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Frustrated.. feeling lost!

20 August 2013 - 08:35 PM


I wanted to try this new RS3 thingy, since I decided to quit RS when they released EoC.

Now, I am completely lost.. The design looks great, and all these new features.. But honestly it's not user friendly at all, and the new combat system doesn's fit RuneScapes tick-based gameplay very much..

So, would anybody care to tell me how to play this game 2k13 style. Especially how to do combat in each role as well as selecting the best settings. And what activities to do :)

Any help appreciated!

Best regards,

What should i do with my account pking wise?

27 January 2011 - 02:24 PM

Hey everyone!

Wilderness is about to come and i have been thinking of making my account a account i can do both PvM and PvP with, just for the fun. So i was wondering where i should take my stats? I plan getting magic levels by bursting soon. Anything else i could improve?

I tried to pk yesterday with korasi and proselyte. Everyone called me a safer... How should i respond to that? My opponent said he would safe too, so i hit him 257 and then specced him 387 with my new Korasi's. K0... The funny thing that he was risking 500k+ and i was risking 300k+ guess what i got as loot??? 10k. Cool...

Stats are in the signature, please come with helpful advice!

The botting still persists

25 September 2010 - 10:12 PM

This picture say it all.

Posted Image

What do you think of that Jagex can't fight off the bots? At this world, w42, 97% of the people were botting. On world 160, the quickchat world, 100% of the people were botting.

First great loss in rs -_-"

05 September 2010 - 10:55 AM

This is a rant, and im seriously pissed of at Jamflex atm..

Okay, so I was in a rush because it's bonus exp weekend, and i wanted to get the most out of it. I finished my twentieth task at sumona and got 60 points. Then i traversed to the shilo village slayer master, hoping for some kind of dragon slayer task, and i got 61 iron dragons :)

I confidently put on my new battle robes, barrows glove (burn in hell), infinity boots, glory, zammy cape, and unholy book (took some time before i noticed i needed the anti dfs, sadly too long). Then i went to the iron dragons, ran to the most southern spot, i shouldn't have done that, when i got there i was hit for damage, i just wtf and ate my shark. Of course i forgot my Ectophial in the hurry, I always bring it, but I didn't this time. I knew there were no safespots, and I didn't have any teleportations but ring of life, but that didn't work either. Protect from magic didn't work, which i thought it would. And of course i forgot about protect 4 items prayer.

So I ran past some guys and then north to try to escape, then i got hit 26 by an steel dragon, and 18 for the last hit when i was at the black demons. When i died, i had no names to chat to, but there were still people that saw that i was severely damaged. I was so stressed, ran to the bank and got the stuff i needed, i was fairly quick even though i was nervous if i would make it. I ran into the dungeon, probably a new record for getting into there, when i got the summoning obelisk, my grave disappeared. But i still thought that the items would remain (like if you drop something) after the grave disappeared. But the disappointment hit me. No items were lying around. And no grave of course, no one of those who were killing irons, cared to see if i died, and repair or bless my grave.

When I got there I was 10-20 seconds late, and lost my battle robe bottom, 9-12 mil street value, Battle hood, 1 mil street value, infinity boots, 1 mil and some runes for waves, probably 1 mil. And what i was most shocked about, was that my 100k barrows gloves protected over the lets say 10 mil battle robe bottoms! I was utterly let down. So now i have to delay my 70 prayer which i was looking forward too, and my bursting which my friend was about to teach me today.

Why are the alch values so silly? and why does the items disappear right after the grave dies, and why didn't i purchase a better grave? Or why didn't people care to check my grave, i was even on w42, were people are nice. I wonder.

Hopefully, my friend will be able to help me get some new battle robes. and trade me some runes now and then eventually. But its still alot of money gone forever.

Discuss the conclusion, and please help me come up with some fast moneymakers except picking mort myre fungus (I earn 700k/hr that way, but it is extremely tedious)

Battle robes at iron dragons

22 August 2010 - 08:02 PM

Hey guys, im a bit bored and since i recently got my battle robes and im too lazy to start bursting rock lobsters, I thought I'd have some fun at Iron Dragons and hopefully get a clue or a dragon drop (lol, I want a f in visage :)

Im going to use the equipment shown below, it has an magic attack bonus of 98 (anti dfs) and 15% dmg boost.

So what i need to know is if it would be more cost efficient to use blast instead of bolts w/ chaos gauntlets? Since I already have battle robes I would save more using Blast? What is more cost efficient? I can get money fairly fast, would I save myself time and trouble using Blast or is the difference low?

Posted Image

LoL, I forgot I need anti dfs :P