armor

now im not 100% positive if robes are new or not, but i am 100% positive that the helmet he is wearing does not exist in runescape at this moment

Posted Image

now at the back of the stampede is the warrior, this stood out the worst of all

hes wearing the chaotic rapier, and either a dungeoneering cape or an attack cape

if you look at the platebody, aspecialy the left shoulder theres an animal head on each shoulder pad thats incredibly detailed armor, this is definately a new platebody

his helmet somewhat resembles the castlewars helmet but it appears new also

the legs dont stand out a ton but id wager those dont currently exist either

Posted Image

so what do you guys think? is this the new lvl 80 armor for each type? is torva armor what the warrior is wearing? does that armor boost constitution? is that whats dropped by the boss behind the frozen door? are there boots and glove drops making the new armor a full set? if so would there be bonuses

ah so much at once to think

dungeoneering bosses now teleblocked?

24 July 2010 - 06:40 PM

was soloing a dungeon and tried gatestoning out with ggs, it said "you cannot teleport here" then i tried normal gs tele it says "you cannot teleport here"

now this is going to serisouly up the number of deaths, or make people think twice about entering a boss

the boss that this realy stands out for is bal'lak the pummler, thought as one of the eaier bosses since you can gatestone out and let his def go back to 0, but if you actualy have to kill bal'lak the way jagex intended he may be the hardest boss, even with good pool luring his def will be almost always at max making it neraly impossible to even hit.

bal'lak just got harder
bosses got harder
deaths increasing

this is definately going to cause some major changes to the bosses of dung, discuss

Dungeoneering - The nerf of "Rushing"

02 June 2010 - 01:48 AM

tried to duo and found this

Posted Image

i like the update, this may mean soloing is finaly better on floor 1-25 rather than previously having to "rush 5:1" before

if its 45% for 2:1 i wonder what 5:1 is?