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#5465387 Behind the Scenes- December

Posted by Poppe on 30 November 2013 - 03:41 AM

Oddish makes a fair point. I'm a fair lurker myself, that occasionally goes on active posting streaks. It is a tad tired-some reading similar rants from specific individuals on every thread. 


Personally I'm looking forward to the world event as I'm a lore fan. I'm curious how they will have a god die, lore wise. Until now, we've only seen 2 gods die and both of them were killed with elder artifacts (the sword and staff). So I'm curious if the next world event will be fought over an elder artifact and the loser gets stabbed with it. Currently though, that sounds unlikely. Instead Jagex is taking the new approach that with enough divination energy a god could kill another god. Sorta opens up a new lore string of how gods can be dethroned. I'm halfway waiting for the battle to go similar to Lumbridge's and once the god lays defeated on the ground like Zamorak, Sliske teleports in and stabs them XD. (Gotta admit you could see it happen, it would give him a point in the comp too, Sliske seems to be the manifestation of plot twists)


Along with that I'm hopeful the primer club will be worthwhile this year around as I'm interested in actually paying out for it this time around. Kinda regret I didn't last year as I would of liked the 1 extra spin each day and the cosmetic items. 

#5465028 Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

Posted by Poppe on 28 November 2013 - 12:46 AM

Oh... and:




Slow, progress. Literally nothing for me to do at work tonight

#5439192 Runescape Dying? [Discussion/Observation]

Posted by Poppe on 10 August 2013 - 03:28 PM

RuneScape is dying since 2001

Hardly, it grew up until 2007 then dropped after the free trade removal. Got on a steady line then declined due to Jagex new dirrection of the game. They've been focusing on bringing new players in so much. They ripped up places such as tavelry which is now a maze and probably would frighten new players as theres too much going on. They've had to rework tutorials way to many times. And in the line of this way of thinking they neglected current players to a point most were not happy with how they had been treated. They dont realise theres much more leaving than coming into them game. They need to patch up the leaving while slowly working on the increase right now. The leaving is the bigger number see. It needs to slow down, for the incoming players to catch up.

Completely missing the joke :thumbup:

His actual point was that in some way or another their has been concerned Runescape might be dieing since it was released.

If anything will kill Jagex off, it's self-imposed bankruptcy from their growing line of failed projects. MechScape, Stellar Dawn, Funorb, 8Realms, Transformers as an MMO, and hopefully not Transformers as a MOBA.

Very much agreed, along with what Sy_Accursed all throughout the first page.

Runescape is Jagex's cash cow and it is going great currently. Income is high and with rs3 I'm inclined to believe they are actually drawing new people into the game (will have to wait 6 months and look back to be sure, since things often seem distorted when you're in the moment).

Even though I strongly dislike the SOF or more importantly the ability to expensively buy experience from it, Jagex has successfully made Runescape more profitable with it by following current industry trends.

Jagex's major stain on their record is the fact they have never been able to launch another flagship game beside Runescape. Some have flopped around awhile with hopes they'd survive but it has never turned out. I loved funorb and I still don't understand why Jagex killed it, but to my knowledge it was the most successful game that Jagex developed and launched beside Runescape (I think the one they just published did okay, something like WOL(?) cannot remember and don't know that much about it).

You might have an argument that as a gaming studio Jagex is dieing. They are becoming a one hit wonder and as to date, even the money coming in from Runescape hasn't done anything to change that. I'm not even sure if they are trying to change it anymore as I'm sure they got burned, bad, with the other failed games financially.

Runescape will live on, but Jagex as a studio that publishes games may not (and instead just becomes a company with one product they do well and not a studio at all). Guess it does raise the question... Is that a bad thing?

#5436438 New Moderators - Local Moderators

Posted by Poppe on 02 August 2013 - 06:17 PM

So as I best understand it... Lmods are staff accounts for the partners that own the rights to RS in respective foreign language servers. They have pmod/fmod powers but no jmod powers. Interesting

#5436349 Behind The Scenes - August 2013

Posted by Poppe on 02 August 2013 - 02:01 PM

We are also adding some other smaller features to the game later this month, such as clockwork toys for your cats, teleportation tablets, making your own cups of tea and even chairs you can sit down in.

Oh for the days :mad:

In the cases of Farming, Construction, Hunter and Summoning, each BTS was listed chronologically. We could just hope that this is the same :P

Yeah but none of those were announced beforehand and thus were a total surprise.

Currently we know for months that there is a new skill and the name of it is known for months too. So if they ever were to input it like those skills, by a cryptic reference, everyone would instantly know it as the new skill..

I call BS...

People knew a long long time that construction and farming were coming. Myself and many others knew about the hex editing to find all of the construction buildings. Also farming has a nifty teaser to let players thieve farmers before it came out. The other two you may well be right about.

Okay to a very small minority it might have been know and even then it was just guess work whether or not it was a new skill...

Ehh... (story time)


For the most part was left unannounced and as a surprise. It was mentioned in the bts for the month at the time as a small hint quoted above. Now some people said that sounded like a new skill, but I cannot say there was a general community sense that it was a skill. There had be a large community support for carpentry as a skill so this fell in line really well with it. After the skill came out I learned some people had found some furniture imagines in the cache(?) cannot completely remember, so to some people they had an idea but cannot say at all that the community did as a whole.


Pickpocketing seeds from master farmers and killing regular farmers for rakes, watering cans, and other small farming items were released ahead of the skill in hopes of giving people some seeds and supplies to kick the skill off with. But the skill was delayed from its original date (as far as I can remember) so it ended up with people having huge stocks of seeds. Think I had like 10k-15k potato seeds when it finally came out. To my knowledge they said it was coming in the months bts it did come out, but I don't totally remember.


Now this skill was hyped quite a bit, including some hints towards its mechanics (most people were thinking it would be a ton like slayer) and its release week was also announced before hand. But the community sorta shot themselves in the foot here when the skill wasn't released exactly when they wanted. Its a tad foggy but I believe people were wanting it released on the Monday of the week, but it happened to be the Tuesday (or it could of been it was delayed a week, I cannot completely remember). Anyway, because of not getting the skill exactly when they wanted, their was actually riots around Seer's Village (fairly large too, enough that Mod Howes came and lurked for a bit) and even like a 1k post there petitioning for the skill to be released that minute on the RSB.


Learning from the communities reaction from hunter, Jagex backed off a tad on the specific details of when the skill was exactly coming out. They did do four large developer blogs (as bts had been removed by this point) which gave concept art for the skill (I remember the hydra concept looking awesome) and in each blog 1/4 of the summoning icon image was on the coffee cup on the blog's picture. The skill mechanics were not fully hinted at before the update though and I personally had hoped for more of a companion system where you summon a pet then have it attack along with you for the summoning experience and have the pet grow in levels itself (going from a small fuzzy thing, into a powerful companion etc).

Now I'll admit I don't remember slayer's release buildup at all, I cannot recall even if there was one. It was largely before I was completely reading news updates so someone a bit older than me will have to fill that in. But, each of these skills had some build up in their own right and for nearly everyone we atleast had the name of the skilling coming and some design concept. Construction was kept the most hidden, but was not a shock when it came out, it just wasn't hyped quite as much. Hunter was super overly hyped, to the point the community was largely worked up and as the RSB community typically is, was largely disappointed when everything wasn't exactly as they wanted.

This skill walks right along the lines of farming. We know it is coming, we have some knowledge of it, but we don't totally know what to expect.

#5434048 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 27 July 2013 - 11:08 PM

I know this discussion is near the edge of being offtopic and maybe best to let it die here, but I think their is a fair amount of merit in atleast pondering how someone finances and manages their time while on the hunt for 200Ms or 200M all (their is a distinction between the two). Personally I consider myself someone who hunts for 200Ms and really has no aspirations for 200M all. I'm not in the league as Alkan, Gunnar, or any of the top contenders even though I have some exp.

Jebrim made a stance a few posts back that 200Ms have value based on the route someone takes to get them and I also agree. But I have respect specifically for the people that take a balanced approach to skilling such as those in college or in the work force. These people have to manage their time as it is limited in some extent, now this could mean they still have 6-8 hours a day to play, but that could be closer to 12-15 without the college or work responsibilities. So it makes sense to me that these people will aim for the fast, effective, efficient, etc (pick your adjective) because it makes the most of their time. Zarfot's final post reflects that in some manner as he didn't also play super long hours (yes I know the last year or so he did pull some 10+ hour days, but as far as I saw he never did that for weeks on end).

I specifically enjoy following the progress of the top 15, top 25, or top 50 that manage fair gains, but also do this while balancing real world responsibilities too. It is why I "support" "root "fan-boy" Gunnar, Alkan, and a hand full of the other top 100. Specifically because it relates to me as I just graduated with a bachelor's and I quit RS for the last 6 months of it to make time balancing more manageable. So I have some appreciation towards the college student players.

Now I guess bringing this post around to the 200M topic, their are many, many factors for any individual in what makes an achievement "valuable." But how a top player mixes their RS career and IRL career has some value in that mix. Now typically when you start talking value in a 200M, the topic quickly disintegrate into a flame match specifically aimed at those that play RS full time. Along with that, judging everyone's achievement by everyone's, different definition of what an achievement is, will get us no where, again (I'm dyslexic and nothing close to a English major so I'm sure that is butchered grammatically).

So with all that, it is something worth pondering and an added dimension for the goal of 200m all.

Mod Edit: Decided to leave this here before I even opened up the spoiler tags due to its general discussion about the topic of time spent without targetting anyone for their choices. The effort to write it in that way is appreciated and I'm happy to leave it there.

I have only a simple request: please let's not see this turn back into a Jerry Springer cover of the Runescape Top Players again, it's really not necessary.

#5428159 M

Posted by Poppe on 13 July 2013 - 06:06 PM

I've noticed that a lot of players with high xp slay a lot. I might have to start doing that. I like noncombats so much though :/

Do it! Slayer is ftw. Here is a picture of a vicious hedgehog to motivate you:

Posted Image

Here is also one with a Santa hat (for no good reason other than the fact it was cute and came up for some reason when I searched vicious hedgehog):

#5427621 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 12 July 2013 - 02:35 AM

fight cauldron is easily 420k xp/hr with 200k fletch xp/hr. Heard the damage reduction was nerfed a bit though, will have to try it out.

Didn't notice any difference on the damage reduction for the regular monster. But the nerf hits with the titles that light up with lava, previously the damage from it was half as well (from ~1500 to ~750), but now the damaged isn't reduced anymore and if you run in quickly with melee and take the 2 or 3 ticks of 1500 damage it can add up :s. Not sure it will greatly affect experience rates, but it does make it more annoying imo.

Thats crazy that zarfot had less than 500 days played. But im pretty sure he stuck to fast skills aswell. But there are people with more than that and less than 1b xp lol

Zarfot wasn't a hardcore buyable person. He originally made his money from double natures and he ran his own essence through the abyss from 91 runecrafting until ~30M runecrafting (before discovering merchanting etc). He also championed fletching bolts while woodcutting (before it was nerfed) and he cut teaks and fletched (I believe it was, its been years) adamant bolts. Granted you can come right back with he was the first person to 200M prayer etc. But Zarfot was fairly efficient in whatever he did and was fairly well rounded.

I'm not entirely fanboying either, I first met him through his Runescape Forum's Goal/Achievements thread. He kept a running RSB thread for 99 slayer, 99->30M RC, and then a thread for 99 alls. About a year and half back I dug up most of his 99 all thread I had saved on my computer (we were fairly close in levels at the time and I pretty much copied off his methods for half of my 99s) and posted it here XD.

EDIT: First post on this thread in 6 months after disappearing, ohai ;)

#5348351 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 30 December 2012 - 03:47 PM

Top 15 Most Experience Update

(December 23rd to 29th)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) Alkan (38M)
2.) Dragonseance (29M)
3.) S_U__O__M_I (27M)

Rank changes:

- Dragonseance passes inactive Talmo for rank 10!
- Chilly gains 3,400 mining ranks, passing big names such as efdfdfged, fdzg01, hejenehyok200, uppmhp, 3motnyo2, and 1mp3nhkkl, congrats!

Total experience gained by the top 15:

207.180 M

Full Update

#5345559 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 23 December 2012 - 03:55 PM

W00t cleanness, guess a good step into getting the topic in the right direction would be a top 15 update ;).

Top 15 Most Experience Update

(December 16th to 22nd)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) S_U__O__M_I (24M)
2.) Drumgun (23M)
3.) Alkan (22M)

Rank changes:

- Kingduffy passes inactive Telmo for rank 9!
- Alkan passes Robbie for rank 12!

Total experience gained by the top 15:

191.321 M

Full Update

Edits: Fixed weird sentences.

#5342433 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 16 December 2012 - 05:08 PM

Top 15 Most Experience Update

(December 9th to 15th)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) Jake (23.5M)
2.) Alkan (22.2M)
3.) Drumgun (21.1M)

Rank changes:

- Drumgun has maxed total level and now is rank 3 on the hiscores as well as rank 3 in overall experience!

Total experience gained by the top 15:

193.748 M

Full Update

Experience gains from the past 2 weeks

(December 2nd to December 15th)

Edits: None...yet!

#5341648 World 1, 16 both P2P along with 10 others

Posted by Poppe on 14 December 2012 - 02:11 PM

Very odd they'd take the most populated f2p worlds and turn them into p2p. Almost as if they were trying to fracture the f2p community. Almost makes me want to play on world 1 now though lol, be interesting to see who all migrates there as a new p2p world.

#5340397 11-Dec-2012 - Player-Owned Ports

Posted by Poppe on 12 December 2012 - 04:16 AM

Still surprised that this isn't a skill, considering how big it is. Especially considering they made DG into a skill...

Much agreed. In almost every respect this is the sailing skill. Jagex just promised the skill itself would never happen, instead it is a massive minigame. Think I would actually enjoy this as a skill... would in many regards be a farming like skill which I enjoy.

The Skull region voyages take quite a bit longer then the initially arc region. They start out at an hour and 10 minutes. I have two out currently for 120 coins and 80 slate, will have to wait until morning for them though. Also a whole host of new crew members in the Skull region as well.

Oh and as to the map of the entire Eastern region, I don't think its complete. If you have done the cyclopes island (or however Jagex spelled it) then you'll notice it is not on the map hedgehog hosted, leaves some room for some more special voyage islands to be discovered I think.

#5337577 04-12-12 - The Brink of Extinction - Grandmaster Quest

Posted by Poppe on 05 December 2012 - 01:24 PM

Anyone still having trouble beating the quest? If so, fret not! Jagex updated their wiki to include RECOMMENDED SETUPS FOR THE BATTLES!

Posted Image

Akrisae's warmace with Pernix armour, lmao that -30% accuracy penalty

...Are those rune longswords on the far left set up o.O?

This is why you leave the helping of players to the actual help sites...

#5337025 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 04 December 2012 - 03:52 AM

Agreed on the tip.it thing as well :P during busy months I fully quit Runescape to focus on work or college, but still when I need a quit 5 minute mental break I still check tip.it.