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Should Endgame Quests Require Awesome Levels?

27 August 2010 - 04:59 PM

Hello All,

Whilst anticipating an upcoming fantasy novel I thought about what the characters in that novel were like, what "level" they might be in a Runescape context, what skills they might have have and how their "endgame" might translate here. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Runescape will last a finite amount of time, let's say 10 years from this point, after which no new content will be added. Whether or not the servers will close and the game will end is a moot point here (it might extend the discussion but I hope it's not the crux of the matter).

Access to top content in the game is done in a variety of ways, quests are only one part of that. People with awesome levels (by which I mean all skills are 99 plus 120 dung) have access to high level content from a variety of sources (not enough, they need more, but that's a seperate matter).

In fantasy novels the heros/heroines are not always uber powerful near godlike creatures (although they often are), and frequently they don't start that way. Often luck, circumstances, help etc play a greater role than individual awesomeness, and then they are usually only awesome in a narrow area.

Ok, given those things I was thinking that it wasn't absolutely necessary for the final uberquest of Runescape to require all 99s and 120 dung etc. In fact I think it's a bad idea because I think it misses what draws so many people to the fantasy roleplaying game genre, i.e. the adventure/plot/roleplaying element of it all. Runescape is a cracking roleplaying game (that's what the RPG part of MMORPG stands for folks!) because it allows such freedom. There are people who "crack" quests at comparatively low skill levels, for example the people who slew Nomad at terrifyingly low combat levels. People work out ways to kill Jad with a rubber chicken, take on the Corporeal Beast with a banana (ok that one I made up) and a variety of things. I think the ultimate end of runescape quest series should be similarly open.

Obviously it should have high requirements, but the time investment of all 99s + 120 dung is enormous. Even all 90+ would be an enormous task to achieve and that's less than halfway up the xp grind. I think it's more fitting, and more pleasurable, to have high requirements (90+ in multiple skills) coupled to a few 99 requirements, a few minigame/activity/quest acheivements a certain amount of money etc. Something to really show the player has PLAYED the game. Merely requiring the maximum in all skills is pretty dull. Less game, more grind.

Don't get me wrong, I've got no particular beef with grind, nor so I think all things should be easy to access, I just think that making an integral story part in a game/RPG extremely difficult to access is counter productive. Hard yes, something only a dedicated person with multiple spare years on their hands can acheive....no.

What do you folks think?