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In Topic: Are these items of any use?

13 December 2015 - 05:59 AM

Tab one the snowboard is django. Tab two up to frog mask is django and iffy stuff except the broom keep it. Everything else that is Death of Chivarly icon marked can be destroyed except the skull it's VERY IMPORTANT that you avoid destroying that if you want to avoid some heavy backtracking.

In Topic: Minecraft General

10 December 2015 - 04:39 AM

I don't really. But the mods they've made for the game look pretty good.

I got the Custom Steve mod working and you could port like any mmd model to use as your minecraft avatar. I got too frustrated trying to change a value in a dll or something.

I don't really want to bother anymore. Mod support has been so bad. I don't know if they've improved it but so many old good mods are inherently broken and impossible to use without reverting to old builds now.

In Topic: RAR and ISO files illegal?

10 December 2015 - 04:18 AM

Rars are just files that have been compressed to make them smaller in size. Exe installers can basically function the same way. They usually just do it via a patcher though.

Isos don't imply they are of a trademarked work they're just what's on a cd just a matter of what's on it.

Emulators aren't inherently illegal. They're blatanty meant to play illegal roms though. Not to say couldn't play a homebrew legal rom or w/e.

Servers are inherently illegal as they use copyrighted material. A law got passed recently about private servers for abandoned ware though where it isn't exactly as illegal.

Wasteful necro'ing ought to be even more illegal.

In Topic: Nov 30th 2015 - Christmas 2015 & New Defenders

02 December 2015 - 05:22 AM

why would the price go down??? the prize is untradeble and if anything, more boots would mean the demand would go up really, really fast


maybe i should be buying feathers instead of saying this kind of thing out loud

Price went down because everyone who already had the boots got 50 "feathers" (untradeable, but still). And the TH promo brought a bunch more feathers into the game, yeah.

Long-term, the price will rise though, for sure.
Restabilize, probably. Rise no.

They were already overpriced at like 30 gp per xp at level 90s. They're at the threshold point where it would be idealistic to just buy bonds and buy keys for exp.

Economically, the people who would use silver hawks already have them because they have money to. While the people who just got them are more likely to not have the income to use them.

In Topic: Nov 30th 2015 - Christmas 2015 & New Defenders

01 December 2015 - 02:36 PM

Premier club looks pretty unimpressive. Not that 2014-2015 was good either but this is definitely worse.

2012-2013 you got a pile of runecoins and a bunch of cosmetics. 2013-2014 we started getting loyalty points instead of rune coins but we got a several full outfits and pets. This year's and next year's we're getting a pet and outfit at most from having gotten a couple of them. And the rate has gone up so if you're fathered in you have to pay a whole $30 more for not much at all.

The only thing that looked decent was the retro teleport which overrides fast and slow teleports.