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Great Orb Project - A Night in the Game

30 July 2009 - 05:49 AM

At the request of some friends I'm putting up some scores from the GoP minigame. :<img src=:' /> By all means feel free to post your own pictures from the Great Orb Project. :lol:

50 on water:

Posted Image

Date: 30th July 2009

Credit goes to:

Bl00dypwner, Defmaxhit, 99 Str Xu, me, and some random fruitcake :oops:

Original screenshot (Warning! Wide Image! Open at your own risk!)

More coming this way. <3:

A recent 54 on fire. (Wide Image)

A 51 on air.

Compilation album of some wayyy older pictures below. (Warning: Huge Images, hide again after viewing)

A 52 on air

Green 50 on air

A 54 on air

50-77 from GoP so far

Epic Failure!

Killer's demonstration of failure

500k token mark


Istolethepie's Visit

Fract, Gota H8 Stds, and Morpheu007's 48 on air

3 enemy orbs trapped in glitch

Rokiolo25's record

Fract-inspired jump sequence

41 on air, a record since surpassed

Demonstration of GoP in w16



Great Orb Project: The Attract Wand

02 January 2009 - 12:32 AM

Great Orb Project: The Attract Wand

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Basic Positions ;)
3. Tricks :shock:
4. Pathfinder (Quick and Dirty Overview) :oops:
5. The Great Divide (September 2 2009 Update) [Priority] :ohnoes:
6. Fruitcakes (How Not To Play) :wall:
7. Misc. :twisted:




;) Basic Positions

Where to Stand

:shock: Tricks

Mouse Reflex Skills

:oops: Pathfinder (Quick and Dirty Overview)


:ohnoes: The Great Divide (Sept-02-09 Minigame Changes)

The Magnetic Fields of a GoP Magnet

:wall: Fruitcakes (How Not To Play)


:twisted: Misc.

You'll Never Take Me Alive!

Posted Image

This concludes my guide on using the attract wand. Thank you for reading!

~ Bio Ice / Pinata Sabre ~