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a narrow hole in the wall

27 January 2010 - 09:12 AM

There is a narrow hole between lumbridge kitchen and lumbridge cave (tears of guthix)

It's not the one directly between the kitchen and the caves, but the one between going into the caves from the kitchen cellar directly to the lumbridge caves.

It has the option "squeeze-through hole", but then you get a message "the tunnel is blocked with rocks".

I tried to use a pickaxe on it, but that doesn't work.

Do you need to do a quest for this shortcut? or is it something else?

stab myth metal dragons?

10 December 2009 - 03:24 PM

So I can make super antifires.

What do you do then? You go to the iron dragons with a zamorakian spear on stab. To my surprise it didn't really seem to go faster than the old method of whip + DFS.

So I did a small test.
Super antifire + super att + super def + super strenght dose, with different weapons.

Zamorakian spear on stab - couldn't finish the job of 5 iron dragos before the superantifire ran out.
Whip + rune defender - finished 5 iron dragons in 5:30
SGS on crush - finished 5 iron dragons in 5:00
SGS on slash - finished 5 iron dragons in 5:00

I know it isn't really a big test, but this small test confirmed my feeling that the zammy spear on stab wasn't really a major improvement. In fact it seemed slower. And of course I actually had to eat more because I received more damage.

What's really the best weapon for metal dragons? Did anyone do any massive testing?

(a long time ago I did a longer test with iron dragons using leafbladed sword on stab and whip. Whip won also).