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#5581276 Are these items of any use?

Posted by Poppet on 13 December 2015 - 05:59 AM

Tab one the snowboard is django. Tab two up to frog mask is django and iffy stuff except the broom keep it. Everything else that is Death of Chivarly icon marked can be destroyed except the skull it's VERY IMPORTANT that you avoid destroying that if you want to avoid some heavy backtracking.

#5578643 26th October 2015 - New Auras & Gauntlet of Souls

Posted by Poppet on 01 November 2015 - 03:41 AM

if people are afraid of comp reqs, that's pmuch the death of the game if people want things to literally stay the same forever

I am not opposed to comp reqs... By their nature, you should complete everything.
What I am opposed to is arbitrary grinding. Needing to complete every miniquest, sure.
Needing to grow 100 harmony moss, sure. It is something you can work to. Complete all ports storylines? Had them before comp, its something to work to.
Needing to kill 1000 elves to unlock a title? No.
Needing to do X activity Y times to unlock something that gives no benefit or something cosmetic? No.

I'd have no problem if it was a vanity cape. But it's not. It has some of the strongest teleports in the game with the highest in slot stats.

It's far too powerful for the petty requirements they keep throwing out for it. I'm far too loathed to go and waste an hour or two just getting a group for the raid bosses. Which I could just buy the kills anyway which ends up making the requirement rather redundant.

Ends up creating a paradox where It's suffering to go do Araxxor without it but it's equaly suffering to go and do the requirement. And I just end up not playing at all.

#5578213 [PVM][Bossing] What are the current gp/hr rates for average to optimal skill...

Posted by Poppet on 26 October 2015 - 03:37 AM

QBD: low apm and low aps. Fairly difficult, okay money.

TDs: med apm and high aps. Low difficulty, requires strong kph for great money.

Nex: high apm and high aps. High difficulty, very technical. Amazing money.

Araxxor: high apm and med aps. High difficulty, not as technical as Nex. Requires significant time investment before getting money towards twice as much as Nex for the effort.

Pick one. Gwds,Glacors,Kiln,etc for variety so you don't go braindead. KK and Legeionaires exist too for the risky. Team bossing sux dun do plz.

I do Araxxor most everything else is super over farmed to be proftiable.

#5578147 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 25 October 2015 - 04:13 AM

Took an hour to get into a VoG run due mostly to Playstation Online being slow. Keen Scout made that blinding mission in the quest super easy. The exotic is okay I guess.

The Nightfall this week didn't have the stupid exposure modifier so soloing was actually reasonable this time. Got the Arc Flayer mantle with a 309 cloak to infuse into it.

#5577710 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 18 October 2015 - 03:13 AM

Hunter is the worst class in PvP right now. Stormcaller and Sunbreaker have such broken supers. Nightcaller's super and kit is really bad in PvP, Bladedancer is inferior Sunbreaker with cloaking, Gunslinger is the only true subclass that isn't too meh. The super isn't all that amazing anymore but the kit is still really good.

If only Year 2 Spine was good compared to Year 1. Which wouldn't matter if it wasn't Iron Banner.

Glad to see Hunter still feeling inferior to the other classes. Hunters are hating on everything with the Nightstalker super bug though.

#5575809 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 25 September 2015 - 12:08 PM

It's an Xursday miracle. Grasps and Hawkmoon.

#5575797 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 25 September 2015 - 04:07 AM

My light was <200 so I didn't even think about doing that part when I did it. You didn't have to kill anything bar damaging the ogre so I just invisibility cheesed the daily.

Xur, it's time to come home! Bring Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, please.

#5575548 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 23 September 2015 - 03:03 AM

I was in rumble and people were doing it. Made the whole match suffering. My pvp K/D tends to sit above 2.0 so I wouldn't even need to cheese the bounty really.

I threw my sapphire wire and weapon parts at Dead Orbit and got the Heliopause Cloak from the package. It looks really good.

#5575454 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 22 September 2015 - 05:02 AM

My brother got off the MGS5 craze and got The Taken King now. Due to my vain and wasted efforts of upgrading my armor I made it over light level 30. So I got the veteran tour rewards.

Got Monte Carlo as well. One of the real strong Bladedancer cheese weapons. One of the last originals I wanted and never got. The year 2 version is even better and cheesier too.

#5574550 Confused/Question about Dungeoneering XP & rushing?

Posted by Poppet on 12 September 2015 - 04:46 AM

The best fastest exp is opening all doors. So effectively having a map without ? marks.

To go about doing that you need to understand how the path works. The path is all the rooms that are needed to be opened to get to boss. All these rooms are scaled towards you and have a fixed variable skill level requirement within around 10 levels under a given skill. Watch the exp they give you if it's high it will "likely" be path. If you can't do it it's defintely not path. Note that a level 90 door of any skill = the exp of any other level 90. If a skill is lower than another skill its path door will be giving less exp than that skill would be getting.

Anything that isn't path is bonus, however they should be done too if possible. You don't do them first because path is guaranteed progression and it's very likely a bonus door will require keys further in the path that you would get anyways.

Focus on doing rooms that would defintely dead end > path > whatever possible. Gatestone doors you can't do yet. Skip known bonus rooms that might be too long like barrels, especially if it would dead end after that. Rooms that you need higher levels are open to your Herblore/Divination level and the skill level itself on top of that your ability to make the potions/portents fast. If you can't do a bonus room faster than a half minute or so for every room that you could possibly miss you should skip.

#5573637 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 02 September 2015 - 04:04 PM

The dlcs are really expensive. Compared to a runescape membership it's definitely cheaper. Might pick it up with Taken King.

The biggest issue with group raiding is a really bad player can completely destroy a team. The average player is bad too. Really suffering.

Yeah. The destiny reddit is pretty good. The fireteam one was where I got all my teams for VoG. The prayer circles they had there were hilarious they prayed for the hunter bone shoes and they got them from Xur. The next prayer circle they prayed for Ram and everyone got Gjallarhorn.

Ram is now the past "Xur's Starfire Protocol hate" continuing Xur's hate for Warlocks. Congrats on getting it.

#5573594 How do I shut down the death reclaiming notification for good?

Posted by Poppet on 02 September 2015 - 02:03 AM

Items typically in your inventory tend have some value or worth. Otherwise, they wouldn't be in your inventory. Death is a pretty cool guy and saves those good items.

If you don't want to have notifications about having items you didn't want in the first place. You could I don't know... not die ever again?

It's sort of a permanent fix. You can die when you have nice items, that's okay. Just don't die when taking out garbage. Okay?

#5573346 Guild Wars 2 is now F2P.

Posted by Poppet on 30 August 2015 - 04:26 AM

Correct me if I am wrong but they have always had the same business model. Buy the game once and then everything else is free. Loved GW2 and I might even go back to it. Have a level 80 charr thief. But so much has changed since I lat played it'd be hard for me to get into :(

Which is right. But now anyone can create an account and start playing. People who bought it previously have character slots etc. that F2P have to buy into HoT to get.

I have 3 80s Necromancer, Elementalist, and Engineer. 400 hours and Commander tag. Dry Top and Silverwastes are the major recent content releases and Living Story Season 2 if you buy it/played it when it came out.

The one thing I hate about GW2 is the lack of content at like 200 hours I had almost every AP that I could reasonable get. That's still really long and HoT will add more which is good. Most of what I do is just WWW and grind SW and DT now if I feel like playing. The grinding is actually really fun though.

#5573066 24th August - The Light Within

Posted by Poppet on 27 August 2015 - 04:52 AM

I swear someone really likes Guild Wars at Jagex. Seems like they imitate it a lot. GW2 had a Transgender character two months ago and got super up voted on reddit.

#5572456 Destiny - The Taken King is Released!

Posted by Poppet on 22 August 2015 - 03:43 AM

A specific perk is rare enough as it is. Three is several hundred odds at the very least.. Aim for the right three perk one and a singular.