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Dagannoth Kings Tribrid?

14 June 2012 - 11:38 PM

Are tribriding DKs still a viable strategy for Dagannoth tasks? If so, what gear should I bring? I have bandos/arma/ahrim's/rapier and about 25m to blow. Thanks!

Money Making

31 May 2012 - 02:37 AM

So I'm sure you guys probably get this question a lot around here, but I'm wondering what the best way to make money with my stats is (I've been away for the game for about 8 months). I have 13M on hand as well as full Bandos/dragon claws/ovls/rapier/rigour. I also have 96 Summoning although it's not reflected in my signature for some reason. Thanks for the help!

Jad Task Question

23 March 2011 - 01:44 AM

Does KOing him with claws still deny you the 25k bonus xp?

Frosts Question

04 March 2011 - 12:02 AM

Do I get a Yak through Slayer first, then TDs so I have enough to afford the experience, or should I make some money at frosts and then train summon?

Slayer Challenges Improvement

21 December 2010 - 03:10 AM

So I've been thinking. Special Slayer Challenges could have been a really good idea.

The current Slayer Challenges, are, to be brutally honest, crap.

Most high-level players only encounter one special challenge even close to worth doing, and that's Kuradal's Jad challenge. I feel like there should be a bunch of new challenges designed for high-level players. These new challenges can be assigned by any slayer master Sumona or higher, but require a slayer level (and other levels, as well).

Note: a player can only receive a challenge after a COMPLETE task. This means that canceling tasks over and over in order to get one of these tasks is impossible to do. Slayer Challenges occur at about 1/10 the rate of a normal task. For example, for every 10 Gargoyles tasks a player would receive 1 Corrupted Fairies task.

Corrupted Fairies

Requirements: 70 Posted Image
Assigned in: Tasks of 80-110 by all Slayer Masters
Special Drops: Dark Dramen Staff
Guaranteed Reward At End: 10,000 Slayer experience, 20 slayer points, 200 blood runes

Corrupted Fairies can be found south of Zanaris near the Cosmic Altar. To access them, one must have completed Lost City. They are level 166 monsters with very high accuracy that hit up to 110 with magic and magical ranged damage - even a high level player should expect to have to bring large amounts of food/unicorn/EEE/soul split. They are in a singlecombat zone and will detect prayer, meaning that one cannot use any form of protection prayer against them. They always drop ashes and have a strong drop table highlighted by large rune (I refer here to Blood/Death runes) drops and dragon daggers. However, the main attraction is the Dark Dramen Staff, an untradeable Slayer Staff (same stats as a Slayer Staff, droprate: 1/400-500) that is able to cast Slayer Dart and gives +25% to all damage while on task.

Rogue Familiars

Requirements: 75 Posted Image, various Posted Image levels recommended
Assigned in: Tasks of 100-150 by all Slayer Masters
Special Drops: Omnicharms
Guaranteed Reward At End: 15,000 Slayer experience, 30 slayer points, 50 crimson charms

Rogue Familiars can be found in a special chamber inside the Summoning Obelisk near Sophanem. (To enter the chamber, right click on the Obelisk while on task). They are level 151, 190, and 210 monsters in a heavily-populated multicombat zone. The level 151 monsters drop mostly green charms, the level 190 monsters drop mostly crimson charms, and the level 210 monsters drop mostly blue charms. However, a Summoning level of 70 is needed to fight the level 190 monsters and a Summoning level of 90 is needed to fight the level 210 monsters. Without Protect from Summoning on, these monsters can deal up to 550 damage. Protect from Summoning decreases the max hit to 130. Rogue Familiars also have two special attacks at their disposal - Spiritual Overload, in which a Rogue Familiar you are fighting suddenly explodes and deals 200 damage, and Ethereal Strike, which reduces your prayer points by 10. They will not spam these attacks, however. Their unique drop is the Omnicharm (droprate: approximately 1/40-50), which is a charm one can use to summon a Rogue Familiar (the level depends on your own Summoning level). Rogue Familiars are special in that they can deal damage in singlecombat zones, making them extremely useful for slayer tasks. They are banned in PvP.

Golden Minotaur

Requirements: 80 Posted Image
Assigned in: Tasks of 160-180 by all Slayer Masters
Special Drops: Imbued Golden Bars
Guaranteed Reward At End: 20,000 Slayer experience, 10,000 Smithing experience, 40 slayer points,

Golden Minotaurs are level 140 monsters that attack with melee and ranged, hitting rather inaccurately but with a max hit of 360. They are the weakest of the Slayer Challenge monsters. They can be found inside a singlecombat room at the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim. They are relatively straightforward creatures that have a fairly generous droptable of jewelry and runite armour (platelegs, plateskirt, kiteshield). However, the main attraction is the rare Imbued Golden Bar (droprate: 1/700), which is an item that, depending on your Smithing level, can turn into various different pieces of Jewelry.

Imbued Golden Bars can be turned into

Imbued Amulet of Magic (make a Sapphire Amulet and enchant it, requires 20 smithing), gives +15 to magic
Imbued Amulet of Defence (make a Emerald Amulet and enchant it, requires 40 smithing), gives +20 to all defenses and +5 to prayer
Imbued Strength Amulet (make a Ruby Amulet and enchant it, requires 60 smithing), gives +12 to strength
Imbued Amulet of Power (make a Diamond Amulet and enchant it, requires 80 smithing), gives +12 to all attack bonuses and +7 to strength at the cost of -10 prayer and -50 to all defences
Imbued Golden Boots (make Golden Boots, requires 90 smithing), gives +3 to all attack bonuses and +6 to strength and +1 to prayer, no defense bonuses

All are untradeable.

Lava Beasts

Requirements: 85 Posted Image
Assigned in: Tasks of 25-35 by all Slayer Masters
Special Drops: Fire Enchantment Scroll
Guaranteed Reward At End: 25,000 Slayer experience, 50 slayer points, 200 rune arrows

Lava Beasts are extremely difficult level 293 monsters who attack with melee, ranged, and magical ranged. It is recommended to use range on these monsters as they will not attack you with melee if you attack them at a range and their melee attack hits up to 600 and is not blocked by Protect from Melee. Lava Beasts are found past the Black Demons in Taverley Dungeon. They drop a Fire Enchantment Scroll (droprate: 1/50) which will add +6 ranged strength to any weapon permanently: however, the enchantment may be removed (this is obviously more useful on MSB, etc, than Rune C'bow). These scrolls are untradeable.


Requirements: 90 Posted Image
Assigned in: Tasks of 3-4 by Kuradal
Special Drops: Hades Legs, Skeledromos' Demise
Guaranteed Reward At End: 30,000 Slayer experience, 60 slayer points, 50 dragon bones

Skeledromos is a very, very, difficult instanced boss with high defence (slightly higher than that of General Graardor), 4000 LP and 4 distinct attacks. His first attack is a highly accurate ranged attack that cannot be blocked through prayer and hits up to 190. His second attack is a Magic attack that is completely blocked by prayer but hits up to 300 and will always hit if prayer is not on. The last two attacks are special attacks: the first, Blitzkrieg, has him teleport up to you, stun you, and then hit rapidly (knife speed) with melee attacks that hit up to 285 and hit at least 150 without melee prayer on. The second is Raise Dead, which summons 2 Skeletons to attack you. These skeletons have melee and range attacks that hit up to 95 fairly inaccurately. However, you must kill them in order to kill Skeledromos and he will regenerate 500 LP every time you kill them (he will not spam this attack). He has a very impressive droptable consisting of an item worth ~50k each time you kill him. His main drop are the Hades Legs (droprate: 1/10), which is an extremely powerful plateleg armour that gives +4 to strength, +3 to prayer, and has defense bonuses similar to Dragon Platelegs. They are tradeable. If you are extremely lucky, however, you may earn the shield slot item Skeledromos' Demise (droprate: 1/50), which is a powerful defender that gives +24 to all offensive bonuses, +7 to strength, +5 to prayer, -20 to all defenses, and has a small chance (about 1/200?) of instantly killing any slayer monster and awarding 400 prayer experience. It is not tradeable. It is recommended to have Ancient Curses as Skeledromos completely ignores the effect of normal prayers.


Requirements: 95 Posted Image
Assigned in: Tasks of 3-4 by Kuradal
Special Drops: Hades Body, Skelehypnos' Gauntlets
Guaranteed Reward At End: 35,000 Slayer experience, 10,000 Magic Experience, 70 slayer points

Skelehypnos is the counterpart to Skeledromos and is a very difficult instanced boss with low-mid defence (around that of an Abyssal Demon), 3000 LP, and 3 distinct attacks. His first attack is a melee attack that deals up to 230 damage. It cannot be blocked by prayer. His second attack is a green barrage-type attack with a max of 300 that poisons starting at 96. It cannot be blocked by any sort of anti-poison potion. His third attack is the one that makes him extremely powerful, however. He basically shouts "Hypnosis", restores 1000 LP, and disables all of your prayers while he smacks at you with his other two attacks. You cannot eat or drink potions during this sleep-phase. The higher your magic level, the easier it is to break out of this sleep, which can potentially last long enough to kill you. His main drop is the Hades Body (droprate: 1/10), which is an extremely powerful platebody armour that gives +6 to strength, +4 to prayer, and has defence bonuses similar to the Dragon Chainbody. If you are extremely lucky, you may earn the gloves slot item Skelehypnos' Gauntlets, which give +15 to all categories except +10 to magic offense and defense. When combined with Skeledromos' Demise, each attack has a 1/100 chance of instantly killing any slayer monster and awarding 400 prayer experience. It is not tradeable. It is recommended to have Ancient Curses on as Skeledromos is unaffected by any normal prayer.


Requirements: 99 Posted Image
Assigned in: Tasks of 1 by Kuradal
Special Drops: Shapeshifter's Blade, Monkey Code Book
Guaranteed Reward At End: 50,000 Slayer experience, 100 slayer points

Who else but a god to serve as the end-boss of the Slayer Challenge line? Marimbo is a level 738 gorilla that can be found in the deepest caverns of the Ape Atoll Dungeon. He has 12,000 LP (but low defence) and 5 attacks: a melee, prayer draining attack similar to that of K'ril Tsutaroth that can hit 390, a melee attack in which Marimbo becomes temporarily invulnerable and jumps on the player for a short stun and exactly 350 damage, a rapid ranged attack that can hit 200 and poison with knife speed, and two special magic attacks. One of these is Paralyze, which reduces your agility level and run energy to 0. Marimbo then runs at you at 1.5x walking speed and hits you in rapid succession with very strong melee attacks. His other magic attack is Vacuum, which brings you extremely close to Marimbo, dealing up to 250 damage, and then using rapid melee attacks. Prayers are necessary here, as all of his attacks can be partially blocked by prayer. The problem is that Marimbo gives very few hints as to which style he'll be using next. However, he does stay on one attack for a fairly long time (10-15 seconds), so quick reflexes are required. Marimbo is not meant to be killed by any but the absolute elite of players. He drops the Shapeshifter's Blade (droprate: 1/10) and the Monkey Code Book (droprate: 1/20). The Shapeshifter's Blade is an enhancement to a weapon. Everytime one kills a Slayer monster with the Shapeshifter's Blade attached, 20 agility experience is gained. The Monkey Code Book, however, is the real prize. It allows access to a secret dungeon inside Ape Atoll with an agility/herblore/thieving course (run over course, steal special herbs from monkeys, make herbs into special pots, run back over course, repeat) that has many nightshade respawns and can yield up to 80k agility, 70k herblore, and 130k thieving experience an hour.