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10 January 2011 - 07:28 PM

A while ago (few months ago) a topic was made asking how the TWR could be improved, from what I can remember, an overwhelming amount of people posted that the points system should be replaced for a more direct system, e.g. #3 beats #1, so #3 takes #1.

My question is, is after that topic was made and then closed, have any changes been made to how the rankings are run? If so, what changes have been made, and if not, are there any plans to make changes?

Natural Born Killers VS...

22 June 2010 - 01:56 AM

Just two of our recent fights, both matched options.

NBK vs Silent Ember.

NBK vs Eternity.

Masters Of Dragons Vs Poison

08 November 2009 - 11:49 PM

Poison wanted a re-match in PvP after victory over them in CWA, we were all to glad to accept and expected a tough fight. After our very poor performance against Lethality we were determined to step up for this fight.

  • Uncapped PVP PK run in.
  • Spiders to greaters boundaries.
  • All combat styles, No damage spells.
  • Rings allowed.
  • No corrupted.
  • No friends, etc.
  • Fansite post allowed.

Masters Of Dragons Starting Options: 66 Options.
Posted Image

Poison Starting Options: 48 Options.
Posted Image

As we outnumbered Poison they were allowed to attack, as soon as the fight started we took complete control. We managed to get about 3-4 early KO's before a few piles tanking us, but we kept the binds strong and KO'd every other pile we made. For the first 45 minutes or so we were in complete control and were causing Poison to regroup at Spiders, RDG, Lava Gap and Gdz. Soon into the fight NI crashed and we stopped fighting for about 10-15 minutes, waiting for NI to leave as they outnumbered us both.

Once we hopped back to our original war world we carried the fight on and kept sending Poison into regroups, with such low options there was little else they could do as we peaked at 90 options. The rest of the fight consisted of finding Poison's regroups and hitting them, about 2 hours in at 11pm GMT Poison called off returning leaving MoD with the victory.

Masters Of Dragons Ending Options: 84 Options
Posted Image

Poison Ending Options: 0 Options.

Good fight Poison, apologies for any flaming. Thanks for ACing mid way through TK. Any MoD caught flaming will be striked.

Masters Of Dragons Vs Legends Never Die

24 October 2009 - 10:11 PM

LND was the bigger fight of our weekend, everyone had signed up but unfortunetly a lot couldn't make it leaving us to drop 5 people short of out target turn out of 30.

  • 90 Min Time cap
  • Melee Binds Range
  • No RSC Posting
  • No Corrupt
  • Rings Allowed
  • CWA Turrets
  • Attack On Sight
  • 3 Sniper Cap

Masters Of Dragons Starting Options: 78 Options.
Legends Never Die Starting Options: 66 Options.

Posted Image

Our pull was short of what we expected, but it wasn't too low and was somewhat acceptable for the fight.

The first hour was pretty close, LND took the lead with taking over a 7 man lead in the kill count, and for a while keeping a 5-6 man lead, but we managed to pull back somewhat level after 30 or so minutes of fighting. Once we hit the last 30 minutes we stepped up our organization a knotch and really started to control the fight, we had a perfect mixture of range and melee and were KOing nearly everyone in sight, improving our lead from a 7 man lead, to 12, to to 20 and then finally ended with over 31 kills. We managed to knock LND's 60 option pile down to 36 options at points, using our number advantage perfectly. In the end we came away with a good controlled win.

Masters Of Dragons Ending Options/Kill Count: 84 Options/116 Kills.
Legends Never Die Ending Options/Kill Count: 48 Options/85 Kills.

Posted Image

Good fight LND, you gave us a very good fight and for a good hour were level with us, but could do nothing in the last 30 minutes when we stepped things up and used our number advantage properly. Hope we can fight again at some point.

Masters Of Dragons Vs Demiros

23 October 2009 - 11:42 PM

Demiros approached us for a 4 day prep 1 hour CWA run in, as we had a more important fight tomorrow we weren't too sure whether or not to accept, but accepted anyway.

  • Melee and binds only, no range or blast mage.
  • CWA Turrets arena.
  • 60 minute time cap, returning war.
  • No corrupt armour.
  • Snipers limited to 3 per side.
  • No boundaries.
  • Fight begins on sight, no attacking or defending.
  • Safe.
  • Winner is determined through kill count at the end of the war.

Masters Of Dragons Starting Options: 60 Options.
Demiros Starting Options: 90 Options.

[Picture Coming]

Our pull wasn't very great, the majority of people couldn't attend and sign ups were indicating a 15 man pull, thankfully as the timer ended we had 60 options which allowed us to compete in the fight.

The fight started off somewhat level, but not with a good enough performance from ourselves. We let The Alejo step up as it was one of his last MoD fights and he done a brilliant job leading, we were down about 6-8 kills and managed to come back level, often taking a 2 kill advantage. Throughout the fight the kill count was pretty level, with us taking a 2-3 man lead every now and then. We managed to take a 5-6 kill lead towards the end but Demiros used their number advantage to bring it back level. The last 5 minutes were very intense, but we managed to make ourselves a 2 man lead and preserve it for the last few minutes of the fight.

Masters Of Dragons Ending Options/Kill Count: 57 Options/57 Kills.
Demiros Ending Options/Kill Count: 90 Options/55 Kills.

Posted Image

Good fight Demiros. Good job MoD, we managed to come through a numerical disadvantage and control the majority of the fight, very good job.