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In Topic: lava flow mine

25 December 2013 - 06:00 PM

I suppose technically, you are right. You'll only get the nymph while mining so just staying in one spot will maximize the process. But, you spend very little time running to the next blockage, compared to the amount of time you spend mining. If you choose to mine on the themed world, than you won't even have to find the blockage yourself, you just have to simply follow the crowd. 


It might also make the time there go faster by following the crowd. It breaks up the mahogany of just mining in one spot for hours. Not to mention, it can give you a chance to be social with the other people there too. 


You'll get the mining suit either way, I'm sure. But I think you'll find a better experience following the crowd (you'll hear stories of people with far worse luck than you with the suit, took me over four hours for my second item) and might as well boost your experience a bit while doing it. 

In Topic: Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

25 December 2013 - 09:07 AM

Every time I'm without my comp cape and I go to recomp, I always have something that takes a stupid amount of time to finish and ends up in me wasting a day >.> Today it happened again rofl. The Dungeoneering task of using a portion to open a skill door that you don't have the required level for took me like 3 hours >.<


But none the less, finally recomped today by finishing all the dungoneering tasks, making a mask of tuska, and getting the ubers barrows song. A special thanks to two people in EE that I dragged in for the song XD. Along with that, this I've also finally finished off 50M farming for my 15th 50m! Also got 60M Rc earlier last week.





Also got a pair of these while getting the mask XD





My plans now are to start slaying a bit here and there. I've had urges to for awhile so figured might actually train a skill I enjoy. I'll also be doing a bit of hunter and runecrafting, depending on my mood XD.

In Topic: Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

09 December 2013 - 06:00 AM

Much needed three day weekend due to snow and ice :D though I know I'm going to pay for it later this month. It nearly guarantees I'll work a Sunday this month, making for a 12-13 day straight work schedule. Meh it was worth it all the same.


Finally remaxed with 99 divination yesterday:



Now I'm jumping between dungeoneering, hunter, and runecrafting. My primary goals currently are 50M hunter and 200M dungeoneering. I'll jump between the two most likely, while also slowly doing the dungeoneering tasks for my comp cape back (not in that huge of a hurry since I only really need it for slayer). I mix in some runecrafting when I feel like afk or multitasking as well. No plans for a hardcore 200M runecrafting goal yet, though I'll edge closer to it in time.


Only other thoughts are heading towards Stealing Creations for some fishing bonus experience. It would make fly fishing more appealing to me, with the boosted experience per hour. It could possibly become my afk task in the future if I can get some bonus experience saved up. Will likely look into it sometime this week. 


Also updated my front page a tad, here is how my stats have changed since I started this blog so long ago XD



In Topic: Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

06 December 2013 - 05:17 AM

Lol XD honestly I thought the same too, besides the fact I had to beg to have my desk and computer back >.>


Finally 98 Divination too!




+ The angry aussie's motivation 


I might have tomorrow off due to icy weather, if I do their will be much nolifing. If not then I will be mildly sad

In Topic: Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

04 December 2013 - 04:58 AM

SO... I got my work schedule for December. At the moment I have 42 hours of mandatory overtime scheduled. Which means I'm working every Saturday in December and working 10 hour shifts the week of and after Christmas ...


This hurts my no lifing :(


Guess on the bright-side I passed 11M divinating experience. Currently getting about 250k divination experience a day. Along with that I've also been doing my daily tree runs again, I actually full out bought all the sends to finish off 50M farming so I'm less likely to put it off for even longer XD.




With me being gone so much currently, my wife has taken over my desk XD. Here is what I walked into this evening when I got home. ;) She has like surrounded herself with her 2 computes and my 2 computers rofl