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A few simple questions.

04 December 2009 - 05:31 PM

Hello there. I have a few simple questions, as hinted at in the title.

Question one. I need money, what is a good monster to kill to get it? I prefer camping, and I'm really bad at competing for spawns, so Green Dragons aren't really an option. I have 82 attack, 79 strength, 80 defence, 75 ranged, 76 magic and 68 summoning.
Question two. I'm planning on filling my Unholy Book after I get a little bit more money. Just wondering if it's worth filling the other two books after that because they are so cheap?
Question three. I've got a red dragons task, and at my level they are ripping through my defence so I have to use 3-4 monkfish per kill, meaning that I'm constantly banking and having to walk for about 10 minutes before getting 5 or so more kills. Is it worth Buthorping the task because of how annoying it is? I'm on 101 tasks in a row, so it's not like I've got any big points bonuses coming up.

Thank you.

How often will I fall at Ape Atoll at 72 agility?

29 November 2009 - 11:25 AM

Yeah. Need to get 70 agility, 67 at the minute. Wilderness is too slow because of PK'ers or Revenants, so I'm thinking I'll just buy 200 or so summer pies and try Atoll.
How often do you think I will fall there?

Also, if I'm in a Bounty World, but not in a hotzone, with 76k, how much potential will I get every 30 minutes?

Thank you.

Confirmed List of Runescape PVP Drops?

09 February 2009 - 03:58 PM

Is there one of these abouts? With all confirmed drops in a big ol' list?

If not, we should do an experiment and make one ;D

Edit: We established there wasn't one, so we are making a list of stuff we already know :D


Abyssal Whip

All (Corrupt) dragon weapons

All MTA Wands

Ancients Staff

(Corrupt) PVP Weapons

All barrows weapons (0)

All Smithable Metal Weapons (And poisoned versions)

Dragon Darts (And poisoned versions)

Dragon Arrows (And poisoned versions)

Dark Bow


All (Corrupt) Dragon armour.

Third Age Range Legs

Dragonfire Shield

All Metal Armours.

Helm of Neitiznot

All barrows armour (0)

All infinity robes.

(Corrupt) Pvp Armour.

Fremmenink Helms.

All Dragonhides

All Brawling Gloves

Trimmed Armours

Fist of Guthix Robes (Deg)

Fist of Guthix Gauntlets (Deg)


Amulet of Fury

Amulet of Glory

Amulet of Magic

Amulet of Strength

Ring of Recoil

Ring of Life

Berserker Ring

Warrior Ring

Archer Ring

Food and Potions:

Strength Potion (1)

Defence Potion (1)

Attack Potion (1)

Combat Potion (1)

Cake (Full, Half)

Pineapple Pizza (Half)

Summer Pie (Half)






War Games.

08 February 2009 - 07:17 PM

Posted Image



Edit: Fixed lighting. But the image didn't update yet. Hmm.

Broken Axes and Pickaxes.

06 February 2009 - 08:42 AM

Some random events will be removed from the game. Poison-gas chests, smoking rocks, broken pickaxes and ents will become things of the past. The Drunken Dwarf will be retired as a random event, but he'll still be free to roam the world, handing out kebabs to his mateys. You'll still be able to obtain shade robes, strange fruit and security books; we do not intend to discontinue any existing rewards.


If Ents/Exploding Rocks are removed, does that mean broken axes and pickaxes will become rare and shoot right up in price? They might be the next half full jug of wine :o