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What to buy

26 October 2012 - 07:03 PM


I came back today after a considerable break. I feel like I don't remember anything about this game. I have not been paying attention to the updates and so forth.

What would be the best combat equipment would be the best to buy now?

A few alternatives in different price ranges would be nice.

I have about 400m, but obviously, I don't want to spend all of it.

For weapons I have a CLS and rapier as of now.. Special weapons etc I should buy?

Anyone studying in Trondheim?

19 August 2011 - 01:25 PM

Just wondering if anyone on here is studying in Trondheim :o

Living rock mining

07 August 2011 - 12:59 AM

I know world 84 is the official world. Any world less populated than that? (but still with people mining there..)

Red dragonhide/leather

20 June 2011 - 04:12 PM

Anyone have the slightest idea what happened to these?


Both hides(although turned) and leathers (never turned graph wise) are under guide again. Buying the red leather is now about 7 gp/xp...

This is cheaper than both blue AND green!! What on earth is going.. Reds are like 100k more xp per hour than greens.

Skeletal wyverns: 100-150 crimsons per hour and profit

30 May 2011 - 08:53 PM

Welcome! This is my guide to killing skeletal wyverns efficiently. Now, a lot of people think or have heard that wyverns are awful to kill. I would have to disagree on this. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it.

Killing skeletal wyverns is an underestimated and more than decent way to collect crimson charms (they drop two at once), and you PROFIT as well killing them. If you're going for 96 summoning or you're just in need of crimson charms, this guide can show you a nice break from bursting. It might even make you stop bursting. I enjoy this method way more. That's for certain. That said, this guide has pretty steep level and gear requirements, so it is only recommended for higher level players looking to get fast.

Level requirements
- 72 slayer (required to even kill them)
- 90 herblore (or the level to boost to extreme defence potions)*
- 85+ melees
- 95 prayer**
- 67 summoning***
- 80+ dungeoneering****

* You can use super potions, but that will not be as effective.
** You can do this with 70 prayer (piety), but soul split is really useful here, and it will not be nearly as effective.
*** It is possible to do this with level 52 summoning (terrorbird), but I don't recommend that. If you already have 96 summoning, you can change the inventory a lot, and get VERY high crimson/hour rate and very good profit banking the bones with your yak. Having a yak obviously allows way longer trips and more kills per hour as you don't need to bank very often.
**** This is for the use of chaotic weapons. Any slash weapon will work, but rapier/CLS is another story.

Posted Image
Here are my stats. The crimsons per hour etc are obviously taken from when I kill them, so they're relevant I guess

Other requirements
- Love story quest done, so you can use chipped house tablets.
- Dwarf cannon quest, so you can use a cannon.
- Preferably Recipe for disaster for Barrows gloves.
- Elite enchanted excalibur (from the Seer's elite diary).


Posted ImagePosted Image

The left setup is the one I'm using. If you don't have full void, the setup to the right with Bandos works just fine. What I am wearing is underlined.

Helm: Slayer helm* > Void melee helm**** > Helm of Neitiznot
Neck: Amulet of fury
Cape: Soul wars cape > Fire cape > Ardougne cloak > trimmed skill cape
Weapon: Chaotic longsword > Chaotic rapier > Chaotic maul** > Abyssal whip
Shield: Dragonfire shield*** > Cosmic / chaos shield > Mind shield > Elemental shield
Chest: Elite void knight top**** > Bandos chestplate > Fighter torso > high defence barrows armor
Legs: Elite void knight robe**** > Bandos tassets > high defence barrows armor
Gloves: Void knight gloves**** > Barrows gloves (or the best ones you can use) > Regen bracelet > Combat bracelet
Boots: Dragon boots
Ring: Berserker ring(i) > Berserker ring > Ring of wealth

* If you are on a slayer task, slayer helm would obviously be the best thing to use.
** Skeletal wyverns are weak to SLASH. I have never tried the maul there as I don't have one, but I hear it's decent.
*** Do NOT try to go in there with an anti-fire shield. Antifire pots do not work here as wyverns have a special type of fire breath.
**** If you don't have elite void, you will want to add a couple of doses of prayer potion.


Posted Image

Elite enchanted Excalibur (EEE)
1 extreme attack potion (3)
1 extreme defence potion (3)
1 extreme strength potion (3)
5 prayer potions (+/-)*
10 monkfish (+/-)**
Dwarf cannon
Rimmington tab
War tortoise pouch

* 5 works good for me. I could do with 4, but that is more stressing as it requires more prayer flashing. It does of course depend on your combat levels etc. It also depends how much food you bring
** Same as above. You can go with less/no food and more prayer potions and so on. You will quickly figure how many of each you want to go with.

Getting there

Posted Image
This shows how to get there. Run south-east from Rimmington, and enter the dungeon.

Posted Image
Follow the dungeon untill you get to the where the wyvern cave is.

Fighting the wyverns and banking

Wyverns are almost always empty, so use a high population world for good spawn times. I complete one trip in 26 minutes, including banking. Watch the timer on your tortoise, and you can do two trips on some tortoises (consecutive trips).

Skeletal wyverns attack with melee attacks, range attacks and frost breath. There is no way to avoid being hit by the frost breath, but the dfs will neglect most of this damage. You will still take hits from this pretty often, and it's the attack that deals most damage in there. Their range attack can hit quite hard, but they only really use this when you are out of their melee range. The frost breath will sometimes freeze you in place making you unable to attack. This is a good time to put drops in the tortoise, eat food, use EEE to heal or repot prayer.

Before you enter the wyvern cave, pot up and make sure you are using the SLASH attack option. It can also be smart to put at least TURMOIL on your quick prayers. I have TURMOIL and DEFLECT RANGE because of what I explained above. I turn DEFLECT RANGE on when I enter, when the wyvern I'm killing is almost dead and when picking up drops. I turn it off when I'm in melee range.

Posted Image
I find placing my cannon here best, as I then have 2-4 spawns to kill, and don't ever have to wait for them to spawn.
Keep refilling your cannon as you kill them. This way you will get kills as fast as possible. Heal with soul split IN BATTLE, heal with EEE and food OUTSIDE of battle or while frozen.

As they removed the 30 minute cooldown on the home teleport spell, you'll just exit the room and use that for banking. This is handy and gives one more inventory slot. You could also use the charges on your ring of wealth to teleport to Varrock.

For the first trip I take it you're going to be fully charged on prayer and summoning points. But for consecutive trips it is very handy to be able to recharge prayer and summoning points as you go there.

What they drop and what to pick up

100% drop: Wyvern bones. Do always pick up these. They are, at all times 6-8k each. Merchant-minded as I am, I suggest selling them on a bounce.

Charms - Probably why you're here. They drop 2 charms at once, and they drop crimsons a LOT. I only pick up crimsons and the occasional blue charm drop.

Earth battlestaff - pick these up.

Different unspecified weapons - leave these.

Granite legs - kinda rare, but worth picking up for sure.

60 noted pure essence - Pick these up. They are worth about the same as a bone, and you usually get more than one drop per trip.

Different runes - leave these.

Runite bolts - pick these up. Not only are they worth a bit, but they go in your ammo slot.

Different unspecified bolt types - leave these

Different herbs - only one I'd even consider picking up now is Lantadyme.

Different seeds - only seeds worth picking up are torstol seeds and watermelon seeds (drops four watermelon at once). They are quite rare though.

Gems - only pick up diamonds.

Starved ancient effigy - Speaks for itself: pick it up of course

Draconic visage - Wyverns are said to have a very good drop rate of these. I have yet to get one.

There are also a lot of drops from the rare drop table you could get. Wearing ring of wealth increases the chance of getting these.

When your inventory is full of drops, bank and repeat!

Profit & Crimsons

Let's round off each trip to 25 minutes.
I get an average of 50 crimson charms per trip.

50 / 25 ~ 2 crimsons per minute.

2 * 60 ~ 120 crimson charms per hour for me.


Each trip I use:

- ~ 500 cballs
- 4 prayer potions
- 1 war tort pouch (it is actually less than one per trip, but)
- ~ 10 monkfish

- Some other supplies that I won't count the cost off, as they're already paid for in different ways.

500*234 = 117.000
4*3759 = 15.036
1*11.300 = 11.300
10* 237 = 2.370

Grand total: 145.706

~146.000 worth of supplies used per 25 minutes.

The drops:

The only inventory slots that should not be used for supplies is the one with EEE in it and the one with cballs in it.
Also, one slot will be for crimson charms, so this slot you will not have profitable loot in. This leaves 43 inventory slots (25 in inv+18 in tort).

The drops you pick need to be worth as much as or more than a wyvern bone to pick up.
If you're at least half merchant-minded, you sell the bones when they're not going down. This means you'll get at least 7k per bone. You'll every trip get at least one other drop worth more than a bone, but lets not take this into calculation.

43*7.000 = 301.000

The profit:

So the MINIMUM of profit you can get per 25 minutes is:

301.000 - 146.000 = 155.000

Which means the MINIMUM hourly profit is:

155.000/25*60 = 372.000

372k per hour as a minimum profit per hour(again, it's not why you're here in the first place, crimsons are) if you have the requirements. Any other drops you get that are worth more than a bone will boost this number.

If you feel like anything is missing, or if you have any questions, feel free to drop them here and I'll try to reply as fast as possible :) Happy hunting!