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Strange Bonus XP (Glitch?)

13 March 2013 - 09:20 PM

Going to keep this short, since I was in the middle of DG'ing.

I started playing RS around when The World Wakes was released, and thus started playing regularly again. I noticed, however, that I have bonus xp available for various skills - namely, Dungeoneering, Fishing, Thieving, Runecrafting. I figured at first that this was from some sort of promotional/event thing I missed in the past half a year, so I just ignored it and kept playing.

Except it hasn't gone away. I've gained well over 1M+ Dungeoneering XP since I started playing again, and it's still displaying that I have bonus XP remaining for it. Every floor I finish, it says I've used up all bonus XP for that skill, yet when I hover over it again in my skills tab, it says I still have more bonus XP remaining - different number every time, but never above 2K as far as I've seen. I've observed the XP splash at the end of the floor for DG experience, and it states I am gaining bonus XP eqivalent to what it said in the skills tab.

The other skills that display bonus XP do the same thing, as far as I've experienced. I could provide a screenshot if necessary, but it'd just display a before and after of my bonus XP from doing a floor.

Is this some form of weird glitch? Or is something else going on? Frankly, I'm not complaining (bonus XP is XP, after all...), but I'd like to know if this is a glitch and I should be attempting to contact Jagex to fix it.

Dominion Tower - Corrections

12 November 2011 - 12:00 AM

Just a few things I wanted to correct that I saw in the guide (excellent guide so far, by the way - very informative about how the tower works).

The handicaps max actions for re-rolling/nudging is 3, not 4 - I went to re-test this a bit ago, the number you start with (3) is the max. If you don't use any, upon completing a floor it'll tell you that you already have the max number of actions for handicaps.

Lifesaver doesn't just restore LP - it also restores prayer points to maximum. I still need to test and see if it can cure poison and/or disease as well, but restoring prayer is confirmed. Should also see if it restores reduced stats as well, now that I think of it...

I was going to comment on the dominion staff as well - I originally thought that it functioned like the dominion crossbow, and required the runes to be in your invy, it just didn't consume them - but further testing proved that to be wrong. The rune saving ability of the staff only displays inside of the boss room (*/X displayed for current runes/runes required for spell) - outside, it has zero effect. Guess you learn something every day :P

May also want to comment and say that the max credits one can have to spend on Dreadnips and the Goliath/Swift/Spellcaster gloves is 15 (75 boss kills). This may be stated in one of the images which didn't load for me (dialup sucks for loading images, by the way).

I'd list some comments about what I noticed about the gloves and Dreadnips as well, if required - it's not directly related to the tower, but still useful to know. I'll put it in a spoiler (this is personal experience, it may not be completely correct):

Gloves/Dreadnip Comments

I'd also like to state that I doubt the gloves last for only 1 hour of combat - I had one pair of goliath gloves last for an entire task of mutated jadinkos (200 mutated male jadinkos, to be exact), and still had a bit of charge left.

Hopefully my information helps. If you're planning on writing a more in depth guide as to how to do the tower's endurance mode, I could try to help with gear and inventory setups.

EDIT: Just a quick addition, this may or may not be helpful (thanks to Sman for reminding me) - Karamel, the boss, has the ability to drain stats/special attack with her ice barrage attack. The problem, is that she can drain the Dungeoneering stat as well - but, for some reason, the Tower doesn't restore it along with other stats at the end of each floor. Be aware of this, I suppose. It shouldn't bother too many people, but she can drain it down pretty low over time if you're doing a lot of floors and get Karamel/Gelatinnous Mother a fair number of times.

EDIT 2: Managed to get Lifesaver and Poison handicaps together. Got Lifesaver to activate, didn't do anything to the poison. Should test for restoring reduced stats next, I suppose. After I get Lifesaver on it's own, since I had a few other irritating handicaps to deal with as well.

Dungeoneering XP Loss and Lag

16 January 2011 - 10:11 PM

So, keeping this simple, since I'm considerably pissed off right now because of it...

Myself and two friends (one just starting dungeoneering on the account she was on) were trioing the first few levels, to get her prestige up, continue like normal, etc. Our friend leaves, so we decide to duo and continue.

The moment we try starting a new dungeon, we get an xp loss (one person -75% xp, two people -11% xp). Obviously, since there's only two of us, we're getting screwed out of xp regardless of what we do.

After fiddling with the options, we can't get it to not eat our xp, so we suck it up and take the -11%.

We start, and she immediately lags and whitescreens. She never lagged at all on the same floors in trio, now on duo, she lags out. She's also on broadband, I'm on dialup.

I'm stumped as to why we're getting the xp loss - my friend is only level 8, so maybe that's it? It's never, ever done this before, and I've helped her on different low level accounts before, though.

Any suggestions? Quite frankly, I'm severely pissed off at this. She's always lagged here and there on duos, but this xp loss makes no sense, unless Jagex did something.

Apologies for the anger, I really can't help myself right now.

Extremely Laggy When Playing Runescape

01 January 2011 - 05:38 PM

Right, I'm posting this just before I head to bed, so forgive me if this is the wrong section/jumbled in format or whatever.

I've been playing Runescape for years - on dialup. Yes, I know how terrible it is, and before you say get highspeed, it's not available in my area for the most part - there's maybe one company who offers it back where I live, and we're looking into it soon. But, for now, stuck on dialup.

Overall, I haven't had many issues. It doesn't dc very often, or lag severely (unless I try to load a page in the background). But recently, due to some unfortunate circumstances (old computer blew up, and then my laptop's modem fried when we hooked that up a day later due to a power surge coming back through the phone line), we have a somewhat new and up to date computer (at least something positive came out of it all). The connection is more or less just as stable as it was before, but recently, I've had some issues.

Occasionally, I'll log on, and it just lags like crazy - more like I'm on a world with 300-400+ ping instead of the 190-210 ping I usually get (for dialup, 200 ish ping is about as good as it gets). I click, and it responds usually a couple seconds later in most cases. I noticed it comes in waves, sometimes it functions at the normal speed, and then it just slows right down like something else is hogging the connection. Runescape still displays these worlds as being 195 ping or such numbers (if it'll even load ping at all, it usually refuses to when it's lagging like this). And then usually, after an hour or two of fiddling around with the firewall, restarting my pc, unplugging the exterior modem and moving it to a new spot, something makes it start working again. I still have no idea what exactly fixes it. Except this time, it hasn't fixed itself yet.

Quite frankly, I'm stumped. I've already gone through the firewall settings and opened up the ports associated with Runescape as they recommend somewhere in their knowledge base. I've tried disabling the firewall entirely, still does nothing (yes, I know this is a bad idea, but I'm willing to try anything to see what's causing this lag). I honestly am not sure what else to do. I think my Java version is one lower than the most recent, so I'll set that up to update while I'm asleep, but... any ideas? Are there any other methods one uses to fix lag in Runescape?

Any information at all would be nice, I'm willing to try just about anything now. I'll try forcing sun java on Internet Explorer (I'll note that I always use Firefox for any browsing) and see if that does anything. I suppose it could be something on my end (most likely, but what is the question), or it could be on Jagex's end (high load on servers or something, I guess?).

Again, any help is appreciated. If any specific computer details are needed, I'll supply them, but these are the basic ones:

Acer Aspire M3400

AMD Athlon II X3 440 Processor (3.00GHz)
4GB of RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium (64 Bit)
ATI Radeon HD 4250 Graphics

Unsure if there's anything else I should include. Also, everything else works perfectly fine on my connection - I can surf the web and download stuff at normal speeds, it's just Runescape that lags to all hell right now.

Herb Farming Death and Harvest Rates

23 December 2010 - 05:04 AM

Just a quick question for you fellow Tipiters.

I've been farming off and on for the past couple years, and I recently got my friend into doing it as well (she normally hates it, but I convinced her to try since she could use the cash from herb farming).

I wrote up a short guide for her so she knows what to do, what order to do the patches in, etc. She's 68 farming, and farming spirit weed right now, was toadflax before - I watch Grimy's spreadsheet and double check the calcs myself to see what herb is currently the most profitable. She doesn't have access to magic secateurs (1 def), but it still provides a good enough guideline for her purposes. Anyway...

We all know herbs die. That's a fact, and it's unavoidable unless we watch each patch like a hawk to make sure it doesn't happen. My question is based off of what she told me about her harvests and deaths with both toadflax and spirit weed. Is it possible that each different herb has it's own average death and harvest rate, or is it universal to all herbs regardless of farming level or whatever, or it's just luck?

Based on what she told me, toadflax for her rarely ever died, but her toadflax harvests never really went that high, either - maybe from 5-10, I don't recall her mentioning any higher harvests. Spirit weed, though... she told me some of her harvests were over 10 per patch (I think the highest she mentioned was 14 for one patch), but spirit weed dies more often for her than toadflax ever did.

Basically, what do you think? Is there a difference between each herb's average yield and deaths? Does average yield increase with farming level? Do lower level seeds (spirit weed is 2 levels lower than toadflax, if I recall) die more often (which fits, since marigold commonly dies even for me)? Or is this all just a mix of good and back luck?

Apologies if my post is a bit hard to follow, I was doing a farm run as I was writing it :P I'm quite curious to know, though.