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#5530685 Tranquil

Posted by LinkOlaran on 20 November 2014 - 06:39 AM

And then we proceeded to have the next hardmode floor glitch out so badly we nearly weren't able to finish it.


Oh, and we got a second blood necklace, which despawned after I dropped it on gt for Steph to pick up.


Runescape isn't a glitchy game at all, guys. >.>

#5380599 Strange Bonus XP (Glitch?)

Posted by LinkOlaran on 15 March 2013 - 08:06 AM

Hate to double post, but I don't think editing my previous post would cause people to reread this topic.

I seem to have figured out where this bonus XP is coming from. Sometime last year, I referred a friend to buy membership, and got the bonus xp from that - but I never activated it, since I was saving it for something (likely construction).

As it turns out, Jagex changed the way RAF operates. Now, it seems to be a permanent xp boost, except I only gain bonus xp when the person I recruited gains xp in that skill. So if they train... woodcutting, I'll gain bonus xp in woodcutting.

Kinda glad this wasn't a glitch. And not only that, I get free xp out of the deal, which I never expected. As a reference, the page on RAF is here:


In case you wanted a more detailed explanation. I'm not the best at explaining things clearly, so... :P

#5278714 Minecraft General

Posted by LinkOlaran on 08 July 2012 - 05:54 PM

The enchantment rework is probably going to either make Super Hostile maps really, really easy, or really, really hard, depending on if we can get book(shelves) or not - the leather requirement for creating books seems like it'll balance things out a fair amount.

Of course, then there's also the spawner code... additions, that Vechs talked to Dinnerbone about implementing. This includes... spawning mobs with potion effects already active, changing health of mobs (higher or lower) when they spawn, charged creeper spawners, allowing mobs to stack on each other when spawning (blaze tower turrets, but they break if you save and quit, and reload)...

Oh, and change how many mobs spawn each time the spawner activates, and how often it activates. Also, silverfish now apparently do the "call for help" thing for every tick of damage they take, including poison potions.

So yeah... future Super Hostile map players are probably screwed. The entire spawner code change won't do much of anything for those playing in vanilla Minecraft :P

A lot of builders (particularly on the Mindcrack server - specifically Zisteau, who's videos I watch religiously) are also waiting for the new wooden slab colors, wooden stairs, etc.

There's probably a ton of other stuff I completely forgot is going to be included in 1.3, since there have been so many snapshots between 1.2.5 and it, lol.