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In Topic: 1245780's Guide to 99 Magic.

06 December 2010 - 10:23 PM

Stunning using SC armour is not worth it.

Assuming you get 4 hats in an hour playing fastsc, you gain 66k in bonus xp. However, in that same hour of playing sc, 66k bonus xp in terms of regular stuns is only 200k gp in runes. You could kill green dragons for an hour and get 500-800k depending on CB level and spot instead of playing sc and then just buy more runes. SC hat stunning is really only recommended if you don't want to stun for as long, but if you want that you could just try an alternative method of mage training.

This guide also doesn't mention superheating at all, which is arguably better than high-alching in many ways other than portability and attention level required.

Agreed with the SC armor but Its not my decision to wether ppl use it or not, Im just showing the their options. And ok fine, if you feel superheating is better than High alching, ill add it later. I just always felt other ways are better.

In Topic: 1245780's Guide to 99 Magic.

06 December 2010 - 12:22 AM

Pretty nice, a few things to add;

Telegrabbing Zammy Wine is an alternative.
Superheat is viable, it has higher exp/h than alch if you do it right(Superheat can clip its own animation). Although this requires a lot more attention and clicks, it is possible to get results similar to stunning.
Ice Barrage is the fastest EXP. Fire Surge and High Alch doesn't come close.

Another way to train magic while doing almost anything else is Humidify and fishbowl. Since you can clip combat with humidify, one of my friend did it to 99 while slaying. Its a painless way to eat magic exp. The fishbowl conveniently has a left clip empty option, so you can keep doing it.

What is the respawn time on the Zammy wine? Because I know there are 2 whiteberries next to each other and respawn so conviently right after you telegrab the other one so it makes telegrabbing them relativly easy.

Considering superheating requires more attention and clicks to possibly net similar exp to stunning and the fact that if not done correctly results in similar exp to high alching, Im gonna have to say both High Alching and Stunning are better alternatives. That along with Humidifying I think are surpassed by other methods. However if others come in telling me otherwise then I will put it in.

And yes, Barraging is faster I know. Ill clarify that in the guide.

In Topic: 1245780's Guide to 99 Magic.

05 December 2010 - 09:17 PM

Update: Added Fire Surge/Surge-Alching Methods.

In Topic: 1245780's Guide to 99 Magic.

05 December 2010 - 10:37 AM

Hey there, nice guide. I'm going to try your stunning while at the same time alching method. However, I am just wondering would it be better to wear the full set (as shown in the video) or just the hat because many of the stunners i see in edgy only wear the hat.

If you wear 2 peices of armor at a time it will not double the exp you recieve, it will double the time it takes to run out of exp bonus. Each peice lasts about 35k exp until its out of charges, wearing 2 peices will make it 70k exp until both are out, and if wearing 3 they will last 105k. Most people only use hats because the points it takes to buy them are lower than the robe top or bottom even though they all take the same amount of points to recharge. However, if you have the robe top or bottom already then sure go ahead and use them, just make sure they are in the melee form first.

In Topic: 1245780's Guide to 99 Magic.

04 December 2010 - 04:01 AM

How come your signature is a photobucket picture of a stat sig showing 82 magic?

Because I havent logged into Tip.it in a year.