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In Topic: Tip.It Times - 16th January 2011

22 January 2011 - 05:10 AM


Obviously, the first poll was a bit of a misfire. An absolute failure. But it did fulfill its stated purpose, which was merely to gauge interest in the old wildy and free trade. And as you keep going on about how it's so terrible that there is such a difference in the poll and the actual vote, i feel i must address this as well. When people first saw that they could possibly bring back the old wildy and free trade, OF COURSE they voted multiple times; after all, if Jagex had wanted it not to be that way, they would have required a login to vote. And as it did not affect the final outcome, it is inconsequential how many times people voted.

In Topic: 15 June 2010 - Ancient effigies

15 June 2010 - 09:18 PM

OH SNAP!!! notice how the little effigies look like tiny turtles with dragon heads, and give DRAGONKIN LAMPS??? I bet that these things are spies for the dragonkin, who want to take back our world!

In Topic: Tip.It Times - 16th May 2010

17 May 2010 - 06:55 PM

Nice article TS.

The major bugs article has been used twice now, i think they need more submissons

Um it's actually the third installment in an on-going article...hence the Part 3 in the title. Their only relation is the fact that they're bugs, other than that they're completely different in content. So, in essence, they could all be separate articles with separate titles. I could make Part 4 the end, but I don't think people want to read a 3200+ word article on some of the more serious bugs in RuneScape.

Are you joking? That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!

First article: well written, little off topic, but.... I SURE AS HECK HOPE NOT :ohnoes: the END of runescape?!?!?!?!?! that would stink.....

second article:awesome. pure.... awesome.

In Topic: Tip.It Times - Jagex Interview - 9th May 2010

10 May 2010 - 10:09 PM

Hmmmmm..... all in all, this can all be boiled down to one word:


In Topic: Tip.it Times 2 May 2010

07 May 2010 - 03:21 AM

TBH, personal opinion is rather moot. Rules of grammar and writing aren't open to personal interpretation, as far as to what is acceptable. Certain things always are wrong, other things may be allowed. One should N E V E R use "you". One should use "one".

A forum post is one thing, a more formal piece, such as the Times, should require correct grammar.

To call the Times 'formal' is wrong. It is an open personalized editorial section. I think that to call it formal is just plain wrong. And Btw, saying 'TBH' isn't exactly grammatically correct, is it? Isay we just agree to dissagree, and leave it at that we will never agree.

Did you read back a few posts? I said that a forum post is different. Acronyms, etc are accepted.

I still feel that what one wouldn't write in a letter to a friend, doesn't belong in the Times, E.G using "you" instead of "one". Racheya is old enough to practice decent grammar on a more formal piece like the Times.


Now, according to this, "you" is correct. However, unless one can be certain that "you" will indeed include all the members of the audience at least, I would shy away from its use.

so...... this is assuming that somebody in the audience will not be you? im guessing a third-person-speaking wierdy? =P~ =P~ =P~