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Why Does Runescape celebrate 4th of July with an event?

04 July 2015 - 05:58 PM

This is not against Americans or anything but I'm just curious as to why Jagex celebrates the 4th of July even though it's meant for mostly Americans. I don't really know too much of their history so the event does not have much importance to me or to maybe others too.


And knowing that, why don't they celebrate the world and not just one country? Like a world hat or something neutral. Not sure if Americans make up most of their fanbase, but I'm just confused as to why they thought to do it. Did they ever explain?


Anyways, for all you Americans, hope you have a great day today!  :D  

Melee Chaotics

26 June 2015 - 03:38 AM

So while tier 80 weapons are the same DPS now, I'm just wondering if there's still ever a reason to use Chaotic Longswords? I almost forgot they existed and was wondering why it seems that no-one uses these now. And forgot to mention that this is for a hardcore ironman account.


I heard most monsters are weak to stab, but wasn't sure if that's one of the reasons.


And is there even a difference between Chaotic Claws and Chaotic Longswords other then looks? 


Just curious as I'm deciding on which melee chaotic I should get, and wasn't sure if Rapiers is still the way to go or is there a reason why I might want to choose the other melee weps? Besides Chaotic Spear... I do plan to get that in the future. :)

Eldevin - F2P Indie MMORPG

28 May 2015 - 04:09 AM

I don't think it has been posted before, but thought I share this for anyone interested in a semi-new MMORPG to try out.  It's over a year old now.


Eldevin is a "story-driven" indie - MMORPG that is F2P. Every area/content in the game is available for everyone regardless of being a supporter or not. There are a few pictures at the bottom.


Website: http://eldevin.com - can play on browser/client or is also available on Steam.


Key Features:


  • Classless System - can put talent points in any of the following classes, Templar, Warrior, Assassian, Ranger, Mage, and Prophet.. to make PVP, PVE builds etc.
  • Story Mode and Group Dungeons - there are dungeons every 5 levels except at level 30. You can get weapons,gems, remenants (used in crafting), and gear. Level 30 has no dungeon because you can craft your own gear set. Story mode is suitable for one person or a small group while group dungeons is meant more for five people.
  • Professions - there are 7 Gathering and 7 Crafting skills to train. Some include Cooking, Farming, Alchemy, Weapon-smithing and Tailoring. It is a little bit complex like Cooking, to make Basil Bread for example, you need 2 wheat, 1 basil and table salt. 
  • Gear/Weapons - usually most of the gear is obtained from dungeons except for the hat, which is obtained through it's Crafting professions (Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Armour-smithing). Weapons are usually obtained from dungeons or crafted.
  • PVP - there are PVP modes like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag as well as an island known as Trapper's Atoll where you can fight other players.
  • Quests - there are literally hundreds and hundreds of quests to do. The ones that are really worth it are the story quests, the rest are pretty much "get this,kill x"... but those are usually optional unless you want to gain experience to level up.
  • Bosses - there are also bosses to fight from Plasma Lord (PVP zone) to the Hulking Cave Troll.
  • Exploration - alot of places to see and explore! From the Lost City of Garai to Mythos to The Great Tree.

Other Info:


In-game shop:




Random Rolls/Gems for Gear/Weapons:



Any AFK involved for Professions?:



The only thing that isn't so AFK is a few gathering skills like Foraging.




Guilds/Auction House?:


Eldevin currently does not have guilds or an auction house. However they are currently working on guilds right now, and is most likely to be one of the next up-coming updates.




And here's a few pictures.


Night-time in Nidaros




Temple of the Three Dungeon (level 35)




Fighting Zephyr in Temple of the Three dungeon.



Typical Field Trips during School?

19 May 2015 - 06:07 AM

So I'm really curious and wondered what schools around the world or by country did for field trips. It can be elementary, middle/junior high school, and/or high school. 


Being from Alberta, Canada... my school often had field trips to go skiing/snowboarding as well as skating/tobogganing (sledding) when I was younger. And there was sometimes the movie theatre. As for high school, the only field trip I ever had was to the zoo as part of my Anthropology class.


My favourite out of them all would be an overnight camping trip I did with my class.


And I know some don't live in such a climate, and thus why I was curious... what field trips did you usually go on or have been offered but didn't care to join?





Hard/Elites Efficiency Guide

24 April 2015 - 11:11 AM

This is a guide I wrote on the RSOF forums back in November 2013. It goes through what I do when I complete hard and elite clues including suggested requirements that are helpful to have in order to get clues done faster!

Disclaimer: This is in no way the absolute best "efficient" method for clue hunting but it's close enough ;).
There is also a very handy tip involving Coordinates + Notes so you can look up hard coordinates with ease - (check out the Hard Clues section for more info).


So if you're getting into clue hunting, these are ideally the best monsters to kill although you may have your own preferences i.e getting through PVM or Slayer.


Best Clue Droppers:
Hard: hellhounds
Elites: Male Jadinkos
Elf City Theiving.


Also these are very helpful tools to use while clue hunting.


Tip.it's Treasure Trail guide


For celtic knots I use this -> http://runeapps.org/ttsolver_app

For scan clues I use this and follow a path -> http://runescape.wik...ls/Guide/ScansĀ 


I use 2 presets

1. loads thieving gear and crystals teleport to find clues

2. loads gear, tele runes, jewelry to finish the clue 


Having a bookmark to all the different guides and loading it to a new window also really helps speed things up

Table of Contents

Other than unlocking certain areas for hard/elites, these are suggested requirements to have while clue hunting for speed and convenience.

Preparing for Your Journey:


Hard Clues
Please note that this method uses the Notes feature in Runescape. It allows you to look up a coordinate with ease. However if you're new to clue hunting, I strongly recommend using Tip.it's Treasure Trail guide as it comes with pictures to help you!
However due to limited space, two coordinates are on the same "note" line... so I'm really hoping they will increase the cap in the future.

Uri Emotes
This is a list of all items you should have in your bank when doing Uri's emote clues. You can use costume-skipping tickets if you rather do that instead.

Just posting this in case. 


First before doing compass clues...
Repeat after me.
I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map!
Sounds famliar? It's from Dora the Explorer... ;) and it really helps if you know the map of Gleinor. So I recommend being the map (knowing your locations) when doing compass clues.


Posting this again for celtic knots and scan locations:


For celtic knots I use this -> http://runeapps.org/ttsolver_app

For scan clues I use this and follow a path -> http://runescape.wik...ls/Guide/ScansĀ 


I use 2 presets

1. loads thieving gear and crystals teleport to find clues

2. loads gear, tele runes, jewelry to finish the clue 


Having a bookmark to all the different guides and loading it to a new window also really helps speed things up


  The Celtic Knot solver is a very useful tool to use if you don't wish to use skipping tickets but still want to solve the clue fast.


As for scan clues, the images is very helpful!


Optional Suggestions:

  • Use Meerkat pouch and scrolls if you don't want to fight Zamorak/Guthix wizards. (it does not work in a few places i.e Nature's Grotto).
  • You can use skipping tickets if you'd like. I myself don't use them, as I like solving puzzles and such.
  • You can also use Miscellenia teleport scrolls instead or arrive there via fairy ring.
  • Have Tip.it's Treasure Trail guide handy. I've been using it since 2008 and still use it today to figure out riddles or anagrams! 
  • You can lodestone around instead of using runes to teleport though it's slower.

Thanks for reading!