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J a m e s

J a m e s

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J a me s, Le Ronk 2 Hurdcurr Ironmon: Maxed!!!!!

14 October 2014 - 07:12 AM

I DON'T UPDATE THIS OP POST. All updates are posted in new posts.


Hello, I am a 22 year young boi named James. Feel free to believe my avatar is a RL pic of me. It's David Blaine. I'm David Blaine. 


So I started a hardcore DIY account today. My main's stats are in my sig, but I burnt out on him a few months ago. I'm excited to see how fun this DIY thing is gonna be, since I was starting to get bored of playing Diablo 3 (paragon 465 or so, softcore though!), and I've always admired the playstyle of DIY. My longterm goal is to max (possibly comp?).


Almost forgot... My RSN is FerrousWheel - ferrous as in iron and wheel as in ferris wheel. Just a random cute idea I had when I was trying to think of something on account creation. I am in Itam HC's clan IRONMANIACS (thanks cj for the idea), though I will always permaguest in PRIMAshitCY.


Today I did some stuff. I will be editing this post with a final screenshot of my stats and bank before I go to sleep. This blog will probably suck, but even if no one reads it I can look at it months or years from now and admire my progress or some BS like that.


As promised: 


Day 1 - (October 14, 2014)


Only have 4 dg and summoning because I used some lamps on them for lulz. The farming was mostly from picking flax.


Ended the day at rank 368 overall, not too shabby.