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Since F2P Runescape no longer competes...

22 July 2013 - 01:35 PM

...will they be updating it?


I realize EoC was a significant update to F2p. However compared to many other f2p games today, Runescape is severely lacking in updates, maintenance, and support that other games have.

This has been a subject on my mind the last few days. Runescape f2p used to outclass pretty much any game you could think of. When I first joined Runescape in 2003, there was not another game that I could find with so many features and things to do. Very little has changed since then, and I am quite surprised by this. Sure, it was a great F2p game 10 years ago, but can you honestly say that F2p Runescape is competing today?

I think it's extremely foolish of Jagex to completely ignore the reason their game grew so large in the first place. What are your thoughts? Do you think Jagex will wake up and realize how they've neglected such an important aspect in the success of Runescape? With the release of RS3 it would only make sense to take a look at the entire game, and not just the p2p parts.

Some f2p games that compete with/outclass Runescape's f2p:Some facts about F2p Runescape:
  • The strongest monster in F2p has been the Revenant dark beast for the last 4 ½ years! Before that update, Greater Demons were the highest monster for another 4 ½ years.1
  • Pre-EoC- the weapon of choice for F2p'ers training melee was the Rune Scimitar which was introduced on July 26th, 2001 and had not seen an update since the release of RS2.
  • Will add more later.

1 - http://runescape.wik...rongest_monster
2 - http://runescape.wik...i/Rune_scimitar

Long time lurker returning to RS - what to do?

17 July 2013 - 08:52 AM

Just recovered my Tip.it account for kicks and giggles. Went to my profile and I have 0 posts! I've actually been lurking the site for several years before I signed up.

Anyway, on topic: I'm returning to Runescape after a year of complete inactivity. I originally quit in March, 2012 on the day of the major graphical re-haul on armour/weapons. I came back a few months later long enough to finish my quest cape, and quit around this time last year. Since then EoC went full release, QBD was released, level 90 gear was released, and player-owned ports as well.

I have most skills to 80+ with the exception of Thieving (76), construction(74), and hunter(71). I have 9 skills at 99 or higher including Defence, Ranged, Magic, Constitution, Prayer, Herblore, Cooking, Firemaking, and Dungeoneering(100). I have enough gold to play around with the new tier (90) of gear.

Basically, what i'm asking is for some advice on what to do. If I just do things i'm used to, I think i'll get bored again and quit. I have 4 quests to do, so that will probably be my short term goal but after that i'm completely open-minded to what others say I should do.

Thanks guys!