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#5502258 Steam Summer Sale 2014

Posted by Ulysses on 22 June 2014 - 05:20 PM

It almost feels like you overpay for games if you buy them outside of these seasonal sale periods. The feeling to have bought Sleeping Dogs for like $75, as an example.

I guess the unspoken rule of thumb is NOT to buy games outside of sales periods unless you are really that keen.

#5501731 Legacy Mode Beta - Coming 16th June

Posted by Ulysses on 19 June 2014 - 04:34 PM

Uhh, I accidentally backpaged this and lost about 20 mins worth of thinking and typing. So I'll just outline some of my points again.


I still do not think Legacy Mode is the answer to all the problems people have with EoC. Going backwards definitely should not be the theme for Jagex. As I have argued on the RSOF some time ago when they did the polling, both systems have their flaws and reversion back to the old system in that case is a very poor solution. Why do people need two sets of armours for lvl 1 def? The current tier system works because it helps spread out the items available - sure, 99 smithing for rune armour-ish artisan progression is counter-intuitive, and GM/Master quests for access to lvl 60 equipment is a bit dumb, but from the perspective of the user (of the equipment), it works.


Having logged several hours into the beta, despite the nostalgia, it just doesn't feel the same again. It might be just me, but I am so used to using the Manual system that it has become second nature to me on RS; and pressing 'enter' to chat has become the norm to me, for that reason alone I struggled. While I do appreciate what hard work they have done to reintegrate Legacy Combat back with EoC, including the specs and the food delay attack cycle mechanic, it's just too late. For me personally, the image I have of 'legacy combat' was the dragon scimitar/whip and unholy book/rune defender training, the 100% prayer and the time where the high level item tiers were a lot more competitive (-ly priced and accessible in that regards). Changes to the EoC and addition of Legacy Mode just doesn't resolve that. One could argue that 07 offers that, it does - it offers a partial solution but what you end up with is what we can see now: a 07 base version with later additions like slayer helm and rewards, or new/modified additions designed to mimic some of the current features - e.g. agil courses. That alone says that some players simply want the 'vanilla' version right before EoC (Nov 2012). A complete reversal of the changes back to this point will be a full admission of mistake and pretty much 1.5 year of failure (some might say that it started way before then) - so that's why we ended up with what we have. What would they do next?



I have forgotten the rest already -_-. Will edit them back in when I remember what I was typing.

#5501253 Was it really EoC that ruined RuneScape?

Posted by Ulysses on 16 June 2014 - 06:16 PM

I guess the main thing about the perceived declining population is that it was once an over-inflated figure because of bots. On top of that people move in and out of the game just like any other - in the instance of a good update, some of these on/off players might come back for a week or so.


Then there is also the factor that players will eventually move on to other games and other things in life. I would think that most people in the 120k global population era to have started around the miniclip era. Considering the average age of people (to my knowledge) who would begin to have access to computers, 'fairly stable Internet' and perhaps money for membership, the sector would have reached maturity age (18-24) by now. It would not be a surprise that most of whom have other things to do, and simply leave their gaming days behind them.


If we look at what kids these days have access to in their spare time, the plethora of entertainment options ranging from some very appealing TV shows, various consoles (old and new), plenty of music (Spotify, iTunes radio, CDs and maybe vinyls if you are more retro) and even games on PC. More options, often at a lower cost (subjectively speaking - people who like subscription vs those who like upfront lump sum payment), have less commitment (non-subscription based meaning greater flexibility) and are more enjoyable (partly because of how gaming is scrutinised in kids' and adolescents' culture; but also the undeniable fact that improvement in efficiency in other aspects of our lives may reduce our attention span, which leads to less interest in repetitive and mindless tasks (i.e. grinding in most MMORPG)). All these contribute to the idea that the potential market has gotten more competitive and smaller at the same time (reduced birth rates over the past decade or so, across the MEDCs and NICs). To some extent, it also signifies the decline of other similar MMORPG, namely WoW.


I think it is just coincidental that the GE, safe wilderness and the new Pest Control reward system came out about the same time when many of the first group of gamers reach their 'maturity age' and it may have just exacerbated their departures from the game. Around the same time, you have the influx of the Miniclip generation, which would have reached maturity by the time that EoC came out. I think it is just coincidental. In the year or so that precedes the EoC, the advent in technology and improved accessibility to computers and other gadgets meant that kids no longer have to 'settle' for a game; instead, they are free to try new things (of course, this isn't helped by the reputation that RS is an elementary MMORPG). I would propose that Jagex failed to recognise the other non-gaming related reasons to why players depart from the game, or have underestimated the impact of improved technology (especially over the past 5 years with development of smartphones and their applications, social media and popular cultures) on their potential market. These factors facilitated the decline of RS even before EoC. EoC merely exacerbated the process.


The simple answer is 'no'. EoC contributed to the decline, but is by no means the primary reason.


Disclaimer: Of course, I am assuming that the majority of gamers fit into the high school/adolescent and university/young adult age categories. I cannot recall any specific sources but wasn't there some sort of a census some years ago about the demographics of RS players? The 'decline' that I am referring to refers to the perceived global population drop from the 120-150k average to 30-50k average in recent times - which provides a snapshot of the potential active players (minus the varying number of bots for the former set of figures) despite the limited credibility to any conclusions that are drawn from these figures. Are the population numbers given in various places on their website even an accurate reflection of the reality?

#5483150 What Regular People Think of RuneScape (RS3 vs OSRS)

Posted by Ulysses on 04 March 2014 - 11:38 AM

A very interesting video.


I guess more serious gamers nowadays prefer to spend their time on games like dota2, sc2 or the myriad of fps games. So what's left are the casual gamers who either prefer simpler, and less competitive games or just haven't got enough time to devote to those games (where time invested actually matters imo). But I think RS3 is a lot more beginner friendly/forgiving than its predecessors (RS2 and RSC) - the learning curve for combat could be seen as steep, if you compare it against the simpler RS2, but I would imagine most newcomers would have had some degree of exposure to other titles in the MMORPG genre - where such ability bar-driven combat is the norm. And I guess the strive for efficiency is also not unique to RS3 (in terms of ability bar setup with revolution, gearing, training etc.), and one could always go back and adopt the trial and error or do-whatever-you-want methods.


The other things that matters is the first impression. It seems like Jagex has been trying to repackage the game, to shake off the negative stereotype, which is still a bit of a stigma within the gaming community (have had some interesting conversation with gamers in rs and others from time to time). I can see they have done some serious work with the the fancy CG trailers, new website, new tutorials and skill introduction, but the core aspects of the game remain largely unchanged from RS2 to 3. But if the potential market of casual newcomers don't have much previous experience in the genre, it does make sense that they prefer the modest version with simple interfaces, combat and skilling systems (...but then why would they decide to join? Especially with the rise of mobile games). If this is the case, then the trailers and those fancy new additions (like cosmetics) wouldn't have made much of a difference.


As for the continuation of existing players, I guess most people who have already had experience in other more 'complex' MMORPG, and so the move up to RS3 isn't going to be all that difficult. I think changes are good and necessary (over time), which is why these polls about bringing back things of the past can be quite dangerous. Nostalgia can be seen as denial of the present; a general unwillingness to step out of the comfort zone, and I think this kind of mentality does more harm than good to the game - forever living in the past. If they wanted to change the results to the video in the original post, i.e. to bring back former players and attracting new players, they need to think of something actually new to them, recreating the 'wow!' factor.

#5415453 Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

Posted by Ulysses on 11 June 2013 - 10:43 AM

Big Brother is watching you...

I am quite concerned about Jagex wiretapping our private messages, and enforcing their rules based on what we say. While I can understand their viewpoint about the rules on offensive language (on a few different levels), I find their measures rather illogical. These are 'private' to begin with, as long as recipient do not find content offensive, and that both parties keep conversation strictly private there shouldn't be any problem. One could possibly draw a parallel from this to the case of text messaging/phone calls - supposedly strictly private, but who knows, telco might send your details to the govt and you might just get 'muted'. (it resonates in my mind because of the PRISM scandal...) My point is that Jagex have no particular reason to be concerned about what people say in private messages (asides from silencing critics and preventing organised demonstrations in w66); if they don't know what is being said under what context and what parties are involved, then what are they trying to achieve? Keep calm, Jagex.

#5414533 04-Jun-2013 - Order of Ascension

Posted by Ulysses on 09 June 2013 - 04:59 AM

I don't think the price will stay at this level for too long. i think it would settle at around 400m for a pair of xbow...and it would be reasonable, considering the effort required.

Keys are still selling well... and drops are fairly generous since the last update, considering how easy it is to kill the minions.

off topic: reading Aeneid at the moment.

#5413785 So what are these robes called?

Posted by Ulysses on 07 June 2013 - 04:25 AM

batwing robes. Kill giant bats for wings and craft into robes. Buying from ge is probably easier...are fairly cheap.

Require 50 def and magic

#5398060 11-Dec-2012 - Player-Owned Ports

Posted by Ulysses on 27 April 2013 - 05:32 AM

...it happened to me when i was making seasinger's. and i agree with the confirmation screen for pop armours, especially since it takes so long to gather the trade goods.

Never paid much attention to FOTS occurrence sorry.