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#5336286 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 02 December 2012 - 02:02 PM

Top 15 Most Experience Update

(November 25th to December 1st)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) Jake (+35.188M)
2.) Robbie (+24.714M)
3.) Number1 Boss (+18.041M)

Rank changes:

- Jdelacroix passes Elvis for rank 4
- Robbie passes (and gets a bit of a lead) on Number1 Boss for rank 12

Total experience gained by the top 15:

175.068 M

Full Update

Edits: Corrected words that were missing letters and properly put Robbie at rank 12

#5334618 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 28 November 2012 - 10:47 PM

:/ sucks for KD, but I'd think he would be a little more cautious.

"Yes I had the full works security wise.
My hotmail was breached (using gmail now) - and they managed to change the password of the account, and then change the e-mail for the account, in less then an hour. They then somehow managed to disable jag, get through the bank pin and wipe me out, I was unable to recover or get anything from jagex in the last two days or recover anything due to lack of e-mail owner-ship.

Cheeky buggers even tried to get in to dropbox, other e-mail accounts and other networking sites, luckily no banks.

I was doing my best to counter it as it happened, but it's difficult when your account isn't associated with any e-mail addresses you control.

First time I've been hacked in 8 years, I am very secure for obvious reasons. Whoever did it, to be fair, is a professional."

There's not much else he could have done.

Kingduffy was a long time running dual moderator as well (that is what he means for "obvious reasons"), so he understands being safe as well. I know exactly how he feels because exact same thing happened to me about a year back. Hackers managed to get into my aol email and it was all over from there. Not much you can do to stop a hack once they get through your email. For me they must of spent a huge amount of time guessing passwords for my email, or more likely using a password guessing program, as I was never keylogged or anything of the sort and sounds like the exact same thing happened to the King. After being drained and losing modship its sorta heart breaking to begin again. Even though money is not extremely hard to regain its annoying to have to do it if you were well off before and modship is not a thing to play for, its just bothersome to explain over and over where your crown went, especially for a person as high profile as Kingduffy.

I completely understand where he is coming from in his post and I hope to see him stay around, but fully understand if he doesn't. He was a good guy the few times I managed to speak with him in passing so will be hard to see a great player like that leave over a random hacker getting lucky and breaking through his email.

The more annoyed part that I share with Kingduffy as well is that the hacker didn't stop at Runescape... luckily I was able to head off a Facebook and University email hack from it, but they still tried to.

#5333870 Tip.It Times - 25th November 2012

Posted by Poppe on 27 November 2012 - 01:42 PM

The thought of "Rs2 Servers" really reminds me of what I'm seeing with the RSB Warring community (the p2p clan war community) right now, which I was apart of for many years. Pretty much only one clan has even decided to give EOC a try... the rest have decided they will whine to high hell and start warring on private servers.

Two major things really bother me with that: The first is the EOC is a chance to breath need life into warring. RSB Warring has been basically the same for the past four years, the only change is a few gear upgrades, but the format and strategies are ... predictable. I understand not liking change, but completely resisting change frustrates me. It is not if they are quitting either, none of them plan to leave Runescape, they just plan to play on private servers instead which will soon raise its own problems of hackings, poorer programming, and the risk of Jagex getting it shut down as it is copyright infringement.

Second problem is something I see in every single game I've played and I'm not sure if it is a problem with foruming communities or if its a problem with me. But it seems in every major game's forums, the forumer's feel they know whats best for the game more then the developers and with that comes almost a sense of entitlement. Now I don't mean tip.it at all in that, its honestly why I've migrated here from the RSB (Runescape Official Forums) because there isn't that sense of entitlement here (and far less trolls as well). Now sure, the gamers spend more time in the game then the developers, that is just the nature of the relationship. But gamers in their feedback will always have a ting of bias in what they don't like. An example of what I mean is the sticky in suggestions on the RSB for changing the crystal key chest as Jagex plans to update it's rewards. Some of the suggestions are wildly unbalanced such as switching the dragonstone to an onyx or new crystal items with every key, etc. because people want to make money off there stock of crystal keys... Well if everyone uses their stock of crystal keys to get hoards of onyx then the price of an onyx will be that of a dragonstone within a day.

Typically I have more faith in the developers to keep the long term success and enjoyment of the game in mind better then the players. Now that isn't true for everyone, but I think for a game's community as a whole it is true. I'm sure anyone will take a few maxed cash stack without stopping to think if the free maxed cash was offered to everyone also then the money would soon be worthless.

Okay! Huge digression in all of that but I get across what I feel about the community still threatening to quit over EOC. This is why I'm not in favor of throwback servers at all for "Rs 2." I suppose in closing, in the build up to EOC's launch I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I had concerns of it changing slayer for me and making it unenjoyable, but just by waiting and giving something new a fair chance, I bet many of the people still against EOC might actually like it or find something new it in they do like.

I still hold out hope that all the RSB warrers will play with their private servers for a few wars and get sick of it and come back and adapt to EOC.

#5332943 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 25 November 2012 - 03:44 PM

Top 15 Most Experience Update (Thanksgiving Edition)

(November 18th to November 24th)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) Drumgun (38.7M)
2.) Jake (30.1M)
3.) Paulrat3 (22.0M)

Rank changes:

- Drumgun passes Jd and Elvis for rank 3 in overall experience. Congrats :)
- Paulrat3 passed inactive Telmomarques for rank 8. Congrats :)
- Still a close race for rank 12 between Number1 Boss and Robbie with under 3M still separating them.

Total experience gained by the top 15:


Full Update

Edits: Fixed weird sentences, placed Paulrt properly in rank 8th, and fixed misplace words.

#5331781 20-Nov-2012 - Evolution of Combat: Now Live!

Posted by Poppe on 22 November 2012 - 05:33 PM

I take the good with the bad and with an update the size of this one there is bound to be a fair amount of both.

For me this update was EoS, Evolution of Skilling. There are a few different things that the action bar has made more enjoyable, the two biggest being mining and fishing. Now of course this update can make both completely afkable and some people love that, but with some effort these skills are now easier to be efficient in.

I'm sure everyone knows that mining and superheating is quite a bit easier now. It is the same speed as before, just easier to maintain good experience rates without mousekeys. In some ways gives an even playing field to those that don't know how to use mousekeys or are too lazy to.

The biggest thing I'm loving currently is fishing. Currently I'm fishing trout and salmon at Barbarian Village, which is a tad unexpected, but Barbarian Village has always been a better place to fish than Shilo as the spots don't move as far. You just had to drop with mousekeys, now with the action bar they are quick to drop. But there is another element that could make it rival c2ing: Fish Flingers. I've not been able to keep less than 8 tickets since this update just fishing 10 minutes outside at Village between games. Seems extra flinger tickets are caught based on how many fish you catch so I've been getting about 1 ticket between each game. Currently going to see if I can power through this for my champion box painlessly and also getting atleast 90k-100k fishing experience at a much less effort level than c2ing. Plan to experiment today see if i can get it to the experience level of c2ing.

Most likely though c2ing itself will be faster as guardian doors and clearing in c2s is much faster now with the different abilities, so I look forward to playing with that as well in the future see if 100k woodcuting and fishing experience an hour is possible now.

Furthermore there is slayer which has changed quite a bit with this update. Pretty much the task list is flipped the good tasks are now bad and the bad tasks are now good. Dagannoths are weak to mage and attack with range so they will violate you with a pineapple, but steel dragons and many other questionable tasks are much faster. Seems this update could do much more for skilling then combat XD.

#5330160 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 18 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

Top 15 Most Experience Update

(November 11th to November 17th)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) Drumgun (+28.5M)
2.) Jake (+26.7)
3.) Kingduffy (+21M)

Rank changes:

- Number1Boss hopped ranks 12 and 13 to be the new rank 12th.

Officially this week Allar leaves the top 15. If anyone is familiar with a quick history of Allar's skilling history I'd love to hear it.

Total experience gained by the top 15:

182.554 M

Full Update

#5327499 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 11 November 2012 - 01:38 PM

Well... it has been quite abit since the last full update and I guess I have too much free time Sunday mornings ;). Here is the latest look at the top 15 with quite a few changes since the last update due to the double experience weekend.

I changed up the top 15 a bit since the last time I made one to make it a bit quicker to compile and maybe a bit more straight to the point. I'd love any feedback on it. As it stands right now I should be able to turn these out Sunday mornings unless A13d wants to update again, more then welcome to ;).

Top 15 Most Experience Update

(November 4th to November 10th)

Quick Highlights

Highest 3 Gains in the Top 15 this week:
1.) Jake: +32.2M
2.) Drumgun: +29.7M
3.) Robbie: +13.0M

Rank changes:

Quite a bit since the last due to the Double Experience weekend and the huge competition in the 12th-15th ranks. For the update this week I decided not to feature specific ones. Can note that since the last update a month ago Paperbag has fallen off the top 15

Total experience gained by the top 15:

172.992 M

Full Update

Total experience gains of the now top 15 since last update (October 4th - November 10th):
1.) S_U__O__M_I: ( +11.69M)
2.) Jake: (+157.24M)
3.) Elvis: (+86.34M)
4.) Jdelacroix (+127.42M)
5.) Drumgun (+181.28M)
6.) Elias (+42.63M)
7.) Almostlost (52.93M)
8.) Telmomarques (+0M)
9.) Paulrat3 (+75.22M)
10.) Kingduffy (+57.76M)
11.) Dragonseance (+116.15M)
12.) Robbie (+141.08M)
13.) Nico Robin (+106.17M)
14.) Number1 Boss (+149.82M)
15) Pope712 (+70.75M)

#5321472 Farming

Posted by Poppe on 26 October 2012 - 02:11 AM

Those 3-5m experience days in farming are all-time records. Something people plan out well ahead and nothing that can be done regularly.

For atleast some of them I know are effigies opening, I think atleast a few people spent 300 or more effigies on farming to be on the record board back when you could stock them.

The larger records though come from Vinesweeper if I recall right, I don't recall any point limit (or if there is one its quite high) so if you enjoy the game and want the record then save up a few months of Vinesweeper.

#5320416 Castle wars

Posted by Poppe on 22 October 2012 - 11:35 PM

It seems like they should implement an inactivity timer like they did for soul wars to prevent loafing. But then again, this would make the trimmed comp cape infinitely harder to achieve as actually participating in 5000 games of castle wars would be so mind numbing that I don't think anyone could survive it without turning into a vegetable.

Chances are an inactivity timer would actually make things worse.

What judges activity? If someone wishes to loaf, they will find a way. This could mean they all punch a barricade upstairs, or randomly drop explosive potions to take damage. At worse I could see a team's supply of barricades used up by loafers for activity and them punching them.

Then have to worry about the activity timer hurting actual players, such as the level 80s defending. They are contributing somewhat, but chances are if activity is based on dealing damage, then they won't have the output it takes defending to keep the activity bar up.

Currently at the very least, loafers don't do anything hurt the team, nor anything to help it either (can make the argument a team stacked with loafers hurts the team, but still when I loafed for my hybrid helms I always felt the loafers were fairly well distributed on average, with only the occasional game way out of balance). Adding activity they could enter the realm of hurting the teams just to be able to loaf.

#5320044 Castle wars

Posted by Poppe on 21 October 2012 - 09:34 PM

Some people just cannot stand people loafing or idling in Castle Wars. Personally doesn't bother me at all, mainly because the fact that on average there should be similar amounts of loafers on each side, considering a fair majority go in the green portal just to get in games. So they balance each other out and they don't overly effect the outcome.

In many ways can blame Jagex for the mechanism of this requirement of games played and not games won, or even the fact that this requirement exists at all. The 5,000 games is very much the rate limiting part of the trimmed comp cape, and hated by many as it is nothing but a time drain. But at this point not sure any change can be made without some outcry in one way or another as so many have loafed the 5,000 games it would be a tad unfair to change it.

As for the tons of 138s there, it is another curse of Jagex that many players of Runescape are more long term players so many high levels flood mini games where it is fun to beat up on lower leveled players for some.

#5319004 The first deaf rs player with max stats..

Posted by Poppe on 18 October 2012 - 10:02 PM

I suppose at risk of sounding insensitive its not that outstanding of an achievement :s, considering the majority of people I personally know cannot stand Runescape sounds anyway (even with the new voice acting, etc).

Really no evidence that he was or wasn't first besides the claim on the video. There are quite a few other maxed/high level players with a variety of health conditions as well, for some it is the conditions that give them the chance to play Runescape as much as they do.

Congrats to them, but someone maxing with say cerebral palsy or disorder that makes playing quite a bit more difficult and I'd be greatly impressed.

#5290048 Professional Skiller - 50M Farming, 60M Rcing, and Re-Comp!

Posted by Poppe on 01 August 2012 - 08:42 PM

Yep dwarf traders are about 210k thieving experience an hour, without ibis or the thieving auras.

As for the plasma:

#5281760 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 15 July 2012 - 03:39 PM

Another update until Sojournitis returns :P


Top 5 highest experience gain out of the top 20

Update of the top 15 from July 9th to July 14th 2012

The top 15's experience gains for the month of July, so far

#5279298 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 09 July 2012 - 10:11 PM

Last night I caught myself slowly doing an update for myself of the top players, mainly a tad bored and looking around for entertainment so figured if I was already halfway to an update I might as well post one here. I looked back and appears Sojournitis won't be back for near a month for his own update. I'll put mine in spoilers though so those that aren't interested don't have to read it :P


Top 5 highest experience gain out of the top 20

Update of the top 15 from July 2nd to July 9th 2012

Top 25 (Active) Players with the most 200Ms (as of July 2nd)

#5278096 200M in all Skills

Posted by Poppe on 07 July 2012 - 04:58 AM

So Jdela changed his name to "I have Quit", this is pretty sad to see as he's been a longstanding front pager and quite an intellectual poster on the HLF forums in the past. With that said, can't say I blame him with the direction the game has been going. This of course is assuming he's going to follow through as his name indicates.

Could possibly be a troll as well, guess we'll have to look at his exp gains over the next few days for complete confirmation one way or the other.