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'Cooldown' length

27 January 2015 - 05:47 PM

Hey, yet another question. How is cooldown length calculated in the tick-based combat system? I'm trying to develop a simple combat simulator to develop the most effective ability rotations in certain scenarios, but I'm not sure how long a '10 second' (for example) cooldown really is. Is it 16 or 17 ticks? Many abilities align their cooldown on multiples of ticks, but things like Snipe, Firebreath, Needle Strike... don't, so I'm not sure if they round up or down.

Dead input... again... oh and prevent autoattacks

26 January 2015 - 08:05 PM

Ok, so it's kind of an extension of my previous topic about dead clicks.

This time, it's the action bar. If I rapidly switch the action bar, equip say two weapons and a piece of armor, and activate the 95 prayer for the relevant combat style, sometimes one or more of these actions will not go through--but only if I'm in combat and using just the action bar (I think?). It can't be the interface refreshing, AFAIK, because I can stand at a bank and every command goes through no matter how fast I am. It only happens in combat.

edit: It may only happen in combat while at the TD cave. I just spammed abilities and switching on the dummies and it didn't happen once???

Is this Runescape's dumb action-per-tick mechanic? Because there's no way in hell I can use void or otherwise optimize my kills at Tormented Demons with these bullshit input issues. Someone claimed they achieved 210+ KPH but as it stands I can't even begin to manage following his advice because the input on RuneScape is so asinine.

Also, is there a way to prevent autoattacks when switching weaposn via the action bar? Autoattacks almost upset me as much as the dead key input stuff during combat. There's a reason I'm using abilities!!!

Dead inventory clicks solution?

21 January 2015 - 08:28 AM

Is there a solution to dead inventory clicks? I assume it's because the mouse moves just so slightly, maybe 2-3 pixels, and the game thinks we're trying to move the item instead of use it / equip it.

For example, at TDs, I try and equip two weapons (off-hand and main-hand), but often (every two or three prayer switches) one or both of the weapons don't equip. This results in me wasting like 4+ seconds a kill at times trying to figure out which didn't equip or dealing so much less damage than I should have.

If the problem is the game thinking I'm dragging something, I think I can fix that myself (by writing a program that intercepts the global input and ignores small dragging amounts while the left mouse button is held down... would just have to remember to close the program when I'm done with RS haha). But if that isn't the problem behind dead clicks then I don't know what to do. :(


16 August 2014 - 09:17 PM

I've found a few guides, tried them, meager success.

I have 1 billion gp to use to flip. Lower end materials don't seem to work (1-2% every four hours [on the items, not on my total wealth] is a royal PITA to manage and doesn't seem worth it to me).

To cut to the chase, how do people with a lot of wealth flip? What items in particular? Do they use alts? ...?

Few high level summon training questions

21 June 2014 - 05:14 AM

First, the data:
1. I have nearly 20k blue charms and 13k crimson charms, and get more every day.
2. I value my time at 6m (more realistically) or 7m (more optimistically) gp/hr.
3. I will make Geyser Titans and Pack Yaks.

4. I will be using the Enlightenment aura.

Now, for the questions:
1. Which is more efficient: training by abusing Pikkupstix shop or training via Kyatt?
2. If it's the former, then it is more efficient to convert to scrolls or just sell the pouches to shop?
3. In any of these cases, what is the average charm rate, per hour?

I think that's it! Thank you.