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Bassy's Origami Gallery - Update 12/17

10 July 2011 - 05:37 PM

Hello folks, I've been folding paper since I was 6, and with me being over 20 now, there are many things I've made, both my own creations and by others. After my recent purchase of a camera, I've been taking pictures of the various things I can find around the house.

I do not use any glue, adhesives, or scissors. No cuts are allowed, everything you see has been made by square sheets of paper, often holding other squares together.

Posted Image

Modular (Multiple Pieces)


Everything else


Display Pieces

Much more to come. If you're curious on how to make some basic things, I've started a Youtube channel here: Bassjason1's Youtube Channel
As of December, I've quite a few videos on there all of varying difficulties. Please try something out that catches your eye, and I'm always taking requests!

Let me know what you think! :smile:

Video Guides

21 May 2011 - 05:28 PM

As a regular of the Guides area, I've noticed that recently more and more guide-writers are just posting a video as their guide.

While I don't find it as helpful on a forum as a text-based guide, I understand that people do learn this way, but something about it just makes it different from our major guides.

I'd like to see a new subforum added to the Archive of Wisdom specifically for video-based guides. This would include basically the guides where someone plugs their Youtube video and there is no other information in the guide post. The author may spend time giving feedback, but the original post remains as a video. I think it would be more organized and helpful to have the video-only guides and the more text-based guides separated, as some people find videos much more helpful than text, and vice-versa.

Thoughts? :^_^:

Spirit of Saradomin

25 March 2011 - 10:20 PM

Posted Image

Clan Site and Forums

Clan Chat: Spirit of Saradomin

Howdy Everybody!

I'll get straight to the point. Spirit of Saradomin was founded by Spiritmage57 in the Summer of 2007. Since then, it has grown, at one point having over 80 active members! I'll be the first to admit, the winter hasn't been too well on good ol' SoS, with our ranks falling to 40 or so, but we're ready to start officially recruiting again.

We are basically a community clan. There are friends, foes, and anything in-between. Many members have been with us for over 2 years, and the average stay of our members is well over a year. Though not completely event-based, we do hold occasional events, whether they be boss runs or 99 parties (there have been many 99 parties :twisted: ).

Requirements for full Forum and clan chat rank privileges:
  • 1600+ Overall Total levels
  • A sense of humour

The majority of the action is in the clan chat, which is almost always full of some sort of discussion, whether it be in-depth analysis of Slayer tasks or even whether or not it's okay to have a jelly donut for breakfast.

Whether or not you have the requirements to be a member, we welcome anyone in the clan chat, so long as they behave. Our forums are semi-active, and we're looking to change that.

Skill of the Month
Each month, a skill is voted for, and the winner becomes the skill theme of the month. A little competition between any who want to compete will keep track of their progress in the skill for the month. At the end of the month, the member with the most xp earned wins a custom signature, such as the following example:

Posted Image

There have been many astonishing figures, and when everyone gets involved, this competition becomes a truly entertaining experience.

So if you're looking for a fresh start, or to make some long-lasting friends, give us a try, I promise you won't regret it.

That's about it. I would post picture of events and things, but really SoS is something better experienced for your own. If anything, the only picture I would post would be me 2 years ago when we took on the Kalphite Queen with Chicken suits (because we were that good I guess :mrgreen: ):

Posted Image

As a long-time moderator of this clan, I'll be frank: There are no event attendance requirements. I don't want this clan to get in the way of anything you do in your life. We've had members from every continent of the world here, and I think it's important that nobody gets punished for living their life. Whether it's a Biologist in the Netherlands, or an Accountant in the U.S., there are many people in this clan that, no matter how different, have found a way to get along. We're here to play Runescape and offer friendship, why not give us a try?

Budding Dungeoneers should take a look at this guide: Bassy's Tips and Tricks to Dungeoneering
It was written by our very own Bassjason1! (That's me, I suppose :mrgreen:)


02 March 2011 - 02:14 PM

I've decided to train Crafting for Bonus XP weekend, and I can't decide what method to use.

Assuming I cut gems, what is the best gem to cut for the cost during the first hour or so of the bonus? I want to get the best bang for the buck here.

Dungeoneering Tips and Tricks

24 January 2011 - 07:52 PM


I've decided to make this in order to possibly help any future and existing members that may one day have the need to post a help thread about this skill. Please treat this as a help thread. I am more than ready to help and will probably add to this. Also, do note that this is written with my sense of humor, which you may or may not find all that funny. Please note that I do not mean to offend anyone, it's just that when I sat down to write this, that's how it came out.

Everyone should note that this guide is NOT intended to make everyone have a 20 minute dungeon, but it IS intended to set readers up to be prepared for one. In the end, it is a matter of cooperation, I am just pointing out some ideas that can help counter stupidity and help promote knowledge of this skill. Thank you for clicking, and please enjoy. :grin:

Posted ImageDungeoneering For Dumbies

To start, let me get the nasty thing called prestige out of the way. First off, PRESTIGE IS NOT THAT COMPLICATED. As you level up, you unlock new floors. However, to get experience rates that reflect your Dungeoneering level, your prestige should be as high as your Dungeoneering level allows. Therefore, to get higher prestige, you must do all possible floors your level allows (everything must be check-marked) when you reset your ring.

Posted Image

Example: I'm 100 Dungeoneering, meaning I can do up to floor 50. Therefore, before I reset my ring, I want to make sure that I have completed every floor from 1-50 before I reset with no empty spaces in-between. Meaning, in the picture, before I reset, my current progress should be 50, and if I leveled up and unlocked a floor, 51 is possible too, and only increases my experience multiplier.

Binds are the equipment you keep throughout your Dungeon career. At level 1, you get one bind. Everyone's goal should be level 50, in order to have 2 binds. This is when Dungeoneering gets serious.

"But Bass, what are the best items to bind!?"
Never fear! The list is here!

Your first bind should be the best weapon you can reasonably acquire at the time. Whilst there are a wide variety of weapons, you should stick to the following: Spears, 2-handers, and Battle-axes. The best weapon hands-down for under 99 Dungeoneering is either a Promethium 2h, or a Primal Battle-axe.

1st Bind: 2h > Battle-axe > Spear > Everything else

Your second bind should be a Shadow Silk Hood, or heck, even if you get a Shadow Silk Hood before you can bind 2 things, you should bind it in place of your weapon because it is that good. The Shadow Silk Hood essentially makes you invisible to humanoids in the Dungeon except for certain Mages. Forgotten Mages and Necromancers, however, have the ability to cancel the effect for about 1 minute, meaning everything becomes aggressive again.

Posted Image

Therefore, unless a Mage has temporarily disabled your hood, the following monsters will no longer be aggressive toward you:
Forgotten Warriors
Forgotten Rangers
Skeletons (Warriors and Rangers)
Hill Giants

Basically, this means that about 50% of the monsters in Daemonheim will not be aggressive toward you.

The Shadow Silk Hood is dropped exclusively by the Night Spider (level 59). It is approximately a 1/65 Drop rate, so you should kill every one you find. If you do not have a hood bound yet, you should have the best Platebody you can wear bound until you get one.

Shadow Silk Hood Hunting

The Ammo slot: This is currently one of the most controversial bind slots. Ammo can either be a type of rune, a type of arrow, or a Blast/Surgebox. You can hold 125 attacks or spells worth in the slot, meaning you can have 125 arrows, 125 of that specific rune, or 125 attack spells in a box.

Currently, the hierarchy is commonly accepted as this: Surgebox = Law Runes > Arrows

Unless of course if you're a self-professed Ranger, this hierarchy sort of gets turned around. The ammo slot is highly open to preferences. Personally, I encounter more Forgotten Warriors than Necrolord bosses, so I choose a Surgebox, which holds 125 Air Surge Spells. Make a Fire Rune pile or other Elemental Rune or Staff, and you've got all potential surge spells at the start of the dungeon. Also, if you are a Keyer, you're probably better off binding Law Runes, relying on the Rest of the Team to have a mix of those and Surgeboxes.

The Third Bind

Posted ImageRushing = Dungeoneering
You may come across this term early in your Dungeon career. The thing is, it is often heard to many's dismay. "Rushing" should be the normal way of Dungeoneering. It isn't a special case. If you want to Dungeoneer, you'll be rushing.

What Rushing Should Mean

Rushing is essentially, well, rushing through a dungeon. The goal is to open all rooms and kill the boss as soon as possible with as little hissy-fits in-between. There are some elements of rushing that you should become accustomed to:

1. If it's not a Guardian door, don't clear it. Don't spend time killing monsters that aren't in the way of you progressing through the floor. If someone doesn't have a hood but you need them for a mime emote room or switches, it may then be necessary to clear that room. Otherwise, unless the Keyer says otherwise, only clear rooms with a Guardian door in them.

2. Use resources to a minimum. Don't skill if there's a Guardian Door to do or the Keyer expects you at the Group Gatestone. There are NO good reasons to be skilling unless you're a level 3 [that needs to realize you will never be Pure KQ Pax] or if the Keyer has given you a reason (e.g. logs for Bows or fish for his maw).

Posted ImageNotes and Potions
Though you'll probably memorize this after a while in training, it's best to start off by having your notes feature similar to the following:

Posted Image

Herbs are listed from Weakest to Strongest in regard to potion strength.
This allows you to save loads of time when thinking about what type of potion to make and what stuff you need to make it.

Posted ImageTheory of Complexity 1
Complexity 1

Posted ImageRoles
In Dungeoneering, there are 2 main roles on your team: the Keyer, and the Rest Of The Team. Each role is different and diverse in their activities throughout a floor.

Defining the Keyer

The Keyer is essentially the Leader of your team. He or she should be the only person holding keys, meaning if you find one and pick it up, unless your Keyer says otherwise, you'll soon be cramming it down their inventory. I'm not going to go into too much more detail here, because I'll discuss more about the keyer in the "Etiquette" section.

Keying Basics

Advanced Keying Tips/Theory

The Rest Of The Team

You guessed it! The rest of the team consists of everyone who isn't the Keyer! There are a few things we need to discuss here, the first of which is the most important:

When in a dungeon, you are temporarily discarding your religion. There is no God that is not the Keyer. The Keyer is your God, Salvation, Rapture, Poo-bah, Husband/Wife, Lover, Grand-pappy, and Boss. You should listen to everything he or she says and follow those orders as if they have a key set on your new car's door panel and they have sporadic Tourette's dependent upon your performance.

Your main goal in the dungeon is to clear Guardian Door rooms, and teleport to the Keyer when they say to for a Skill door, Puzzle, or Monolith, etc. IF YOU AREN'T DOING ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED, YOU EITHER HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE KEYER OR YOU ARE BEING A POMPOUS REAR-END. Skilling such as Fishing or Mining/Smithing should only be done if there is nothing to do or the Keyer, blessed be their soul for all eternity, hath given you the temporary privilege to do so. You should also at all times be able to give up food to the Keyer, because they have a heck of a job, and you will be seeing most of the food throughout the Dungeon anyway.

Posted ImageWhere to Dungeoneer: A Tragedy
There are many worlds, of which for the Dungeoneering skill, only a few are used. Some worlds are terrible, some are less terrible, and other worlds are so lost that they still don't realize that Runescape isn't a dating site (INORITE!?).

The sad fact is, there are only 3 real public Dungeoneering world servers for you to use. Unless you have a lot of friends that are always on, you are more than likely going to be using these worlds a fair lot as you train Dungeoneering. I shall now list and describe them:

World 117 (and 77): 117 and 77 are the "Jagex-themed" worlds in which people who are just starting, not completely sane, a combination of the two, or are simply so far set in their ways that they are more similar to an overripe potato than human being can train. Sadly, you will be stuck with this world until at least level 80, because the other worlds are aware that there is a stupidity barrier one must cross frequently between worlds 116 and 118, and need some persuasion. Your best bet is to find friends to Dungeon with you when on this world, because it requires a sense of humor to deal with.

World 148: This world, while currently in decline, is definitely a significant step up from the theme worlds. People are less likely to rage-quit, but it will still happen. This was initially a 90+ Dungeon-only world, but it is possible to squeeze by with 80 if you know what you're doing.

The following are rules to follow on 148:
1. If you make the team, you're the Keyer. If you join a team and get in the dungeon, and your leader asks "Who's keying?" that is your hint that this dude is new and you're probably better off volunteering to key or leaving the Dungeon and finding a different team.

2. The best advertisement is a simple advertisement. When looking for a team, all worlds on 148 are assumed to be large unless otherwise specified. Therefore, someone saying "Floor 36 Large" probably isn't aware of rule 1, and is fresh off the boat from 117. The best advertisement to look for would be the floor number plus the number of spots left on the team, e.g. "36+4" assuming I'm the only one on the team so far.

Clan Worlds
I can't specify what worlds there are, but joining clan chats of big Dungeoneering clans like 3-Binds-Only reveals what world they are using. They usually change once a week in order to get rid of the idiots. These are the best worlds, but they come with high level requirements.

Posted ImageTheory of Dungeoneering
In Dungeons, you should keep a few rules in mind so that at least one person is doing something right in respect to your team. Apart from pleasing the almighty Allah Pope Keyer, you should be picking up certain things and slowly preparing your team for the boss while you clear Guardian Doors.

The Start Room

The Start room is the very first room in the Dungeon. There is a Smithing post, Runecrafting Altar, The General Store, and most importantly, a Table full of goodies. Now, to properly address the partition of these goodies, you should be attempting to scarf up the following:

1. Mid-tier food. You should leave things such as Cave Morays and Blue Crabs to the Keyer, because he or she is, and I don't care what argument you have here, they ARE GOING TO NEED TO GET THEIR GRUB ON if you expect a stellar performance out of them. You should be picking up Giant Flatfish, Short-Finned Eels, Bouldabass, and sometimes Salve Eels if you're feeling especially greedy. Remember, you'll be doing Guardian doors most of the Dungeon which means lots of food for you.

2. Money. Your other goal for getting the goodies requires some effort (heaven forbid we utilize some simple logic!) Leave Armour such as shields, legs, and plates for the Keyer. Weapons, gloves, boots, and helms, however, you should try to get at least one. Sell that to the Smuggler, and buy a Toolkit. Hold up, let's do this over with it's own number

2.5497. Buy a Freaking Toolkit. I don't care if you aren't the Keyer, blessings and peace be upon him/her, everyone on your team should buy a Toolkit (1,320 GP at your local Smuggler Mart, just a game tick away from your initial start point!). The reason why you should buy a toolkit is because you'll also be doing puzzles in the Dungeon as well as teleporting to do a Skill door (cuz you got skills nawutah maen!).

3. Rune Essence. In your long, hard, epic, 30 second journey into the Dungeon so far, you may or may not have followed step 2 (if you didn't, do it, trust me this is good stuff!), therefore, you may notice that after buying the super-cheap, useful, necessary, and awesome Toolkit, there is some money left over! This is the part where I tell you to buy Rune Essence (because that's the title of this bullet point, if you haven't noticed). With the Rune Essence, You should make a combination of Law and Cosmic Runes.

4. Your Ring. Ensure that your ring is on the class style you want, and then use the inspect option on the Keyer of your team, as the following picture shows:

Posted Image

Use the inspect option on either the Keyer, or a possible troublemaker. The Inspect option gives you a view of that player's inventory, therefore, without him telling you, you know what Keys that the Keyer, may they live eternally under the Light, is carrying. If you're a leader, but not keying (what is wrong with you!?), it'd be best to use the Promote option and make your Keyer the Leader of the party so they can mark monsters in rooms.

Post-Start Room Antics, A.K.A. The Rest of the Dungeon

Over the course of the Dungeon, I want you to be focused on the following OTHER THAN FOOD, which I assume your hungry little maws will already demand copious amounts of:

1. Coins. Pick up coins. Loot every chest you see, and if you don't have the Thief level, find someone who does. Coins are necessary in a number of situations: Herb seeds for potions, ingredients for an Altar, as well as more Rune Essence for number 2....

2. Runes. Whether you're picking them up off the ground or making them, you should try to have a good supply of Law, Cosmic, Astral, Earth, and Death Runes (Deaths if 93+ Magic). Therefore, you will then have runes for Poison Cure spells, as well as Vengeance. The Earth Rune supply works with a Surgebox for Earth Surge spells, which give a bit more kick than the standard Air Surge.

3. Charms. KNOW YOUR SUMMONING LEVEL. You should not at any point EVER make a Beast of Burden. It is a waste. You should collect charms based on the Summoning tier your level allows (e.g. I have 99, so I collect Blues for Sachem and Adept familiars). The type of familiar you make is dependent upon the Boss, meaning you won't be making a familiar until you know what the boss is (but you already knew that, didn't you). If you want me to go into detail, I will, but for now, just make the familiar that uses the combat triangle opposite of what your boss uses. Therefore, a Ranger would be useful against the Necrolord, which uses Magic, so a Deathslinger familiar would be quite useful against him.

Posted ImageGetting Stoned
Posted Image

The Group Gatestone

When starting a dungeon, the leader of the party spawns with a Group Gatestone in his or her inventory. This is affectionately known as the "GGS." One can teleport to this stone's location at any time by casting the Group Gatestone Teleport spell (which requires Law Runes). This stone is possibly the one thing that is going to make your dungeon fast. The Keyer usually carries this, telling you to teleport to it when they have found something for you to do. It can be placed on the ground to act as a safe teleport area if the room you're doing is dangerous.

Slang terms for the Keyer's orders usually have the GGS somewhere in them. For example, "GGS GD" usually means the Keyer wants you to teleport to him/her in order to complete a Guardian Door room.

Posted Image

The Personal Gatestone

The Personal Gatestone is a major game-maker when in a Dungeon. Along with the Keyer's skill in using the GGS, your skill in using your personal Gatestone can be the difference between a 30-minute Large and a 60-minute Large. The Personal Gatestone is made using Cosmic Runes. Once dropped at a hopefully strategic point, you can teleport to it once before it breaks, meaning you'll be making quite a few of these over the course of a floor. You should gate things for the following:

1. Key Doors that only you have found or the Keyer is far away from. Drop your Gatestone at one of these and tell your Keyer, so that when he finds it, you can bring the GGS to that door, or the key itself. This also applies to skill doors or puzzle rooms that you cannot do.

2. Clutch points. There are often times where the party will come across a room that may branch in up to 3 other directions. It would be wise to Gate these locations if nobody else has, as it may make a difference rather than forcing the Keyer to backtrack to get back to that clutch point.

3. Altars. Altars are always okay to gate. Just make sure that you're the only one who has gated it, otherwise you should try any of these other options first.

4. Resources. This should be the last item on your list of objectives to gate. If you're gating this, it should be very short-term, as in you're coming right back to them because there's nothing to do yet.

Above all, if the Keyer says to gate something, make sure you or another team member does.

Posted ImageRooms
In this section I will address the 3 most hated rooms: Mercenaries, Ramokees, and Monoliths.


Posted Image

Mercenary rooms are team-biased. You will have more trouble with them soloing than with a team. A room like this has one Mercenary Leader (Mage). When he sees you or your team, he calls his friends; numerous quantities of Forgotten Warriors, Mages, and Rangers. The goal is take out the Mercenary Leader as quickly as possible. Tips for addressing this room are as follows:

1. Place the Group Gatestone OUTSIDE and AT LEAST HALF A ROOM AWAY!
The Leader will keep calling his "friends" into the room unless he can't see you. This includes the space outside the door into the room.

2. Enter on empty, leave at 500LP.
Start killing the Leader immediately once your team is ready, pray Magic or whatever you think will help you, and watch your health. Forgotten warriors can max over 400 points of damage, so by this, I suggest that you teleport when your Keyer tells you to, or when you have no food and around 500 life points left.


(Insert really cool picture of Ramokee room here)

Ramokee rooms suck. To get past them, everything moving in there must die (except Mastyx's!). This room has a big Obelisk in the middle, and 4 rogue Summoning familiars running around it. To best destroy everything in here, take out the familiars first, in this order:

Skinweaver -> Deathslinger -> Stormbringer -> Bloodrager

You MUST take out the Skinweaver first or it will heal any damage done to the other familiars. The other two are your choice honestly, but leave the Bloodrager for last. If someone has been doing their homework, they may have some Rune Essence. If the Keyer allows it, make Entangle or Bind spell runes. Then, once in the room, cast that spell in the Bloodrager, and keep him still. A really good team will do that as well as keep the Deathslinger on the other side of the Obelisk from the team, so that it can't attack anyone. Note that because you're probably going to be praying Magic due to the Stormbringer and the high likeliness of other Mages in the room, taking out the Deathslinger after the Skinweaver would be the much safer and efficient way to address this room.


Monoliths are a necessary evil. Basically this room just needs to be grunted out by all of the team.

1. Dispelling Myth.
During your Dungeon journeys, you may pick up a few various myths involving Monoliths. These myths are often "ways" that the bad acid-trip known as World 117 believes makes the timer bar fill faster. Don't believe them, it isn't true. If everyone spam-clicks the monolith, it's not going to fill faster, if the team member with the lowest Magic level starts the bar, the Shades are not noobs (RAGEQUIT IRL naysayers PL0X).

2. Start with a good spawn.
A commonly accepted way of thinking to go by with monoliths is that "a good spawn is a good mono." Therefore, don't attack anything if the starting Shades are 4 level 133's, or 2, or 5 90's, etc. Look for a good starting spawn (1 level 90, a few 67's, whatever you think is ok). This is the one myth I'll let you believe because it is many actually sane individuals' beliefs that you will not waste time waiting for a good start.

3. Grunt it out.
I compare Monolith rooms to having a go at the loo. You're going to have to put some effort into it and power it out. The best way to do this is to have your team on the west and south sides, because the Shades never spawn east or north. Then pile the Shades as they spawn, making sure everyone shares tanking.

4. Take off the Plate. If you have a Platebody equipped, you should take it off. Doing so, and praying Protect from Range, leaves you very protected (almost completely) from the Shades' attacks (which due to your plate being off, will be Range-based).

Posted ImagePreparing Your Mind and DG Etiquette
When you're Dungeoneering, you need to keep a few things in mind when dealing with your teammates. You're going to witness stereotypes in action, and realize that Jagex's view of its playerbase was way too hopeful when they made this "skill." I'm going to cover some stereotypes in this section, as well as how best to deal with them.

Recognizing Stereotypes

Bonus Section: Arguments

The following should be followed to the letter:

3 C's of Dungeoneering:
Contribute: Actually make sure you're doing something worthwhile. Periodically evaluate your performance in your head a few times per floor.

Cooperate: This is a necessary evil. You need to work with people to make this skill work, and to be willing to work with people.

Stay Cool: Always keep a cool head. I'm usually on the edge of laughing when I Dungeon because observing the people who train this skill is a riot. Keep in mind that the bosses were made by programmers who probably laughed out loud for hours by trying to see how they can get each other killed (Heim Crabs only heal 20 for a reason).

Posted ImageRings of Kinship
You may or may not have noticed, but the Ring of Kinship stays with you throughout your dungeon career. Inside the Dungeon, this thing actually does have uses. I won't cover all of the classes, only the top three that I find useful for the average Dungeoneer. You can customize your ring by right-clicking it in a dungeon and clicking, well, "Customize." Credits for this section go to Obtaurian for waking me up to actually updating this area.

Primary Ring

Quick-switch Classes

Posted ImageDG Lingo
It is accurate to say that if a normal person who has never before played Runescape or Dungeoneering entered a dungeon full of pro DG'ers, they wouldn't understand a word said. Imagine having a conversation with a friend consisting of "gk gocr, move gt?" and "Gtgd x2 and obby!"

So, this section is intended to give you a clue as to what people may be saying.



Posted ImageMore to Come Soon?
So I've said quite a lot about this skill now. I hope you readers try it out. There are a lot of potential laughs and good times to be had. If there's anything else that I haven't included, but you want me to cover, please feel free to ask me.