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#5402929 Real life pictures - 4

Posted by nerdboyxxx on 11 May 2013 - 07:20 AM

Please remove my picture(s), thanks.

#3896207 Editing the post title in IPB

Posted by nerdboyxxx on 05 October 2009 - 10:16 PM

I can't seem to be able to edit my post title. I have a blog (no, on blogscape not the blogs that we all have) and it doesn't let me edit the title. That means it will always say I'm 1293 total and 96 woodcutting :(

#3875607 Survival Crisis - Z | Zombie Survival Game!

Posted by nerdboyxxx on 09 September 2009 - 08:33 AM

Heya all, I dug up this old game from my old computer's files. I remember it been a lot of fun, and decided to share it with you guys.

You can download it directly from this link: http://skasoftware.com/files/scz.exe

What is survival crisis z?




This game, been quite old, requires some dll registrations for compatibility. I have instructions for 32 bit and 64 bit Vista, so you just have to follow the instructions and you're all set!


You need to download these three files. Or, if you have XP, just copy them over to Vista:

1. dx7vb.dll

2. dx8vb.dll

3. d3drm.dll

Now, one you have these files, copy them over to the system 32 directory. It should be located in C:\windows\system32 if Windows is not installed on the C drive then replace with whatever drive it is located in.

Now, go to start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt and RIGHT CLICK and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

In the window, type in the following. Please note that ENTER measn press the ENTER KEY. Don't type it in ;):

1. cd C:\windows\system32

Now, you need to register the dll files. Just type the following:

2. regsvr32 dx7vb.dll Click OK on the window that comes up saying dllregserver succeeded

3. regsvr32 dx8vb.dll Click OK on the window that comes up saying dllregserver succeeded

And you're all set!


You need to download these three files. Or, if you have XP, just copy them over to Vista:

1. dx7vb.dll

2. dx8vb.dll

3. d3drm.dll

Now, one you have these files, copy them over to the syswow64 directory. It should be located in C:\windows\syswow64 if Windows is not installed on the C drive then replace with whatever drive it is located in.

Now, go to start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt and RIGHT CLICK and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

In the window, type in the following. Please note that ENTER measn press the ENTER KEY. Don't type it in ;):

1. cd C:\windows\syswow64

Now, you need to register the dll files. Just type the following:

2. regsvr32 dx7vb.dll Click OK on the window that comes up saying dllregserver succeeded

3. regsvr32 dx8vb.dll Click OK on the window that comes up saying dllregserver succeeded

There you go, all done :)


If you have any troubles installing the game, need some help getting past certain areas, or just want to discuss this (fun and addicting!) game, please post!

#3760885 F2P Boss Monster - Elvarg | 30+ supporters! | NEW! Support siggy'...

Posted by nerdboyxxx on 24 July 2009 - 03:07 AM

Thanks for coming in to see the thread! I'm nerdboyxxx, and I have a crazy idea for a new boss monster that every player will have access to! I know that f2p don't pay, and they rarely recieve major updates on this kind of scale, but they really do lack any kind of boss monster. So, I have taken an age-old monster, who's been around since rsc, and made it accessable beyond just a quest. That's right, I'm talking about Elvarg. Please put forward any constructive criticism you may have!

Latest updates


I have created an RSOF thread, please post your support there so a J-Mod for Forum Mod can see it!

Quick-Find Code: 79-80-276-59524813

I will continually update this post for the idea, but please keep constructive criticism in this thread, and support on the RSOF thread. That will be updated along with this thread, but at a slower pace (because the RSOF is just horrible to use :?).


Please support this idea by adding this to your signature! Copy and paste whats in the code box below into your signature bar to support this thread and ensure its existence!

Posted Image

Thanks to Hawkxs for the amazing job on the signature!


The original idea was to create a challenging, fun, and decent boss monster for f2p. Of course, we could have just adjusted some of the stats of the Greater Demon, Cockroach Soldier, or even a Revenant, called it an "epic" version of the monster and thrown it in the middle of Edgeville dungeon. Too boring ;) we wanted a boss monster that people would recognise, could fit nicely in a quest, and looked awesome. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was Elvarg. But, the Elvarg we fought in the original Dragon Slayer quest was nowhere near as epic as required. So, with some creativity, a bit of changing, and a nice storyline, we came up with the idea for the first f2p boss monster.

NOTE: That "mysterious person" I keep making mention of (well, I make menton of us) is perfectchaos. He left tipit though, so I took over the idea from where he left off.

---THE BOSS---

Posted Image


Elvarg's Level- 210 (subject to change; I'm not too sure how Jagex work out the level's of monsters).

Elvarg's HP- 420

Elvarg's Melee Attack (Slash and Bite) Elvarg rears up and slashes/bites her foes violently, attacking with slash or crush (crush = Bite, slash = Claws). Hits one player. Max Hit 16

Elvarg's Ranged Attack (Gust of Wind) Elvarg flaps her wings violently, causing dust and rocks to fly at incredible speeds, smashing into any in its path. Hits all players. Max Hit 15

Elvarg's Magic Attack(Dragonbreath) Elvarg lets out a blistering stream of flame, which curls in all directions. Hits all players. 55 Max Damage without Anti-Dragon Shield/Dragonfire Shield, 12 with Anti-Dragon Shield/Dragonfire Shield

Once Elvarg reachs 50% HP, her Melee Max hit rises to 26, and she uses her dragon breath more often.

The first player to enter the cave will get attacked, and after that any player who causes the most damage will become the priority target for her.


(m)= members only

100%/Special Drops

Gold (100-1,000)

Big Bones (4) (unnoted)

Nechrotic Hide(3) (unnoted) (see Draconic Armour below)**

Elvarg's Head (1/25 chance, unnoted)

**Nechrotic Hide is stackable

Weapons and Armour

Dragon Spear(m) (1/110 chance, unnoted)

Dragon Dagger P++(m) (1/130 chance, unnoted)

Rune Platelegs/Skirt (1/180 chance, unnoted)

Rune Scimitar (1/100 chance, unnoted)

Rune Chainbody (1/150 chance, unnoted)

Rune Hatchet (1/90 chance, unnoted)

Rune PlateBody (1/180 chance, unnoted)

Green d'hide body (1/160 chance, unnoted)

Adamant Platebody (1/80 chance, unnoted)

Adamant Longsword (1/50 chance, unnoted)

Adamant Platelegs (1/80 chance, unnoted)

Mithril 2h Sword (1/40 chance, unnoted)

Staff of Air (1/50 chance, unnoted)

Staff of Fire (1/50 chance, unnoted)

Staff of Earth (1/50 chance, unnoted)

Staff of Water (1/50 chance, unnoted)

Maple Longbow (1/55 chance, unnoted)


Mithril Arrows (40-350) (1/80 chance)

Adamant Arrows (10-200) (1/95 chance)

Iron Arrows (25-450) (1/60 chance)

Chaos Rune (10-70) (1/45 chance)

Death Rune (5-50) (1/50 chance)

Law Rune (3-40) (1/45 chance)

Blood Rune(m) (5-30) (1/65 chance)

Uncut Gems

Ruby (1-5) (1/130 chance, noted)

Diamond (1-3) (1/150 chance, noted)

Charms (members only)

Crimson Charm (2) (1/30 chance)

Blue Charm (2) (1/50 chance)

Seeds (members only)

Ranarr Seed (1/110 chance)

Poison Ivy Seed (1/80 chance)

Snapdragon Seed (1/180 chance)

Potatoe seed (1/10 chance)

Wildblood Seed (1/40 chance)

Spirit Weed Seed (1/50 chance)

Kwuarm Seed (1/90 chance)

Herbs (members only)

Various herbs, chance depends on rarity. Only drops one type at a time, anywhere between 1-5 unnoted herbs.

Other Drops

Swordfish (5-85) (1/30 chance, noted)

Lobster (10-105) (1/30 chance, noted)

Tuna (15-120) (1/35 chance, noted)

Runite Ore (1-3) (1/120 chance, noted)

Adamant Ore (3-12) (1/90 chance, noted)

Mithril Ore (4-50) (1/70 chance, noted)

Iron Ore (10-80) (1/20 chance, noted)

Coal (10-60) (1/30 chance, noted)

Soft Clay (15-100) (1/40 chance, noted)

Level 3 Clue Scroll(m) (1/300 chance)

Thanks to PolarBearBlue for tidying up the drop list :D

I have decided to convert the percentage ratio of each drop to average number of kills required. It helps give a better idea of the frequency of drops. If anyone could help as well with some ratios that would be much appreciated. Take a look at them and tell me what I should change. I am, right now, in the need to add some more valuable drops. Since I don't want to cause the influx of hundreds of Rune items into the market, I have had to keep those good drops rather limited. If you have any ideas for ores, logs, food, etc. Which it could drop (particuarly noted) it would be a great help. Also, if you have any members drops which I could add please tell me so I can put them in. I am mainly looking for food items, possibly some logs for it to drop. I do not wish to add any more expensive dragon items though, as this boss is primarily f2p.


With the release of the Elvarg boss monster (if it ever happens, that is ;)) I wanted to give it a bit of uniqueness, so that f2p and p2p could both enjoy this update. So, Draconic armour was created! Credits to Kaida23 for this awesome suggestion :thumbsup:

Draconic Armour Melee Set

Draconic Armour Range Set

Draconic Armour Mage Set

Here is some artwork of the armour, done by hawkxs :)

Posted Image

And here is an excellent model of the mage armour made by Zokot!

Posted Image

ALL armour degrades completely after 1 hour of combat use on normal worlds, and degrades within half an hour of combat on PvP/BH worlds. Also, if pieces of the set are worn separately, the degradation times are cut in half (so they will last 30 minutes on normal worlds and 15 minutes on PvP/BH worlds). To avoid confusion with the degrading times, if you use the armour on a PvP/BH world for 10 minutes, then switch to a normal worlds, it will count as 20 minutes of usage in combat. So, the time is simply doubled/divided depending on what world you are using. You will recieve a warning every 5 minutes that the armour degrades. Once the player has 1 minute or less before the entire armour set degrades, they will recieve a warning, saying; "Your draconic XXX has nearly degraded completely! You have less than one minute left!". Armour pieces do not get any weaker until they have fully degraded.


The quest revolves around a power-hungry necromancer, reviving the original Elvarg and placing her under his control. The player must make there way through the dangerous caverns of Karamja, filled with lava, demons, and puzzles, so they can find and kill the necromancer placing Elvarg under his control.



As I said before, I was a bit worried about putting both Elvarg from the Dragon Slayer quest and the multi-combat version in the same room. It seems, with a bit of instance magic, we can make this happen :) this will ensure that people can complete Dragon Slayer without been hassled by monster hunters or large groups of people.

It will work like this. For players who have yet to complete Dragon Slayer AND for those who have yet to start Elvarg's Revenge, they will see Elvarg's lair as it is at the present time (Elvarg will be in there so players may enter and fight her when they start Dragon Slayer). For those who have completed Dragon Slayer and started Elvargs Revenge, the lair will be in ruins. A large shaft of light will come down in the middle of the lair. Claw marks run along the walls, and outside of Crandor a large hole can be found in the middle of some trees (the hole can not be reached). When examined it will display, "this must be how she escaped..." (if players examine the hole before starting the quest, it will display "I wonder what made that?"). Players may not enter her lair during the Quest. Once players have finished Elvargs Revenge they may enter Elvargs lair. It will look exactly as I have described it above, only Elvarg will be roaming inside (she will be level 120 and much larger. She will also be covered in scars). For this to work, both the Dragon Slayer quest and the boss monster must be instanced to avoid any conflicts. So, when a player enters the lair to finish the Dragon Slayer quest, they will become instanced and can fight Elvarg separately from everyone else. Then, players fighting the Boss monster are NOT instanced but can fight Elvarg without disturbing anyone else. With this put in place, clans can enter without all been separately instanced and no hassles or conflicts occur when trying to finish Dragon Slayer.

The original idea was made by MiokieJJ, lots of thanks :D


One major problem when designing a boss for f2p was the lack of portable prayer restoration such as prayer potions. We could of made them f2p, but that would make a lot of the other tasks in f2p too easy, and would also affect the cost of prayer potions. Instead we opted to just place an altar inside the lair, so when you are fighting Elvarg you can restore prayer. But, of course, their is always a few limitations.

I have designed a little description of what I mean, so it is more understandable. Basically, the restrictions imposed just affect the frequency that the player can use the altar. If you read the table you will undertand what I mean :)

1 Player in Lair: Altar can be used every 1 minute(s) per player

2 Players in Lair: Altar can be used every 2 minutes per player

3 Players in Lair: Altar can be used every 3 minutes per player

4 Players in Lair: Altar can be used every 4 minutes per player

5+ Players in Lair: Altar can be used every 5 minutes per player

Basically, the more people killing Elvarg, the longer you have to wait between using the altar. Also, if someone suddenly leaves while fighting Elvarg, or enters, the time will be altered by one minute. So, if four people ditch on you while fighting, never fear; that means you can use the altar to recharge your prayer points and run out/finish the fight.

If you have any questions about the altar, or have any suggestions to make it better, please do put them forward.


For now, unless requested, all positive feedback is considered support. Whether it be helpful suggestions or a nice comment. If you see your name on the list and want it removed, please just ask and I'll remove it within 24 hours.

Thank you everyone who has supported this idea, and made some really good suggestions!

- RpgGamer
- acowswrath
- MiokieJJ
- Big_Stingman
- Kaida23
- mweddle
- thragon13
- plugpoint92
- quelmotz
- Peter144
- cheeseater
- Mage_Man0103
- intervention
- PolarBearBlue
- Alksei
- Thisbenathan
- s1reatalot
- karanbest3
- Yosonic
- hawkxs
- Ilufyou
- Crazyboy1102
- Orioles8
- Junkmutt
- RayOxide
- kteague
- sammyboy894
- abbydog95
- starman945
- Nagrom_17
- g4ses
- Flamingboy52
- Sonic3190
- Sman25000
- roccodog25
- Granzi
- dasDoughnutz
- gioandjack
- armybuilder
- seathe
- zokot
- I am a Bahai
- LordAdib
- hellaunibrow
- Saru Inc
- ilovetopk
- Geerboggles
- Sublexation


Thank you for all your help, I'm sure that this idea can be developed further. Hopefully once it is ready we can put it on the RSOF, as it would benefit both p2p and f2p. Everybody wins :) please note that I will not take any notice of comments like, "f2p don't get quests" or "f2p don't get updates like this." My grammar might not be perfect in some areas, if it is not please tell me where I've screwed up so I can fix it. If you wish to be credited for any ideas you come up with, feel free to just ask and credit will soon follow.