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Roll to Magic!

30 October 2011 - 09:04 PM

Hello, and welcome to Roll to Magic! All the information needed for play is below in the Datadump.


Turns will be done once or twice a day, providing all players have submitted necessary actions. Please do not sign up if you know you will not be capable of submitting actions frequently enough. By 'frequently enough,' I mean about once every 2 days. If it's been more than 2 days since the last turn and you haven't submitted an action, your character will go to 'sleep' and not wake until you return. If you haven't returned for 2 weeks without having notified the GM prior to your disappearance, your character will be removed from the game and someone else will take their place.







The Fireplace

29 October 2011 - 11:25 PM

Hello, and welcome to The Fireplace, where the Tavernites discuss possible new games amongst themselves and where I, hopefully, will manage to keep a list of games currently running or being drafted.

To get a game added to the list, just throw me or a Tavern Moderator a PM with the game's name and what list you wish for it to be placed under. Games Running is for games which are currently running - it has all the players it needs, is fleshed out, and people are playing it. Games In Enrollment are games which still need more players, but are otherwise ready to go. Games In Draft are games which are still having the fine details worked out, but have a decent core concept and a GM willing to run them. Falador Tavern Archives is for games that have run their course and are finished, but may be resurrected sometime in the future if the desire to do so is there and there is a willing GM if one is necessary.

Drafts in Storage has just recently been added into the list of categories. This is for games that are making no progress in the Draft stage. Any posts which do not show any progress after one month will be moved here so that Tavern members and newcomers know what to look forward to and not get confused between what is being worked on and what isn't.

Games Running:

Games In Enrollment:
The Millions War

Games In Draft:

Drafts in Storage:

Falador Tavern Archives:
An Ocean of a Problem - Pathfinder Campaign

That list aside, this thread is for discussion of concepts, game structures, and generally Tavern games that are under construction. This is not the Back Room, and posts which are naught but off-topic will be killed with fire.

Crafting: the RTD

04 August 2011 - 07:13 PM

The year is 2053 in Earth years. Your planet has recently made contact with highly advanced extraterrestrials, and has since joined its population together in an attempt to resist an alien invasion. But, for now, it would seem the aliens have no intention of invading.

This is what you thought. Until today, where instead of awakening in your 'bed', you awoke on a large space station, along with 5 other aliens of a species you do not recognise, to a message being broadcast into your minds: "Attention Crafters. You are here to participate in a game. To win is to save your planet. To lose is to have it eradicated. The objective is this: To build. To craft. To make things of such great quality that even ourselves would have to marvel at their beauty. You will have as much time as necessary to do this, as well as some of our more.... dated equipment. You will also be given access to various locations throughout the galaxy to scour for crafting materials. You may begin." A door opens in front of you, and you walk out into a large bay full of tools, desks, and other whatnot, all overshadowed by a large portal. You find your station, and begin setting up to do your work...

Welcome to Crafting: the RtD.
Everything You Need To Know

List of Currently Active Players - Maximum of 6


Characters in Stasis

Game will start once someone's made a character. Also note: this is NOT hard sci-fi.

Roll to Dodge: The Tavern

05 June 2011 - 10:28 PM

So I picked up on a new (to me) type of RPing game from Bay12 called RTD. It typically uses a d6 and certain small bonuses to determine a player's success instead of a d20, and turns occur once all players have posted an action for that turn.
The Way it Works

I figured I had the time to start one over here in the Tavern, so here goes. It's based off the old concept that someone had about all the Tavernites getting stuck in a city during a zombie invasion.

Make your characters. I will allow one +1 positive perk and require at least one negative perk, and one weapon of choice.

Sample Characters

Character List at Gamestart

I'm gonna try to keep it somewhat simple, so I can handle up to, say, 8 characters. Rolls will start in about 6 hours - characters can still be made and implemented afterwards, though.

Makin' Cash

14 April 2011 - 05:36 PM

Alright. I'm poor and want to stop being so. What's the fastest moneymaker for me with these stats and ~11m initial investing money? (I already have a fury, and can sell that and some gear if necessary.)