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DPS rotations

05 October 2014 - 06:59 AM

Hi, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to EOC related content and am looking to familiarize with it.


Can someone tell me:


Ability priorities (assuming x and y are both off cooldown what order would I use them in) , what abilities I should chain, and which I should never use for Dual Range, Dual Melee, Dual Mage and 2H Mage (I don't know how much abilities rely on diff gear but assume ascensions, drygores, seismics and noxious staff);


If rushing ultimates is better dps than using thresholds if all your thresholds are up;


Revolution setups for all three styles;


Which prayer book is more effective for each style;


I'm aware there is some information lying around on this on youtube but seeing that combat is frequently updated, I'm not too sure anymore


Assume max stats/max gear/all pop unlocked


thanks [=


26 October 2011 - 02:26 AM


Elysian Vs. Divine w/ Nex armour's heal bonuses

19 March 2011 - 02:06 PM

I have always seen threads comparing Divines and Elysians, and if Divines are worth the price difference. But with the addition of nex armours healing per brew/uni scrolls special were boosted significantly. So now I'm not debating weather it's worth paying the extra 450m, but instead, if it's even worth using divines over elys at all. Prayer is just as important and with brews healing 35% more, is it worth the prayer loss?


normal healing: 168
Nex healing: 228

no shield-
228 damage
damage taken: 228
prayer lost: 0
1 dose used used

228 damage
damage taken: 159.6
prayer loss: 3.42
w/ restores: 0.11 doses used + 0.7 dose used = 0.81 dose used
w/ sup pray: 0.083 doses used + 0.7 dose used = 0.783 dose use

228 damage
damage taken (avg): 188.1
prayer loss: 0
0.825 doses used


(assuming 25b w/ divine w/ 168 healing)
16800 damage after reductions = 24000 base damage

24000 base damage
16800 damage after reductions
360 prayer loss
73.684 doses of brew, 11.6 doses of rest = 85.284 doses

24000 base damage
19800 damage after reduction
0 prayer loss
86.84 doses of brew

1.4 dose difference/trip (ignoring uni)


So divine would be microscopically better for nex (1.4/4 of 1 invy space out of 58 spaces), the only place in pvm you cant survive off uni. But what about at other places?

Arma: (solo)
0 brews taken w/ uni
constant food drops
no pray/restore drops
ability to b2p
elysian > Divine

20th times the charm

12 September 2010 - 12:37 AM

...from the only "boss" that hasn't let me down drop-wise, tds.

warning: Massive pixels


A Moron's guide to pro corp

09 August 2010 - 11:33 PM

Unless you are reading this because you want something to look forward to when you level up, this guide is not suggested to lower leveled players at all. This is also made for 6 man corp, I might add SWH and duo/trio corp later but for now this will do.

As some of you might know I’m a huge fan of corp and after having spent over thousands of hours in that corp room, I would have to say it really is a fun boss to kill.


Before you look any further do keep in mind this is almost only targeted at people with the stats:

99 Constitution (if you don’t have this I suggest reading the other guides featured in the AOW)

99 Attack

99 Strength

99 Defense

91+ herblore ( I honestly suggest for corpers that are serious and want to kill it for a long time to get a higher herblore and get it through making overloads, I did the same and I have used all but 500 of my 4000 overloads)

95 Prayer (turmoil)

95+ Magic

Summoning 90+, why? Because Corp lowers summoning and if yours is too low it will drain your lifepoints directly every time it uses its special. It is also a major turnoff when joining a team and there are 5 lvl 138s and you’re a lvl 130 because your summoning is low.


Helm: Neitznot or Fighter helm, either are great here. Fighter hat has less defense and no prayer bonus but you hit more and therefore soulsplit more.

Ring: Do NOT bring Ring of life, if you do I will facepalm and most likely laugh at you, Bring either Onyx ring (i), Dragonstone ring (i), Diamond ring (i), berserker ring (i) or berserker ring. I suggest bringing onyx if you have one over all of these because you can never lose it…. Unless you decided to corp after pk’ing

Necklace: Fury Only

Cape: Ardougne Cloak 3 or Firecape, this is held strictly with all the pro teams. If you don’t have Ardy cloak 3 get ready to risk fire cape. Note; Once you die with Ardy cloak 3 it will disappear, this means when you go back you will need to grab a firecape (which really makes both a req) and get another one from teleing to yanille and getting it AFTER the trip is over.

Gloves: Barrows gloves

Boots: Dragon boots, do NOT use infinity boots

Weapon: Zs, ( lbs but not req, will explain later)

Shield: None required (Divine/Ely, will explain later)
Armor: Karils Top and Karils Skirt ONLY, if you use anything else you’re probably not going to like corp because banking 2x more sucks. It’s not as big of a risk as you might think and I will also explain later why.

Special weapon: BGS is a MUST, don’t bring darklight, ee, anything else… unless you have a SWH ofc.

Now If you’re wondering why I mentioned lbs and Divine/Ely, It’s because it is optional for those who want to tank with it when they corp. Some teams find it leeching where as I find it effective where corp takes 8% less damage ( lbs does half the damage so that’s 1/12 less) and you take up to 30% less damage. However as I said there will be people against it and if a leader does ask you to stop using it I would listen and bank it next trip and not use it for the rest of the trip, when there’s a lack of high level ovl corpers you don’t really want any to think you’re an ass. Do not use lbs with any other shields as it’s not worth it.

This is an example of what you should be wearing with a standard 6 man corp team (non stunner, stunner gear in the core part of the guide) :

Posted Image


Your inventory should look like this:

Posted Image

You shouldn’t bring a tele because if you’re tele’ing at 1 lp instead of spam brewing you are doing it wrong. If there ever is a situation where you need to tele out asap quickly equip games necklace and press f2 and then right click it and tele.

Do NOT bring only ppots, you will screw yourself when your mage is drained by corp and brews and you’re tanking corp with the mage def of a lvl 20, let alone the fact that you will hit much less and make kills longer.

If you do not have super ppots replace the 3 you see in the pic w/ rests (it will mean 1 less brew , though)


Chances are that if you’ve seen corp get killed you know about luring. Well, It sucks. If corp was auto-lured every kill I would not be corping. Whoever thought of the idea was a moron. Not only does it waste a lot of time when you lure you make it impossible for your team to spread without getting combo-owned by splashes. So here is what you do.. you all pot once outside the room once your whole team is ready (ask them to do something to make sure they’re not afking before you pot). Then you all rush at the same time (use mage deflect when going in as youll see numerous splashes, try to avoid them if you can). Once inside wrap your team around corp , it should look something like this:

Posted Image

Once it dies go to the North-East side of the room and get to the same position in the minimap above ^, Pick one of the 6 spots and stay there until the trip ends. Once you are done you can either brew-rest up and tele to wildy volcano to resupply or if you have hard ardy diaries done you can tele to ardy monastery with the cape after every trip and use game neck to get back to the volcano and use sharks to heal up there, except of course if your stats are still boosted where you can just brew/shark up to 500 LP) . You can do the same with the home tele spell on the regular spellbook also if you didn't do the hard diaries or are using a fcape.
A trip averages from 30-40 minutes.


Non stunners: Posted Image

Stunners: Posted Image

Quickpray is the first thing you do when corp spawns.


Although it doesn’t really make it hard, it’s the most annoying part of corp… the core. It heals corp and deals continuous damage to the person it stands next to. Your team should have decided on who is stunning before gearing up. In the ages where people lured corp to kill it, stunners RAGED when people dodged core. No more do you have to do that because you can stun core when everyone dodges. But don’t take this as an option, dodging core is a MUST. When you tank core you’re a burden to the stunner and everyone else when they have to give you brews because you’ll be out quick. Stunners are also the one who use leech curses which means bring more restore/ppots than normal:

Posted Image

NOTE: Do NOT forget emerald (e) bolts, you’ll waste your whole teams time when you rebank asap after realizing. Also, the mith bow is so you do not ko the core, it is the weakest bow that supports emerald bolts.


This is a bunch of stuff you must know before you corp and it is the most important section as it isn’t as obvious as the others.

-Corps max hit is 650 so safe up to 650 LP, from there you will do what is known as soulsplit flash. You will use soul split the second before you hit, switch to deflect melee asap after it hits. DO THIS WHILE TANKING TOO.

-If someone adjacent to you is being tanked use deflect mage incase of splashes, switch to melee when tanked or if the tank is not near you.

-ALWAYS SHARE FOOD. You wouldn’t believe how many times I was corping and some ass was like “lol I have 10 brews” when someone says they’re low and they don’t share for crap. Keep everyone at 3+ brews at all time. If you have 4, someone has 2, give him 1, don't be selfish.

-Keep BC posted if you are getting low. Also another thing that annoys me, Our team had 10 brews ea except one guy who had 1 brew and teled half kill because he didn’t have enough food. Speak up if you are lower than 3, unless you’re all lower than 3 and are on the last kill, there should be sharing

-Corp drops tuna potatoes unoted so therefore you must DROP YOUR VIALS so when you get one you can share it with your team as fast as possible. The more food you give the longer your trip.

- Make sure you’re overloaded at all times. I can understand if you’re getting tanked and your spam brewing to stay alive, but other than that there should be no reason for you to be non-overloaded for any part of the kill.

- MAKE SURE YOU ACTIVATED YOUR PIN, nothing worse than losing millions thanks to a security feature. If you hopped away from bank use house options--> and toggle building mode on, it will ask for your pin from there

-USE A TIMER. This is a big big food saver per overload. Numerous times you will find yourself with corp unspawned and your lp being under 500. If you didn’t use a timer you would be brewing to 650 only to find out that your overloaded ended and some of the 500 lp it gave was wasted.

- USE THE EXP COUNTER. Every 350k-400k exp you will random and as most of you know.. when you die and random, you’re screwed. Once you get 350kish exp spend 5 seconds out of the room every few kills and try to get random so it doesn’t hurt you later.

-BANK TOGETHER, don’t tele on your own unless it’s a situation where you will die right after if you don’t

-LURE CORP WHEN SOMEONE DIES AND TEAM BANKS, numerous times youll find that on the last kill people risk it w/ low # of brews and die. Luring corp will make it so they can get back and loot their items without having to deal with the 500 pound goril..err corp in the room

-SW RESPAWN, fastest to bank

~Death, this is a bunch of stuff you must know to do when you die.

1) Don’t panic, if your exp count is low you will most likely not random

2) Have a Death tab like so (sorry for the lack of necks, but try to keep them in the 50 count, hard to buy when I was making this guide) :

Posted Image

3) Grab 5 brews (more if it’s the end of the trip, can actually be used as an advantage, less at the start), 1-2 sharks incase you get tanked so that you can shark-brew and heal fast, a spare karils set or if you don’t have it bring hides (and the fcape if you used Ardy cloak in the room), equip and tele to clanwars

4) Loot, and re-overload since they made them auto remove when you die :[, and continue on as if nothing happened. For someone who dies 2-5 times daily at corp like me know that I lose maybe a karil set every 1-2 months.

I probably missed something and will add more later.. happy corping :)

Will update this w/ more detail later
Spectral: 1/800
Arcane: 1/800
Divine: 1/1600
Elysian: 1/1600
Elixir: 1/166

My personal sigil rate is 1/1500 spectral/arcane, 1/4000 ely and 1/12000 divine but after seeing around I think it was just my terrible luck instead of the droprates so I adjusted them.
If you're wondering how long it'll take to see x sigil on average, know that you can kill 20-25 kills/hr

We used 3 ovls because we were insanely good, normally bring 2, same for the excess ppots