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fastest xp (afk and non afk) for div, rc, hunter and mining.

06 July 2015 - 11:33 PM

As you can see, I need 14 levels (it's late, hope thats right) to max.
Haven't played in a little over a year and am wondering if these methods are still the fastest for the skills I have left:



Hunter: Draconic Jadinkos. (I am aware of big chin).

RC: Runespan?

Div: Just grind Div spots I guess (There's also some sort of minigame? would appreciate a tl;dr of how it works)

Mining: Currently afking Seren rocks, anything else? (cba with WBS really).



Fastest xp/h in certain skills

23 May 2014 - 01:46 PM

tl;dr most efficient/fastest ways to max these skills

no warbands.


91 Div - Dtooth till 92, then next spot till 95, then next till 99? no idea really.

95 Mining - Conc gold with golden armour set thingy. juju worth it?

94 Rc - afk city, ez pez.

95 hunter - not 100% sure on the best trap layout - seen 2 or 3 that claim to be the best, but I forgot them anyway.




Divination Energy

28 January 2014 - 11:36 PM

Because it's an awful skill, I plan on buying energy to get the most exp from each conversion.

I know it exists, but I cant find it anymore, does anyone have a table/link that details how many energies are needed for each set of levels (i.e 70-80, 80-90).




Found it in an old skype convo


Pale - 1-10 1283 energy needed
Flickering - 10-20 2269 energy needed
Bright - 20-30 4223 energy needed
Glowing - 30-40 7834 energy needed
Sparkling - 40-50 11928 energy needed
Gleaming - 50-60 20414 energy needed
Vibrant - 60-70 34856 energy needed
Lustrous - 70-80 58610 energy needed
Brilliant - 80-85 46346 energy needed
Radiant - 85-90 69076 needed
Luminous - 90-95 101893 energy needed
Incandescent - 95-99 115494 energy needed

87-90 Agility

08 April 2013 - 05:56 PM

Currently need ~1.2m exp to get to 90 Agility, still have around 30% left on Skoll Boots and I own the Surefooted Aura. My question is, am I better off at Gnome Adv or going to Barb Adv and Pieing up?


Nexus 7

20 March 2013 - 06:56 PM

So I was given a Nexus 7 tablet on my birthday at the start of March, but it has now suddenly died. It will now not turn on. When plugged in and I press the power buttom, the screen simply flashes white lines every so often, stopping after a few seconds. Holding down power + volume down in a bid to open the boot system does nothing helpful either, just a different sort of flash to the previous one.

Has anyone encountered this problem previously, and found a way to fix it? Or am I now the proud owner of a Nexus Brick, in need of a repair?