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#5442792 13-Aug-2013 - The Death of Chivalry

Posted by ArtemisCatal on 20 August 2013 - 06:10 AM

And none of them are "the Insane".

We don't need that title. We play rs. Most people realize that within 10 minutes of meeting us. I'm probably just speaking for myself though. :?

#5442789 22-Jul-2013 - RuneScape 3!

Posted by ArtemisCatal on 20 August 2013 - 05:59 AM


Posted Image

This is basically what I told my sister (who plays RS) after I found out that the duke thing was being decided by the players. Irritating that so many people don't seem to get the concept of budgeting our funds. Though tbh, the duke started this with so little money, I think he maybe needs a lesson or 3 on kingdom management. Maybe he should talk to the manager of Misc, she seems to be doing a pretty good job, even though she is in a deep state of bereavement :wink:.
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#5441348 Future Update Discussions

Posted by ArtemisCatal on 16 August 2013 - 07:54 AM

Gods are only mortal after all.. and look how much we Fashionscape :?

Do you know how hard it is to color coordinate when you can change the color of your skin too! It practically doubles the problems of finding a fetching frock. It's taking the gods so long to manifest on rs because they are like trying to get teenage girls out the door in the morning. The hair, the makeup, the 20 clothing changes, at minimum 3 shoe/sock changes. It's no minor miracle that Sara and Zammy are here already. Do you think that facial hair teases itself so fetchingly? Ok, so maybe god hair does style itself, but still, that's about the twentieth beard Sara tried, and he stood in front of the miror for an hour trying to find the exact right shade of cyan to go with his robes. And the less said about Zammy quest for wings that seemed imposing without seeming overwhelming, the better. After all, he didn't want anyone to think he was compensating for something with the wings. Gods, such little prima donnas.

edit: and you don't even want to know how many times Bandos has said "does this make me look fat?" What do you think Bandos, really?

#5439803 22-Jul-2013 - RuneScape 3!

Posted by ArtemisCatal on 12 August 2013 - 07:00 AM

That's a surprise, so we have 80k left in the coffers instead of 60k...

I really wish they had done the the duke stuff per player or something. It's like every vote is decided by kids who neither realize that there is a budget, nor have any experience budgeting. It's making me crazy. We have limited money, what is going to come up in the coming weeks that we are really going to regret not having the money for? I know it doesn't *really* matter a hill of beans but it's gotten under my skin.

Edit: Karamja volcano is Mt. Doom? If there is an elder ring, and we get a hold of it, there better be a pithy message if you use the ring on the volcano like there is when you use a herring on the Grand Tree.